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A leading online luxury watch marketplace, Bezel boasts a catalog of timepieces worth more than $450 million including big-name brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and so much more. Each watch that comes through Bezel’s doors is subject to a rigorous in-house authentication process to ensure that every pre-owned watch listed for sale is 100% authentic.

Bezel’s in-house team not only includes expert watchmakers but also authentication specialists who have worked for renowned auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. The team meticulously examines and certifies each watch via a multi-point, hands-on process whereby the quality, uniformity, execution, and finishing of the case, dial, bracelet, movement, and accessories are inspected. For a piece to be considered authentic, every component must be genuine and match the watch reference, serial number, and production period. In short, genuineness and correctness are key here. This allows the watch to be serviced in the future by the original manufacturer. An identical approach is applied to any accessories that come with the watch.

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Once a watch has passed the initial authentication inspection it undergoes stringent performance tests; only watches no longer covered by original warranties are permitted to have reasonable deviations (for example, +/- 20 seconds per day for watches made from 2000 onward) from factory specifications. Otherwise, watches still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty must adhere to time and water-resistance ratings set out by the manufacturer.

Along with authentication, listing consistency is another important consideration for Bezel. Watch condition is carefully communicated on each listing to avoid any unwanted surprises on the part of the buyer.

Commenting on their experience buying from Bezel, here’s what one collector had to say: “My purchase was flawless from beginning to end. Most impressive to me was the verification that I got from Blake. It was thorough and insanely detailed. I scanned the card that came with my Tudor Black Bay and was able to verify the authenticity, and all test results performed on my watch. I am already planning on buying my next watch and will do so only on Bezel. Do yourself a favor: Use this site to buy your next watch.”

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Another shopper added: “Having purchased watches from a variety of sellers over the years, Bezel is one of the best. Simple. Great communications. Easy transaction. And the authentication process offers confidence to the buyer. Bezel will be my first stop for future purchases.”

Bezel’s industry-leading authentication process means that shoppers can be confident when shopping the marketplace’s vast assortment of high-end watches. This authenticity guarantee is what sets Bezel apart from other watch marketplaces.

As you’ll no doubt agree, buying a watch can be exciting, celebratory, and intoxicating, setting you on a path of exploration and discovery. However, the experience can also prove to be difficult, expensive, and opaque. This is why Bezel wanted to create a platform that worked for both experienced watch lovers and the uninitiated. According to Bezel, “You shouldn’t need to be grandfathered into an authorized dealer or spend hours browsing listings that may or may not be real just to find what you’re looking for.”

Watch industry experts like John Reardon of Collectability, leading dealers, and major watch brand executives have demonstrated their belief in Bezel’s vision by backing the company. Plus, John Legend, Steve Aoki, Kevin Hart, J Balvin, and Michael Ovitz are some of the other names who have invested in the endeavor.

The result of the investments and shared vision paved the way for a beautiful and easy-to-use watch marketplace with thousands of the most sought-after pieces, each expertly and carefully vetted and authenticated. For more information about Bezel and its authentication process, please visit the company’s website or download the Bezel app

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