Casio Creates G-Shock Watch Character Mascots Watch Industry News

This reminds me a lot of Disney, I don’t know why. The already hip Casio G-Shock line is not old enough to have classics, vintage watches, and now nostalgia. These three new Casio G-Shock characters are based on three popular Casio G-Shock models from the 1980s, back when G-Shock was young and impressionable. The models are the 1987 DW-5600 (revised as the GW-5600), the 1985 DW-5500, and the 1989 G-5500 (updated as the AWG-5500 and AW-500). At this time, you can’t buy the characters, but you might be lucky enough to see them at your local Casio G-Shock retailer (right now only if you are in Japan). The characters as so new that they don’t even have names yet. More than likely they will be titles with boss like titles from the Mega Man game series. This is basically what they look like, which is cool! Below, you can see the watch that these characters are based on.

Casio Creates G-Shock Watch Character Mascots Watch Industry News

The Casio G-Shock line has remained a loved favorite of mine for a long time. My very first watches beginning in grade school were all digital Casio watches. I then graduated to the hip at the time Casio calculator watches, only to proudly wear a G-Shock in my early teen years. How far I have come. The G-Shock watches are aplenty all over the world, and are the world’s best beater watches. I wrote this article a while ago discussing how Casio G-Shocks are the “real GI watch.” The bottom line is that Casio created a truly global phenomenon with the Casio G-Shock line, with millions upon millions of the well priced functional watches all over the planet.

The characters themselves are plastic stand-ups, and not watches themselves. I have a feeling that people’s love for these guys is going to force Casio into creating more of these for the consumer market. Otherwise they are bound to remain highly sought after collectors items. Check out the image gallery below for more pictures.

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