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Categorically speaking, watches throughout history have been defined by their capabilities — from split-second timing to handling immense pressure in oceanic depths. It is fair to say that bonus functionality has always been a selling point. Pilots took to the skies with confidence, bolstered by their ability to track multiple timezones. Doctors’ ability to establish a sound diagnosis and effectively treat patients was once reliant upon the inclusion of a pulsometer scale. Though times have changed, and technology has rendered many of these functions obsolete, there is a romantic affinity for added functionality that perseveres among enthusiasts. Recognizing this continued appreciation and enhancing it to fit into modern times is Mudita, a newcomer to the watch space. Mudita managed to fit in the addition of a totally analog attribute that maintains a minimalist appearance. Its flagship model reminds us to take time to savor every second, disengage from the digital, and appreciate the appeal of analog.

If Mudita is new to you, maybe you are more acquainted with some of the other works created by its founder, Michał Kiciński. Years ago, he co-founded CD Projekt, a gaming company responsible for the mega-hit “Witcher” series. Mudita is a Poland-based startup focused on emphasizing personal health and well-being through technology. With the proliferation of smartphones, constant notifications, alarms, messages, updates, and requests batter us with a daily digital barrage. This unrelenting stimulation can distract us from enjoying the world around us while leading to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Though it may seem counter-intuitive for a tech startup to minimize the effects of mainstream technology through technology, that is exactly what Mudita set out to do. The brand’s first watch release, dubbed the “ Mudita Moment,” is a subtle and effective tool to cultivate calm amid the chaos of day-to-day living.

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The moniker “Mudita” is derived from Pali, a Middle Indo-Aryan language that is native to the Indian Subcontinent. Though there is no straightforward translation into the English language, the general concept is joy derived from the observation of others finding peace and well-being. The Mudita Moment is a wrist-worn reminder of the importance of putting one’s health first and making the time to slow down and breathe – finding balance and inspiration through respiration.

Aesthetically, the Mudita Moment is a consciously minimalist timepiece. It is a love song to serenity and unfettered functionality. Every aspect serves a purpose, and it is entirely devoid of extraneous details. The 38mm diameter is comfortably wearable on wrists of all sizes. The svelte 10.8mm thickness ensures that it remains unobtrusive, serving its function only when necessary, and disappearing with chameleon-like tendencies otherwise. The case is comprised of sandblasted 316L stainless steel, further building upon the minimalist nature of the watch. There is no glimmer of high polish to distract the eye, and the subtly muted tone of the case gives an almost field watch-like nonchalance that is perfectly in line with Mudita’s mission.

Available with three different monochromatic dial options, there is a Mudita Moment that will fit any stylistic preference. With shades ranging from black to gray to white, each option has an almost Bauhausial layout that is spectacularly Spartan. There is no company logo or branding to detract from the time-telling. There is no date window, rehaut, applied indices, or dimensionality of any sort. Then again, that is the Mudita Moment’s reason for being. Think of it as addition by subtraction (not an easy feat), the result of which is a simple, minimalist timepiece that conveys restraint and softness not often seen on the market. All that exists on the dial are stark black lines of various lengths corresponding to hours and minutes. Closer to the center of the dial is a ring of 15 individual dots. From the middle of the watch extend three slender hands that stand out dramatically against the opposing hue of the dial. The black-dialed Mudita Moment is identical in structure and design but opts for white hands and indices to create the same contrast.

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The inclusion of the aforementioned 15 dial dots is Mudita’s way of incorporating its well-being-centered ethos into the Mudita Moment. Meant to aid with tracking intentional breathing control, each dot denotes a four-second interval. Traditionally, the practice of “box breathing” takes advantage of this specific length of time for each step of the process: inhale for four seconds, hold for four, exhale for four, and hold for four. This process can then be repeated until relaxation is achieved. The consistent pace of this practice can help alleviate stress and anxiety while simply reminding the wearer to take a moment to deliberately self-check their emotions. The seconds hand of this timepiece has been cleverly designed to further aid in the timing of breathing. Mudita extended the back portion and tipped it with a circle that perfectly matches the round indices of the breathing interval dots, thus making it easier to slow down and de-stress any time you need to. As the seconds hand rotates at its standard pace, the counterbalance of the hand serves as a guide for number of breathing exercises, allowing the wearer to easily and accurately adjust accordingly.

The stainless construction of the Mudita Moment and implementation of a display caseback, held on by four screws, make it water-resistant to a pressure of 5atm – more than needed for typical day-to-day activities. Inside the sapphire window of the caseback, you can see the Miyota 9015 self-winding movement proudly on display. This unassuming Japanese workhorse has proven itself to be robust and reliable over the years and perfectly matches the spirit of the Mudita Moment. When fully wound, the power reserve will last up to 42 hours. There are a plethora of quick-change strap options available for each model. These straps utilize a one-click release bar, making them simple and convenient to swap out.  Every option is vegan and environmentally friendly, be it made from natural cork, cactus, or even a material composed of banana stalks. This broad array of colors and textures complements the holistic nature of the Mudita Moment by incorporating, well, nature.

This unisex offering is available at Mudita’s website now for a pre-order price of $367USD. Each watch is created in partnership with Blonie, a Polish brand with a history dating back to the 1950s. It is with Blonie that each watch is regulated and inspected before being approved for sale. The Mudita Moment is expected to ship in December of 2021, just in time for the holiday season. So, if you or a loved one seeks solace in simplicity, marvel at minimalism, or simply need to take a few seconds each day to find a moment of Zen, then the Mudita Moment could be just what you need.

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