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Hip, cool, and really noticeable is how someone recently referred to this cool women’s Casio Baby-G watch. In bright shiny yellow, this model BG5602-9 watch is an awesome example of a great casual sporty watch for a style conscious, but unpretentious woman. Inside is all the great durable and functional features you come to expect from a Casio G-Shock style watch, with a cool urban, candy-like style that is hard to find elsewhere.

I find it interesting that while Casio Shock watches are extremely popular with law enforcement, military personnel and anyone else who needs a reliable durable watch – such timepieces are also very popular for the urban elite (who’d have though). Pop culture goes wild for these designs, so Casio’s designers in Japan have been giving Casio Baby-G watches (Baby-G is one of the dedicated women’s lines of watches from the G-Shock collections) bold looks with bight colors and interesting materials. This specific watch is sized at about 40mm wide, but does not look that big because the actual screen for the dial is smaller. It might be a little larger that most women’s watches, but looks right as a Casio Baby-G on even the most petite of women’s wrists. Thickness is about 12mm.

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The style of the case is a smoother more soft version of what you’d expect to see in the male G-Shock variants – though it is still a rugged look. The bright electric yellow adds a friendliness to the character, while the color is done in a glossy tone. You’ll notice that Casio has even made the screen yellow. The digital LCD screen actually is yellow on yellow. It looks very cool, but one draw back is that it is a bit hard to see in certain lighting situations. In those situations you can use the watch’s excellent backlight. I recall a few years ago that the backlights used to not be very bright. Since then, Casio has implemented very bright LEDs for the backlighting. So they work quite well actually.

Casio makes watches such as this in a variety of colors. Other models in more colors still. From black to white, and everything in between, there is a cool looking Casio G-Shock style watch for you (man or woman). Aside from being hip and urban looking, these Casio Baby-G watches pack in a lot of features – and are excellent values. The whole point of the watches is actually to be durable and shock resistant. While if you thrash around the watch, it will show wear, it will take a lot to out right damage the watch itself. Underneath the resin (fancy mixture of plastics) case and strap is another special plastic buffer around the inner steel cage for the Japanese quartz movement. You can see the steel caseback of the watch in the images.

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From a features perspective the watch does a lot. Instead of going into it here, I will simply point you to the list below.

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Specs direct from Casio:

* Shock Resistant
* 100M Water Resistant
* LED Light with Afterglow
* World Time
* 29 time zones (48 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
* 5 Daily Alarms (1 with snooze)
* Countdown Timer
* Mearuring Unit: 1 Second
* Measuring Capacity: 24 Hours
* 1/100 second stopwatch
* Measuring capacity: 59’59.99″
* Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
* Hourly Time Signal
* Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
* 12/24 Hour Format
* Button Tone Operation On/Off
* Accuracy: +/- 30 seconds per month
* Battery CR1616
* Approx. battery life: 3 years
* Module 2994

That pretty much sums up what the watch does and what it is. All the basic features you need like the time, date, stopwatch, etc… with other useful features like world time and a countdown timer. If you have used a Casio watch in the past, there is no learning curve. Newbies will just need to spend 15 minutes with the manual to understand all that the watch has to offer. Like I said, the only real drawback of the watch is the screen that is sometimes hard to read, but there is the light for those instances. The trade off is a very col style and extremely durable watch. Price can’t be beat with a retail cost of $79, and a street price of a bit less.

See this Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 watch direct at Casio here.

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