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Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

At the Breitling Summit here in Los Angeles, the brand just announced a handful of new releases, with this new Aviator 8 “Mosquito” being one of the more clamored-over pieces. You’ll recall the olive green Curtiss Warhawk version of this chronograph, while the Mosquito goes black in an ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) case with red and orange touches on the hands and sub-dials. Naturally named after an aircraft, the Mosquito refers to the de Havilland Mosquito, a lightweight fighter from the 1940s that was constructed almost entirely from wood. Visually, the inspiration lies with the vintage 765 AVI aka Co-Pilot chronographs, specifically from the early 1960s.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

For those who may have forgotten, the Aviator 8 is part of the Navitimer collection that was completely overhauled back in 2018 by Georges Kern. Outfitted with the in-house B01 movement, these are on the upper end of the Breitling Chronograph spectrum. To be fair, I was a bit agnostic about the Aviator 8 — but just as with the Premier, handling the piece in the metal changed my mind. Classic design can go in a lot of different directions, but so much depends on the execution, and this is clearly a priority in Kern-era Breitling.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

As I mentioned earlier, in addition to being inspired by the onboard clocks on these planes, the Aviator 8 Mosquito draws a lot of its design from the vintage 765 AVI aka the Co-Pilot watch. One of the best looking vintage Breitling chronographs ever made, the Co-Pilot was produced from the 1950s and 1960s through the early 1960’s model that the Mosquito can tie its roots to. Affectionately nicknamed the “Raquel Welch” due to the actress donning the watch in the 1967 film “Fathom,” the Co-Pilot bidirectional bezel, reverse panda dial layout, and long chronograph pushers are all apparent in the Mosquito. Though Breitling didn’t carry over the 15-minute chronograph counter at 3 o’clock (it wouldn’t be feasible to make that change to the movement, anyway), the five dashes at the 30-minute sub-dial are a throwback.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

The Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph is housed in a 43mm-wide and 13.97mm-thick stainless steel case framed by a black ADLC bezel that’s cut by the pointer, done in a highly vibrant red. You’ll note that Breitling points out the use of ADLC here, which creates a deeper-looking black than standard DLC, though the two are functionally identical. It absolutely is a dark, brooding black that doesn’t come across on many black-coated DLC watches. Of course, this ties back to the de Havilland Mosquito plane, with this being a tribute to the night fighter adaptation of the fighter.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

The equally black dial has contrasting silver sub-dials, an indicator that Breitling uses when a watch features an in-house movement. The orange and red adds just enough color to give the watch some added personality, but not so much to take away from just how sleek and sharp the heavily black Aviator 8 Mosquito is. All this would be for naught if the watch weren’t as legible as it is. Any watch that cites the Co-Pilot as an inspiration would have to be.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

With 100M of water resistance and a 70-hour power reserve provided by the in-house B01 movement, the Aviator 8 Mosquito could certainly be an everyday watch that fulfills the needs of contemporary buyers. The vintage-style brown leather strap looks and feels fantastic and adds just a slight bit more emphasis on dressiness over the pure sportiness that you’ll find on the olive fabric strap that comes on the Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk.

Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito Chronograph Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

Just released, the Breitling Aviator 8 Mosquito chronograph is priced at $7,710. You can learn more at

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  • SuperStrapper

    I like it. The contrast between the bezel and case is attractive. I really like this look in the Chronoliner, and think the more even and deep look of the ceramic is better suited than the coated steel but both look great. And, the best looking chronoliner references use a valjoux movement, you have to get into the gold one to get b-series (i do expect Breitling to clean this up).
    I’m spending a lot of time chewing on the hands. Specifically the paintjob. It is well done and looks great, and the colour does work well. But another part of me wants them to be metal frames with the colour in the fill. Find a good lume that’s colourful when idle (i.e. black badger).

    So, did you see a new Cosmonaute…? ?

    • Independent_George

      Red on black. I am surprised.

      Terrific looking watch. Remember when they released this line as the Navitimer 8? Not so well received. So now it’s the Aviator 8 and people seem to like it.

  • Breitling is Breitling.
    Indisputable quality.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Those pushers look really diggy ( Leftie)

    • FS1900

      Imagine if they were to(o) diggy and to(o) pointy? That would be you’re (sp) worst nightmare.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        You’re becoming a pain in the arse.

        • FS1900

          I apologize for joking around with you but I’ll probably keep doing it here and there until you actually put some effort into your comments.

  • Ron Crocker

    Be liking this… 43MM size, ample crown, uncomplicated bezel, power reserve, attractive price point. This piece can be versatile: leather bands brown/black/gray plus myriad options for a NATO. If you’re like me and tend to freshen the look every now and then, it’s down the middle. Bravo Breitling!

  • Martin Pitt-Bradley

    Isn’t this the same price as a proper Navitimer? Is this for someone who already has the proper Breitling model?

  • DanW94

    I hear there’s quite the buzz surrounding this release.

    • FS1900

      I’m itching to see one in the flesh.

    • FS1900

      It could go viral!

      • DanW94

        It’s flying around the “Net” as we speak….

        • FS1900

          Getting bumps just thinking about it…

    • Berndt Norten

      Since Jeff Goldblum became a brand ambassador the brand has been electrified.

  • Sarosto

    That is a superb watch, the only downside for me is the date window, I could easily do without and never miss it.

  • Philip Copping

    That is a WHOLE lot of handsome!
    Really like the retro vibe of the newer pieces – and glad to see Breitling forging ahead with a strong identity (the Navitimer 8 was just a bit too beige for my liking). These should sell like hot-cakes!

  • Independent_George

    You don’t like the SOH time-only? I think they are one the “classiest” dive watches around, and on mesh, they wear with just about everything. And the Premier time-only small seconds w/leather is a very handsome watch as well.

    I am going to side with Ariel re: sourced movements. Breitling has used chronometer-regulated ETA movements for decades, and it’s a relationship that has been very beneficial to each and the other. I think it would be a very short-sighted and risky decision to end it, because once that relationship is reduced or severed, it’s is going to be very hard to ramp back up if Breitling ever needs to.

    They may not be for you or me but I wouldn’t be dismissive because I think ETA-sourced Breitlings have a very important place within the brand. They provide an entry point for those who can’t/won’t swing more than $5K for a watch, and they allow Breitling to expand their designs. I don’t think Breitling can’t offer the Premier small seconds at that price-point without using a 2895 base. And right now you can by a used COSC-certified SOH Chrono A2337024/BB1 in excellent condition with a complete set for around $3K. That’s a great price! With the B-series a complete set used SOH Chronos are going for about $5K. And that $5K mark is a huge psychological barrier for many people, especially first-time or one-watch owners. I am a big believer in brand loyalty — and the more customers allowed inside your tent, the better for the future of your brand.

  • I absolutely love it. Amazing what a black bezel and some orange accents can do to an otherwise yawn-inducing watch.

  • Phil

    It’s charming but the b01 is one of the least satisfying column wheel to operate. I have tried many different models at the boutique and the pusher action is even stiffer than the 7750 which is a shame.

  • FS1900

    Hahahaha. I’m sorry. And I love ya.

  • NaJo


  • NaJo

    A surprise from breitling. Good job

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