1. Face-Off: A. Lange Söhne Double Split vs. Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P Rattrapante

A. Lange Sohne Double Split vs. Patek Philippe 5370P

Introduced last year, the Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P is one of the most desirable watches from the revered watchmaker today, and it is not hard to see why. With its leaf hands, Breguet numerals, and rich black enamel dial, it is highly reminiscent of vintage Patek Philippe chronographs. Of course, Patek Philippe is not alone in the world of high-end split seconds chronographs. Believe it or not, the A. Lange & Söhne Double Split that you see here was introduced over 13 years ago at SIHH 2004. And it came at a time when neither Patek Philippe or any of the other haute horology brands had their own in-house chronograph movements, which makes it an impressive feat. How do these two watches match up, though? Take a look here.

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2. The Top 10 Vintage Seiko Watches You Should Buy Now

Vintage Seiko

I must admit, vintage watches do have a certain indescribable charm. However, my biggest gripe about vintage watches is that buying them can be a tricky, and sometimes even frustrating, task. Finding the exact model you want and in the condition you want is not easy, and then there’s the question of authenticity. That said, I find buying vintage Seiko watches rather painless mainly because of their relative affordability. Here’s a list of vintage Seikos worth getting your hands on.

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Source: Fratellowatches

3. The 8 best watches of 2016 – under $1000

As watch lovers, I’m sure you guys have often been asked by friends who are watch-hunting, “What watch should I buy for X amount of money?” $1,000 seems to be a popular number and the good thing is that 2016 saw quite a good number of excellent watches under a thousand bucks. The “Pepsi” Seiko Turtle Reissue SRPA21K, for example, would be one of my top picks. Here are seven other excellent watches that you can have for under $1,000.

Source: Time and Tide Watches

4. What Would You Do If You Were The New CEO Of Zenith? This Is What We Would Do…

Jean-Claude Biver is now officially the busiest man in the watch industry. Just about two weeks or so ago, Aldo Magada resigned from the role of CEO of Zenith and Biver was officially named as the interim CEO. It was later revealed that Biver had become impatient at the lack of success at Zenith and had lost confidence in the ability of the management team. It is no secret that Zenith is struggling. For the longest time, there hasn’t been a clear identity and message from the brand, and there’s a sense amongst seasoned watch lovers and collectors that Zenith has been relying too much on its El Primero legacy and for far too long. So what would it take, and what must be done for Zenith to get back on track? Here are some ideas.

Source: Quill and Pad

5. My Watch: The Enduring Simplicity Of The Stowa Antea KS, And Why I Won’t Flip Mine Anytime Soon

Stowa Antea KS

If you are looking for a dress watch on a budget, it is hard to go wrong with the Stowa Antea. That distinctive case and instantly recognizable dial, steeped in the Bauhaus design language, along with its reasonable price, makes it an extremely easy and hearty recommendation. The great Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.” That phrase seems to have been coined with the Antea KS in mind, or at least the other way around. Read this to get a better appreciation of the enduring beauty of the Stowa Antea KS.

Source: Worn and Wound

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