When it comes to sheer theatricality, few watch brands can match Bovet. The release of the Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two in June 2020 was a perfect example of this, with an audacious double face flying tourbillon flanked by dramatically domed subdials perched above an intricately decorated skeleton movement. Having just earned the Mechanical Exception prize at the 2020 GPHG awards, the Brainstorm Chapter Two series now turns to changing the character of this theatrical design in a far more playful direction. The limited-edition Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection is the result of this, bringing a bold and joyful color palette to the intricate haute horlogerie line.

The 47.8mm sloped sapphire case of the Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection is carried over from previous versions of the Brainstorm Chapter Two series, with a wedgelike “writing desk” shape designed to maximize legibility on the wrist while offering a fully unimpeded view of the movement within. The inner titanium support rings and short, downturned titanium lugs are placed strategically to minimize visibility from most angles, allowing for solid structural rigidity without compromising the dramatic view.

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The dial, of course, is the largest departure from previous models in the series. While the original Brainstorm Chapter Two was sweeping and symphonic with its complex skeleton flying tourbillon display and tinted crystal dial, the vibrant yellow orb of the Sunshine Collection’s main dial brings to mind the warm, dreamy strains of The Beatles’ “Sun King” — serene, majestic and cheery as it floats above the movement below. This main dial surface looks in initial images to carry a rough, almost citrus peel texture, while a full lume treatment allows this sun-colored dial to shine brightly in darkness as well. The printed indices and curving spade hands are rendered in pure black for easy visual contrast. Splashes of this vibrant yellow permeate both subdials as well, providing colorful frames for both the 3 o’clock world timer and the 9 o’clock moonphase dome. While perhaps not the most intuitive choice, this lemon yellow looks to complement the deep anodized blue tones of these subdials, injecting the design with a more casual and free-spirited energy. It likely won’t be for everyone, but there’s a certain kind of luxury in not having to care what others think that is well encapsulated here.

Apart from the cosmetic changes, the in house 17DM06-DT hand-wound flying tourbillon movement remains unchanged in the Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection. The 6 o’clock double-faced flying tourbillon remains a visual marvel, hanging out into empty space and flanked by both a moonphase and complex world time complication. The web of skeleton plates and bridges still bear the sparkling hammered pattern of previous models, reflecting a galaxy of facets from nearly every angle. Power reserve stands at a robust five days, traceable through a hidden indicator on the 12 o’clock side of the case between the lugs, while a slower 21,600 bph beat rate helps to accentuate the details of the flying tourbillon where a faster frequency might make it into a blur during normal viewing.

Surprisingly, Bovet pairs the Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection not with leather, but with an alligator pattern rubber strap. The lemon yellow tone is certainly eye-catching, helping to maximize visibility for what is already an attention-grabbing design on the wrist.

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With a more casual, playful, and devil-may-care attitude than its stablemates, the Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection embraces its standing as an ultra-luxury statement piece without trying to appeal to all tastes. Only seven examples of the Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two Sunshine Collection will be made, and are available now through authorized dealers at an MSRP of $394,500. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.

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