I was in New York to do a recording session for a friend of mine and whenever I’m in the city I always make it a point to visit one of the very best watch stores in Manhattan – Element In Time, located in the heart of the diamond district. I first found ‘EIT’ while shopping online earlier this year and purchased a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control from them. The transaction was smooth and they totally deserved the 5-star rating I gave them on Yelp.

As anyone who lives in and/or visits New York will attest, August in not a good month to be walking around the city. Nevertheless, sometime between laying down drum tracks and sound check for the gig we were playing that night, I managed to sneak away to 36 West 47th Street, my Element In Time destination. Now soaked head to toe (and not because of rain), the first thing the ‘EIT’ guys offer me is some water and a roll of paper towels. Taking it all in, the suite becomes more of an oasis as I peruse the huge selection of new and second-hand timepieces.

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“It’s a little bit hot out there, I guess,” remarks one of the guys behind the counter.

“Nice city you got here,” I respond. “Which one is Gary? I mentioned I might be coming by – I’m the guy from L.A who bought the Master…”

“That’d be me. Nice to meet you,” as he extends a warm handshake. “How’s the watch working out?”

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“Great,” I tell him. “Thanks so much. It’s a beautiful piece and I couldn’t be happier.” This is the exact sentiment Gary loves to hear.


We talk about watches for a bit, what we like, what we don’t like. It is clear Gary is more of Panerai guy and shows me the very cool Rubber-B strap currently on his watch. It looks fantastic and we go ahead and put one of these on my Rolex GMT. Voila, new watch! It’s almost as if Rolex made the strap themselves because it is perfectly designed to replace the metal bracelet that butts up against the case of the watch. Opting for the tang buckle, I thank the guys for the cool strap and then make my way back out into the heat.


On my way to that night’s venue, I realize I would rather have my Rolex clasp on the strap. I call the guys at Element in Time and Gary tells me no problem. Just come on back and he’ll take care of it. Now that’s service!

Dealing with guys like this online is one thing. But to actually experience their enthusiasm, passion and professionalism in person is another matter altogether. I can’t thank these folks enough and look forward to the next watch purchase from them almost as much as my next visit to the city… albeit when it’s a bit cooler.


First of all, the EIT guys are very knowledgeable and know just about everything there is to know about watches; from the very popular to the most obscure. They are not pushy, nor are they up in your face. Frankly, there was something very un-New York about these New Yorkers and I would not hesitate to recommend Element In Time to anyone.

A good friend made his way into the boutique a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to show off the ultra-rare Panerai he bought. In this world of collecting where sellers are eagerly looking to try and take advantage of those who perhaps do not know enough, Gary and Alex are a breath of fresh air. And in New York, that is rarefied air for sure.There’s no better group of people to work with and you will not be disappointed!  Element in Time is located at 36 West 47th Street.

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