1. Time is Money: The 26 Richest Swiss Watch Barons


It is said that the watch business is a volatile but lucrative one. Ever wondered how wealthy the Hayek family is or maybe the Sterns? In this article, find out who the 26 wealthiest individuals and families in the Swiss watch business are.

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Source: WatchTime

2. Breaking news: Swatch Group and Swiss Competition Commission agree on movement deliveries!


The Swatch Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of mechanical movements and components, and for a long time, they have been campaigning to stop delivery of movements and components to companies outside of its group (aka competitors). Recently, the Swatch Group and the Swiss Competition Commission came to an agreement with regards to the phasing out of complete movements. To find out more, hit the link below.

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Source: PuristSPro

3. Four Things to See in Paris for the Breguet Lover, None of Which Tell Time

Breguet Pairs

Paris is often known as the city of love, but it is also the city where Abraham-Louis Breguet setup his company, and where he spent much of his adult life. If you ever find yourself in Paris, here is a list of sites that you can check out that pay homage to the master watchmaker.

Source: Hodinkee

4. Frédéric Piguet & The Ultra-Thin Chronograph: Calibre 1180

Frederic Piguet

If you are new to horology and watches in general, the name Frédéric Piguet might not ring any bells. However, the manufacture’s Calibre 1180 was, at the time of its introduction in 1987, the thinnest chronograph movement in the world, and was used widely by brands such as Blancpain, Breguet and Vacheron Constantin. Here’s an in-depth article about the movement and its origins. Well worth a read.

Source: Raul Horology

5. The Triple Axis Tourbillon or What Turned Me Into a WIS

JLC Tourbillon

I could still vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on a tourbillon. It was an IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Rétrograde and I just stood there and stared at it. The practical effects of a tourbillon might be debatable, but as far as visual spectacles go, few complication can surpass the tourbillon. However, there is a lot more beyond “regular” single axis tourbillons. Hit the link to find out what they are.

Source: WatchUSeek

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