1. Should the Top Ladies’ Watches Always Have Diamonds? A Lady Purist Challenges the Myths

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Christophe Claret Margot

Have you wondered why the majority of women’s watches have diamonds on them? I guess it could be because of the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Personally, I feel that most brands go overboard when they put diamonds on a ladies’ watch. Fortunately, some brands do get it right. Some brands go even further and introduce pieces with complications that are distinctly feminine, just like the Christophe Claret Margot that you see above here. And if you are looking for something special for your wife or girlfriend, here is a list of outstanding ladies watches of 2015.

Source: PuristSPro

2. The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi: Old And New Compared

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Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

The Pepsi could very well be Rolex’s most iconic GMT-Master, and after much clamoring and waiting, Rolex finally updated the beloved Pepsi GMT-Master at Baselworld last year. The only problem was that it is available only in white gold. Naturally, many Rolex fans felt disappointed and let down. After all, Rolex could have very easily decided to release it in steel but chose white gold for reasons only known to themselves. This, in turn, led to a surge in interest for the older Pepsi models. If you are sitting on the fence about the two models, here’s a detailed comparison.

Source: Hodinkee

3. Explaining Cartier’s Most Complicated Wristwatch Ever

Cartier Rotonde Grand Complication

Cartier’s intent on becoming a major player in the high horology market is clear, and this year at SIHH, they released their most complicated watch ever – the Rotonde de Cartier Grande Complication Skeleton. Though not a grand complication in the strictest traditional sense – it doesn’t have a chronograph but has a flying tourbillon in its place – it is nonetheless still an impressive movement because it packs a perpetual calendar, minute repeater and flying tourbillon in a movement that’s just 5.49mm thick. What’s more, the movement is automatic to boot.

Source: Watches by SJX

4. A Tale of Three Watches

FP Journe Watches

I love myself a good watch acquisition story, and this tale involves three very special watches from F.P. Journe. On its own, a Journe is already a very special watch, but as F.P. Journe connoisseurs know, the devil is in the details, and in this case, the dial. This tale is the story of how a collector spent years to acquire the original three watches that formed the entire collection of F.P. Journe in the brand’s earliest years. It is also a good example of why and how patience is an important virtue, especially when it comes to collecting watches that are already discontinued.

Source: TimeZone (Part 1), TimeZone (Part 2), TimeZone (Part 3)

5. Ludovic Ballouard vs. Swatch Group – This is the Story of David against Goliath

Harry Winston Opus 13

The last Harry Winston Opus watch was the Opus 13 and it was first shown at Baselworld 2013. Like all the other Opus watches before it, the Opus 13 was a demonstration in high horology and creative watchmaking. The watch displays time using a complicated series of shiny pins and the entire movement uses 242 jewels! We haven’t seen it in the market because the entire project suffered a massive hiccup after the Swatch Group intervened. The Swatch Group acquired Harry Winston’s jewelry and timepiece business earlier that year. And what happened afterwards was not pleasant at all, and shows how independent watchmakers can sometimes be bullied by the larger players in the industry.

Source: Wrist Review

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