1. How Breguet Became the Ottoman Empire’s Leading Watchmaker

Breguet Pocket Watch

Abraham-Louis Breguet’s contributions to horology are well-known and can hardly be overstated. We probably all know him as the inventor of the tourbillon, retrograde display, Breguet overcoil, and the distinctive Breguet-style hands. But did you know that he also enjoyed a close and fruitful relationship with the Ottoman Empire? After the events of the French Revolution in the late 18th century, exports to France’s main markets of England, Spain, and Russia declined tremendously. Forced to seek new business, Breguet turned to Turkey and his work was almost instantly admired by many Ottoman officials and even royalty. Find out how Breguet became a huge hit in Turkey in this article here.

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2. SIHH 2018: In Conversation with François-Henry Bennahmias

Of the Holy Trinity, widely regarded to be, in alphabetical order, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet is easily the boldest in terms of new releases. While the brand still leans heavily on its immensely popular Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore collection, it isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to new watches and initiatives. Perhaps it is because Audemars Piguet is the youngest of the three, but more likely it is because of its dynamic and dauntless CEO François-Henry Bennahmias. Check out this video as he talks about some of Audemars Piguet’s new plans this year.

Source: Revolution

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3. The Rolex general: Thailand’s junta number two has been photographed with 25 different luxury watches worth $1.2 million since a 2014 coup, social media sleuths say

Thailand Rolex

This isn’t the first time that a luxury watch has landed a government official in trouble. Late last year Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was overthrown by a coup that was, in part, triggered by a social media post showing his son pouring champagne over a diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet. Now, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Prawit Wongsuwan, is in hot soup after he has been photographed wearing up to 25 different luxury watches worth over $1.2 million since a coup in 2014. The watches include A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piguet, a couple of Patek Philippes, and nearly a dozen Rolexes.

Source: The Daily Mail

4. Grammar of Design meets Hi-Beat – a review of the Grand Seiko 4520-8000

Grand Seiko 4520

Grand Seiko has made significant strides in recent years. Not only has it gone global, at Baselworld last year, it also announced that it will function as a separate brand. To this end, the entire Grand Seiko line-up also received a design update where the Grand Seiko logo would be moved up to 12 o’clock and that the Seiko logo would be no more. For readers who are more fond of the older designs where Seiko is still on the dial, a good place to look, in my opinion, would actually be vintage Grand Seikos from the ’60s. Here then is a close look at the Grand Seiko 4520-8000, a hot favorite among vintage Seiko collectors.

Source: PuristSPro

5. One of the World’s Oldest Clocks Stops Ticking, Briefly

Orloj Clock

Most readers have probably not heard of the Orloj, but it is one of the world’s oldest clocks. Located in the Old Town of the city of Prague, the Orloj first started ticking in 1410. Since then it has undergone numerous renovations and repairs, but its latest is one of the most ambitious yet as the clock’s mechanical inner-workings and facade will be renovated so that it more closely resembles its original form. On the inside, some of its modern metal gears will be replaced with wooden ones that more closely resembled its original design, while its facade will be refined to restore its original color.

Source: The New York Times

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