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Would you consider Q-Bert part of pop culture? Aside from the weird drawings of the characters the game was more or less forgettable by today’s standards – though it was fun at the time. Regardless, I think it would have been cool to see the “Dr. Seuss character gone wrong,” bouncing around on the dial of this new luxury Breguet Classique Ref. 5967 watch. Someone in Switzerland right now – likely working at the Swatch Group – just spit in my general direction. Can you do anything but picture that right now? Talk about a new kind of complication! OK, maybe you don’t know about Q-Bert or don’t care. This is still a new “visual dial enhancement” from Breguet. This is their new “Art Deco Damier” guilloche machine  engraving pattern and is first used on this new Ref. 5967 watch. Boy does it look handsome right?


Breguet is probably the widest user of guilloche engraving on watches these days. Sure you have a lot of brands that do it a bit, and boutique watch companies that specialize in it – but as a mainstream (relatively speaking) luxury watch brand, no one is known for more guilloche engraved decorated dials than Breguet. Inside the watch is a movement that fills the entire 41mm wide case. It is actually a pocket watch movement, a Frédéric Piguet caliber 506.2 (most likely manually would). Piguet is a name you here as applied to movements a lot, and it is just a Breguet quirk to use it here. I would have preferred an automatic, but then again it would have not look as good all decorated up. For the Q-Bert look and the Breguet luxury you’ll pay between $16,400 and $17,300 for the Ref. 5967 watch depending on whether you get it in 18k yellow or white gold (respectively). It should be out Fall 2009.

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