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The octagonal-bezeled 2100 series has been an absolute smash hit for Casio and the G-Shock line. With all the critical G-Shock protection and technology packaged in a clean and legible package, it’s easy to see why it has been such a hit. For those looking for a G-Shock G-STEEL 2100 series watch in a sleek, sophisticated case and an eye-catching dial, the newest metal-covered GBM2100-1A, GBM2100A-1A2, and GBM2100A-1A3 are just the ticket.

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First launched in 1983, every G-Shock since  has been designed to take the hardest abuse and stand up to any situation. Characterized by their now-iconic 8-sided cases, Shock Resistant structure, and integration of a seemingly endless list of technologies aimed at enhancing functionality and reliability, G-Shock watches are the go-to for everyone from military personnel to outdoor professionals who make their living in the field. But not everyone needs an altimeter, barometer, compass, or other specialized functionality. The GBM-2100 offers an ultra-legible analog dial and minimal digital displays, but with the newest models, you get all this in a forged stainless steel bezel and luxurious textured dials that add even more versatility for daily wear.

The case of the GBM2100 measures 44.4mm in diameter, 49.3mm lug-to-lug, and 11.9mm in height yet weighs in at a feathery 72g. Like all G-SHOCK watches, the dimensions can be deceiving, as the shape and light weight of the case make these watches extremely comfortable and wearable for almost all wrist sizes. Keeping the watch light and tough, while also reducing environmental impact, the watch band and inner case are made from a bio-based resin produced from renewable organic resources.

Like other timepieces in the 2100 series, the new G-STEEL GBM2100 watches feature an ultra-legible analog dial with large, applied indices and luminous, oversized hands. Adding refinement to the dial, G-Shock has integrated an oblong grid pattern with transparent printing and a circular hairline finish. The textured dial helps accentuate the digital display and inset dial at 9 o’clock and completes the modern look.

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While the G-STEEL GBM2100 is offered in a timeless black (GBM2100-1A), G-Shock is also offering this model with two summery colors — blue (GBM2100-1A2) and green (GBM2100A-1A3) — created using vapor deposition dial and topped with a phosphorescent finish. The metallic tones on the blue and green models are an ideal complement to the metal’s finish, which circular hairline on top and high polish on the sides.

The new G-STEEL GBM2100 watches are powered by Tough Solar and also feature Smartphone Link, allowing you to pair your watch and phone via Bluetooth using the CASIO Watches app and easily set world time to approximately 300  cities, auto-adjust the date & time, set reminders, and even find your phone.

Along with the Shock Resistant construction, you also get 200m of water resistance and a host of features including, 1/100th sec. stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms, auto-calendar, and a battery level indicator. For night-time legibility, G-Shock provides two LED lights — an LED light for the face and LED backlight for the digital display and Neobrite luminous hands and markers.

The 2100 series from CASIO G-SHOCK has become a mainstay in G-SHOCK’s lineup and these new metal-covered models offer an entirely new look and feel while retaining all the characteristic toughness and legibility. The G-STEEL GBM2100-1A, GBM2100A-1A2, and GBM2100A-1A3 are all priced at $250 USD. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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