Casio has announced two new Edifice watches that combine all the latest features you’d expect from a digital watch, such as Bluetooth connectivity, app pairing, and solar technology — with the sleek yet rugged metallic design that has come to define Edifice watches. Let me quickly introduce you to the new Casio Edifice ECB900DB, which will come in two colorways.


Brand: Casio
Model: Edifice ECB900DB
Dimensions: 51.5mm in diameter, 13.9mm-thick
Water Resistance: 100m
Case Material: Stainless steel
Crystal/Lens: Mineral
Movement: Module No. 5582
Frequency: N/A
Power Reserve: 6 months on full charge
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet
Price & Availability: $200, Spring 2019

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Casio Edifice watches often have love-or-hate designs, and the new Edifice ECB900DB watches are no exception. They have busy, multi-layered dials and are complicated to look at. Without a manual or some sort of explanatory advice, I think it’s impossible to fathom all the controls. Some people like it, some people don’t. There are two colorways on offer: red and blue. The red model has red accents on the dial and a black tachymeter bezel. The blue model has blue accents on the dial and, interestingly, a matching blue tachymeter bezel. I can’t quite decide which one I like better; they both have their merits and individual characters.

Personally, I quite like their busy, techie looks, but what I don’t like is their size. This is a big watch, measuring over 50mm in diameter. I get it that you need the space to cram in all of its functions, but 50mm is too much for me. On the bright side, it isn’t too thick at just under 14mm — there are many mechanical chronographs that are far thicker. These proportions, however, will likely make the piece appear even more expansive on the wrist.

The Movement

In terms of functionality, there is little these watches cannot do. They pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth and an app and use this connection to determine its location in the world and sync with the latest atomic time. The app has settings for 300 cities and automatically accounts for daylight savings time. That said, it’s important to note that the Casio Edifice ECB900DB is not quite in the same league as the Seiko Astron. The Astron has a built-in GPS and can account for location changes entirely autonomously. The Edifice watches here are reliant on the connection to the smartphone.

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They also have a chronograph function that measures down to 1/1000th of a second with memory for 200 laps. And in the lower right side of the dial is an indicator that shows the average speed for your lap times. The watches feature Tough Solar technology, and a full charge lasts up to six months. Fittingly, these watches will have 100 meters of water resistance, so you can wear them in the environment for which such adventure tools are designed.


These are interesting propositions for anyone looking for a digital watch that can be your constant companion during outdoor activities. Frequent travelers will appreciate the ECB900DB’s ability to automatically adjust the time according to their location and the ruggedness and breadth of functionality of this timepiece. The size will put off some readers, but I guess it could always double up as a handy brass knuckle, should you find yourself in a sticky situation. Most of all, however, I think readers will be attracted to the price. The Casio Edifice ECB900DB is priced at $200 and, for the money, I don’t think there are many other watches that can do quite as much as it can with ease. Learn more at

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