For whatever reason, black-on-black colored watches are all the rage right now. First black watches were in. Then, there was a glut of black watches on the market. Then white watches were in. Then people realized that they liked black watches more than they liked white watches, and decided that instead of going to some other futile color like yellow or blue. they’d just resort to making black watches again. Sometime in that moment of intellectual pontification among watch design, a rouge designer must have boldly suggested that black be placed on black, but in a manner where one black would not blend in with the other black so as to inconvenience one’s view of the time. So the black on black watch was born.

Maybe it was Bell & Ross who started the black on black craze with their BR01 Phantom. The thickly coated hands and indexes glow a pale gray in the dark, adding to the ghostly demeanor. One idea behind the black on black look was stealth. So that only the wearer would be able to read the time. But then enough people probably realized it was a silly notion, and just relented the concept to being fashionable. Still, it is mostly those aggressive instrument like watches which tend to bear the black on black look.

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Sinn’s almost iconic U1 is the latest to enjoy the black on black look. Instead of red and white trim, we get the same type of black toned luminant on the hands and number indexes. It certainly has a “bad ass” look. The trick to such watches being readable is the contrast of texture and tone. This way you can have the same colors, but still have some ability to read the watch.

Everything else about this Sinn U Black Limited Edition is the same as the standard U1 watch. Why they call it the “U” rather than U1 makes no sense to me. Well, there was a U1 All Black (also called the Sinn Tempus U1 Limited Edition), which was not actually “all black.” And the U Black, is certainly more black, than the U1 All Black. The U Black, also had the code name “U1 Stealth,” which makes a lot more sense actually, but then again, the watch is black. And unless your arm is the same color black, it is not very stealthy. So I think I get it.

Sinn held a party to unveil the watch at The Hour Glass in Singapore. Sounds like a watch store doesn’t it? Well it is. I don’t know that having an all black watch is enough of a reason to have a party. Especially to fly from Germany to Singapore. It is possible that Sinn just wanted to have a party. Haven’t you ever thought about making up a special occasion to invite friends over? I don’t know that muck to do Frankfurt, so it makes sense. Sinn gets lonely too you know.

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Aside from all that, the Sinn U Black shares the same interesting Bauhaus design at the U1 and the rugged superman strength that Sinn watches are known for. Price? Not announced yet, but expect it to be a few grand. Nothing more.

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