Breitling Airwolf Raven Watch

The majority of new Breitling watches that are released don’t excite me. It is a lot of the same to be honest. Oh look, another chronograph watch in a heavy highly polished metal case, maybe with a rotating bezel or a slide rule. That is basically most Breitling watches – although some are better looking than others. This watch is different because it is of the few that has the cool SuperQuartz calibre 78 movement. This is the movement that the famous and popular Aerospace models had. Yes, it is a quartz movement, but it is what is known as a “themoline” quartz. Meaning it has a temperature sensor that adjusts the vibration frequency of the quartz crystal to adjust to temperatures so that the watch can remain as accurate as possible. This takes the watch from being accurate to within a few seconds a month to being accurate to within a few seconds a year. Like the original Aerospace watches, the Airwolf Raven is a COSC certified Chronometer.


Here in the Breitling Airwolf Raven, Breitling decided to add actual chronograph pushers instead of having all the functions be operated through the crown (in other Airwolf models as well). Other functions in the two negative LCD screens are a second timezone, alarm, countdown timer, and perpetual calendar. The chronograph function measures 1/100 of a second time. The hands of the watch are similar to those on the new 2009 Aerospace watch that are longer and have counterweights. I prefer the traditional Aerospace watch where only the second hand has a counter weight, but this is a minor point. Like the standard Breitling watch, the dial is cluttered with indicators from the slide rule around the dial that is operated via the rotating bezel. What Breitling does is place a chronograph seconds hand on the dial that is used for some of the functions around the dial. This is a unique touch that helps add a lot of increased functionality to this hybrid digital/analog watch.

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With a 43.5mm wide highly polished steel case, Breitling fans will feel at home with the shiny fit and finish. The textured dial will be available in black, silver, or gray. In addition to the rubber strap with portholes, there will also be a metal bracelet and leather or crocodile strap available to match the watch. This is up there with the true professional instruments that Breitling offers, but good enough for everyday use for any guy who likes the look of the watch. You can see that the rear of the watch has one of those famous turbine engravings that Breitling watches are known for. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I would guess price is about $3,000 – $4,000 soon.

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