Over the dial is a vintage-styled domed mineral crystal, and the caseback is in polished steel. That is because the gold-toning of the case can possibly wear off when exposed to skin as often as the rear of the case is. The case is further water resistant to 50 meters. According to CCCP Time, Alexander Shorokoff assisted them with the design of the CCCP Heritage watch. I don’t know if he merely worked with them in the sale of the movements, or if Mr. Shorokoff was also responsible for some of the design of the CCCP Time Heritage.

As of now, there are 12 different CCCP Heritage watch versions available. These each have a different dial design, and various hand styles are also available. Case finishes available include yellow or rose gold tone, as well as simple polished steel. The CCCP Time Heritage CP-7019 collection features this simple style with baton-style hour markers, but other versions offer sportier looks and some with more “USSR” imagery, or based on other historic designs.

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For the price, the CCCP Time Heritage watch offers a nice set of details. The neat historical Russian movement is a treat, and the design is attractive enough but also lends itself to conversation. Like all Russian (or Russian-themed) watches it is not without its quirks, and the long-term dependability of the movement is unknown. It is easiest to envision those with an interest in Russian watch collecting or those with feelings of nostalgia for Soviet-era or Slava watches being interesting items such as this Heritage watch from CCCP Time. Others interested in “Russian-themed” watches but who want more “modern” movements should look at their quartz or Japanese mechanical selections – but in a sense, those partially defeat the larger purpose of the brand.

CCCP Time is one of those companies who liked to advertise “full” retail prices on their website, but in actuality their timepieces sell for less. So in regard to the pricing for the CCCP Time Heritage, I am going to simply rely on the pricing in this instance. Thus, the CCCP Time Heritage watch retails for $145.

Necessary Data
>Brand: CCCP Time
>Model: Heritage CP-7019-05
>Price: $145 USD
>Size: 43mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Sometimes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Watch lovers and collectors who have an interest or nostalgia for Russian-made watches.
>Best characteristic of watch: Attractive design and nice detailing for price.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Hands should be longer and reliability and accuracy of movement prevent this from being a daily wear that people can regularly use to reliably know the time.

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