Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch Hands-On

Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch Hands-On

Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The newest in-house movement from the house of Breitling for 2012 is the caliber 05. It builds on the original caliber 01 by adding a handy world time ring to the dial. The movement debuts in the good looking Transocean Unitime watch, which will now be promoted by new Breitling brand ambassador David Beckham. I go hands-on with the watch to tell you what it is all about.

Recently Breitling unveiled the modern Transocean collection with a three-hand and chronograph model which I reviewed hands-on here. The Transocean is a slick, retro-looking boardroom watch in a contemporary size, fitting for today's "Breitling guy." That means the three-hand automatic isn't dainty being 43mm wide. This new Transocean Unitime however is larger at 46mm wide. That certainly isn't too large for a Breitling, but is probably close to the size ceiling for what people want in a classic looking timepiece.

Functionally, the Transocean Unitime adds a world time ring and aesthetically it also adds a globe in the center of the dial. When I first saw pictures of the Unitime I thought the globe look glossy and might have been in mother-of-pearl. No, not for this manly watch. The center globe is more a blue with a natural looking color gradient with gray-colored land masses. It certainly conveys the message of "this is a travelers watch" - no confusion there. Everyone loves a nice 24 hour disc-based world time feature. You've seen this on pieces from Patek Philippe, down to entry level luxury watch brands. It is very handy. For a long time if you wanted a good world timer watch with a chronograph you'd get something like a Girard-Perregaux (reviewed here). Now you can add a Breitling Transocean Unitime to that short list.

Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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  • daottaway

    Very cool, a watch to be noticed.

  • Ayreonaut

    Love the white dial on leather strap.  One of Breitling’s best.

  • Kris C

    Nah. I really want to like it, but can’t lie, and I don’t enjoy this one. Maybe its just a combination of everything, but several elements look like they were rushed. Especially the strap fitment to the lugs: far from suited and completely lacks refinement, which is saying something for Breitling. The dial looks too pushed into the middle, and I do understand this is a general concern with traveller-type watches that have this type of layout, but it appears even more exaggerated here.
    Again, I do really want to like this, the idea of it really appeals to me, but its missed my mark and I’m passing. Shame.

  • Ulysses31

    This type of world time watch (with the cities around the circumference) causes the dial to be squashed and overall has a cluttered look.  This could be said for similar watches from any other manufacturer though.  The sky blue globe in the centre doesn’t coordinate well with the rest, especially the black and gold model.  
    David Beckham as brand ambassador is amusing.  A brainless footballer covered in ugly tattoos doesn’t conjure up for me an image of sophisticated elegance that I believe Breitling is going for.  Clearly the only qualification needed is a ton of cash.  Who’s next?  Will-I-Am?

    • ZL

      Ulysses31 I think a giant watch like that goes perfectly with a bunch of tattoos 😉

  • Ryan B

    everything about this watch is a disaster

    • daottaway

      Ryan B 
      All Brietlings are cool, but I really don’t care for the “city listing” around the dial.
      I would rather it have been “CITY STERIL”

  • antjay

    I didn’t David could tell the time.

  • Gee Z

    I like the classic appeal, but I think the size is too big for that, and they picked the wrong ambassador for this kind of watch. Beckham fits to the other, more in-your-face watches from Breitling. At least they have a more classy alternative now to the Navitimer…

  • Jamboree

    Since you pose the question, here is the answer. Yes, you have been living under a rock. There isn’t a brand in the world that wouldn’t kill for the Beckham endorsement for anything. Fine watch too. Aesthetically satisfying, strong wrist presence, clear Breitling DNA. I wouldn’t buy it because it’s too big for my wrist and I’m English so I’m sick of the Beckham brand but it’s a job well done by the Breitling team, no question.

  • Zeitblom

    I really really cannot understand celebrity endorsements of watches. Does anyone really buy this watch thinking, “wow, now everyone will think that I am just like someone with a squeaky voice who used to play soccer really well!” Do women buy Tags thinking, “gee, now everyone will think that I am a bad actress who looks a lot older than her real age!”?

  • antjay

    I think Mr Beckham has enough money allready. The thought that even one cent of my hard earned should find it’s way into his pocket, no matter how indirectly,is so offencive to me that i could never buy a Breitling.

  • MarkCarson

    I don’t think it is horrible. A bit too large for my wrist I suspect. I like the look better rose gold (either dial) than either dial in the steel case. Not that that helps with the price pain.
    I agree that daylight saving time is a mess that should be eliminated. For one thing, it is very hard (impossible ???) to do correctly on a mechanical watch as some places (like where I live) do not observe daylight time and in the southern hemisphere those that are burdened with it  observe it the opposite months from the northern hemisphere. Complicating that is that various places go on/off daylight time on different dates, plus the date varies each year even for the same locations.

    As example of what looks cool but is functionally worthless IMO (because you can’t trust it to be right) is the Glashutte Original’s Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon. Reviewed over on ProfssionalWatches a while back:
     I’m all in favor of  GMT/dual time watches and even world timers, but you can’t trust the daylight time on them at a glance. (end of rant)

  • ZL

    Just wish it were offered in a more “reasonable” size, cause it looks pretty cool otherwise. Really not a fan of these huge watches. One comment below uses the phrase “sophisticated elegance” about Breitling but it’s hard for me to see that in such an ostentatious appendage. I met a dude wearing a gigantic Breitling and a three-piece suite the other day in a bar. It looked ridiculous. Better left to hip hop artists to match their giant dollar-sign necklaces – or just hang a Breitling directly from their necks, for that matter. All that said, it’s a nice looking watch 🙂

  • marbstiu

    hmm nice! the white dial really stands out. Nice brown leather too.

    But nobody really gave a review of the transocean chrono (non-WT , non-GMT) especially the limited blue dial.

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