1. Exclusive Interview: Peter Speake-Marin Talks About Leaving His Brand And His New Naked Watchmaker Ventures

Peter Speake-Marin

For readers who follow industry news closely, you would probably know by now that Peter Speake-Marin is leaving his eponymous brand. The thing that most readers probably don’t know is that Peter has actually stopped being involved in the business side of things of the brand for a few years now and this announcement mostly marks the end of his involvement with design and watch development. In fact, Peter has continually sold stakes of his company over the past few years and his investor and partner, the Rosnoblet family, will now continue running the Speake-Marin brand. In this interview, Peter talks about leaving his brand and shares what he is up to next.

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2. Let’s Be Real About The “Putin Patek”

Putin Patek

Earlier in June, news emerged that Antiquorum, along with Monaco Legend Group, will be auctioning off a watch that they dubbed the “Patek Philippe Triple Complication – Vladimir Putin” on July 19th. The story goes that a very important and unidentified buyer bought the watch at a store in London and had every intention of gifting the watch to the Russian leader. So much so that the store recorded Putin’s full name “Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin” on the watch’s certificate of origin. However, the Kremlin has since denied any link of Putin to this watch, leaving many to wonder about the authenticity of this connection. So who’s telling the truth? Does this watch have anything to do with Putin at all? This article attempts to shed some light.

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3. The Omega 1957 Trilogy – Which One?

Omega 1957 Trilogy

Omega’s big hit at Baselworld this year was undoubtedly the 1957 trilogy watches. These are essentially modern reissues of the first Speedmaster, Seamaster 300, and Railmaster watches. According to Omega, they worked very closely with the Omega Museum to ensure that they faithfully recreate the look and feel of the original watches. For lovers of vintage Omega watches, it doesn’t get better than these three watches. What you are getting is a thoroughly modern Omega, which is to say superbly made and highly reliable, but with the look and feel of three of Omega’s most important vintage pieces. It is a proposition that many watch lovers will find highly tempting.

Source: Watches by SJX

4. Five Of The Coolest Vintage-Inspired Watches for This Summer

Seiko Prospex SPB053

Vintage-inspired watches are still going strong today and it is any wonder why – especially when sales of vintage watches are doing so well. At least when compared to the sales of new watches. For watch lovers like me, who like the look of vintage watches but do not enjoy the associated hassle of tracking one down and worrying about authenticity and reliability, vintage-inspired watches are literally a godsend. Anyhow, with summer now upon us, here are five really cool vintage-inspired watches.

Source: Monochrome

5. PuristPro Swiss Independents GTG Vianney Halter’s workshop visit

Vianney Halter

For frequent aBlogtoWatch readers and hardcore watch enthusiasts, the name Vianney Halter needs no introduction. This is the man behind horological masterpieces such as the iconic Antiqua, the sublime Harry Winston Opus 3, and more recently, the Deep Space Tourbillon. There a few reasons why this man is so revered. For one, his watches are truly spectacular, not just in terms of design, but also in execution. But it is also equally because of his dedication to his craft. He makes many of the components in his watches on his own. Here is a look at the workshop where this man creates his masterpieces.

Source: PuristSPro

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