This GPS module is now able to determine both the user’s latitude and longitude – which I understand is a first. The new movement further includes a “shadow-dispensing” technology in the photovoltaic cell under the dial which generates electricity for the battery, as well as new anti-magnetic parts. This is probably the most full-featured and durable G-Shock movement ever made, building upon years of R&D performed in-house at Casio for the G-Shock timepiece universe.

Casio-G-Shock-Gravitymaster-GPW2000-GPS-Bluetooth-aBlogtoWatch-09 Casio-G-Shock-Gravitymaster-GPW2000-GPS-Bluetooth-aBlogtoWatch-05

All that is missing now for me are some of the triple-sensor technologies (altimeter, barometer, compass) that have made their way into Casio watches over the years. Not that the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 is a lacking watch by any means, but I am looking forward to when there is a “Super G-Shock” that includes the sensors and Bluetooth connectivity. With the ultimate goal being to both receive and share information with your smartphone. The Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 already does the latter because the relevant smartphone app will not only update the time (along with regular global changes to DST and time zone alterations – a first, and in a sense, it is like updated firmware for the watch) but it will also keep close track of a host of information about the watch’s performance and location. This is something I really want to save for a discussion when fully reviewing the watch after having spent more time with it.

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With that said, I will remind you that the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster collection has always been G-Shock’s pilot watch collection. Asking pilots what they wanted in a watch, Casio was finally able to include a time stamp/flight log feature in the GPW2000. This is a manual process where you simply press and hold a pusher on the case to automatically make a time AND location stamp of where you are anywhere in the world. This tells your phone to use its GPS and software to make a note of this, and the date is used to compile an accurate log of your movements. Pilots will love it, as well as a host of other hobbyists that will find interesting uses for this functionality.


Allow me to mention just one more feature that is now available with the Bluetooth connection that I’ve been wanting for a while – the ability to know exactly when your watch had its time updated last. Using the software application, you can now see not only the last time and date the watch had its time updated, but a graphical representation of this. This was really important to me because even though this and other Casio watches had the ability to get their time updated via various means, I was never particularly sure if the update was a success, and if so, the last time it happened. This adds important assurances when you are concerned whether or not the time on your watch is absolutely accurate and precise.


Other functionality on the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 includes dual time zones, perpetual calendar, indication of the day of the week and date, AM/PM indicator, and easy ability to adjust the world time function. Other dial features include a power reserve for the battery indicator and more. More important to me is the fact that the all-analog dial is both legible and pretty. It isn’t always the fact that G-Shock watches are sexy looking, but the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 is a handsome beast, and in addition to the black with orange trim GPW2000-1A, there will be other color variations as well. Even looking at the side of the watch case and the overall construction, you can see how the Casio designers have a real attractive hit with this watch.

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The case is a combination of resin, metal, and elements like carbon fiber. This latter material is used for the rod which secures the strap to the case. No screws are used here. Why? Not only does this vastly improve the strength of the case/strap connection, but it also makes it resistant to vibrations. In tests, Casio found that over time vibration could easily dislodge a screw. Thus, new types of connecting points were developed in order to overcome this long-term environmental threat. Cool, right?


The watch dial also contains hands and hour markers which are produced from luminous material, as well as white LED backlight. Like many novel G-Shock watches, the features in the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 are impressive and can sometimes be overwhelming given all the details. What you need to know is that the newest Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster is comfortable, attractive on the wrist, and is possibly the best traveling companion that Casio has produced in the G-Shock collection to date. Further, “Casio Connect,” which is a new term for the watch’s suite of connectivity features including Bluetooth will change the way (for the better) G-Shock owners experience a connection to their phones. At the least, this is a way of having a “smarter watch” with authentically useful features in a way that does not sacrifice how you’ve been used to wearing and using a timepiece (i.e., not having to charge it on a daily basis).


While Baselworld is typically a time when luxury mechanical watches are mostly celebrated, I think Casio (along with some other companies) are proving that they have a good plan of how to integrate their fantastic products and technologies into a more connected world which is where a lot of consumers are giving their attention. The Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW2000 watch starts at $800 with the GPW2000-1A (GPW2000-3A).

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