Zenith Watch Thierry NatafLOTR GollumZenith watches is precious. Owned by LVMH who also controls Louis Vuitton and Tag Heuer, the phenomenal watch maker is a jewel of the luxury conglomerate. The combination of the El Primero movement history (contained in many Rolex watches) as well at the bold styling of the Zenith Defy Extreme make for a very strong true watch manufacture.

Nataf has been highly successful revitalizing Zenith. Taking risks is something he used to. The Defy Extreme series of watches was very risky Zenith. An unusual design, and relatively expensive, they incorporate the modern trend of material mosaic watches. Each Defy Extreme watch has a combination of steel, titanium, kevlar, and carbon fiber. Some models have more element sandwiched in the mix. Zenith Defy watches are undoubtedly cool, perhaps too much for most individuals that cannot afford them. Truly a watch to lust after tantamount to love for an exotic sports car. Like many other watch brands, there was a time when Zenith’s future was questionable, it appears as though Mr, Nataf has been instrumental in changing all that, despite is uncanny fantasy character resemblance. Regardless, we can continue to expect to see exciting things to come from Zenith, even if it may be within a dark layer in the bowels of a mountain. Coincidence that Nataf is wearing a “Stealth” model Zenith Defy Extreme and Gollum’s precious ring of power makes him invisible? You decide.

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Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon watchSo what is Nataf’s new ‘precious’ as his character doppelganger Lord of the Rings’ Gollum would say? Well the new Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon watch of course. A mouthful of a name, the Defy Extreme Zero G Tourbillon is another sporty tourbillon watch. We recently way the Blancpain Aqualung Tourbillon Diver watch. Do these watches make sense? Not particularly. The tourbillon complication is intended to allow the escapement rotate more freely in a cage to increase accuracy as the watch changes orientation, thus the “multi-dimensional” label because the watch will maintain the same operation while moving around. A bit of a stretch in the name, but clever. The increase in accuracy is noticeable, but the increased cost is much more noticeable; not a trinket for all buyers. While a quartz watch is going to be more accurate, the Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon is complex, rare, and interesting timepiece at about $500,000 dollars. Worth the price? Not at all, but it will find a few buyers who will appreciate the intricate viewable complexity of the tourbillon movement.

In addition to the model pictured, Zenith will offer a gold version which is arguably more attractive. The problem with tourbillon watches is that so much emphasis is placed on the viewer being able to view the tourbillon complication. The actually time telling window on the watch is pressed to the side, and the watch does not do anything other than tell the time. While the list of technical achievements on this watch are impressive, I am infinitely more smitten with the standard Zenith Defy Extreme series which is a more tangible object of affection at between $5000-$30,000 retail. Mr. Nataf will certainly want to keep one of these Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional tourbillons near him at all times.

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