Certina DS Winner WatchCertina DS Winner Watch BraceletThe Certina brand is undergoing a revival under leadership by the Swatch Group. Once, a maker of serious adventure and sport watches, Certina flew under the radar for a while before the watch industry made a large comeback in the 1990s. In the US, Certina watches are very rare. Most not even being sold here, with the occasional watch available online. Recently, Certina released the DS-1 Automatic model hailing back to the company’s sporty spirit. The success of the Certina revival is impressive, along with their product offerings.

No longer made is the Certina DS Winner watch. Certina regularly sponsors motorcycle sports events, and the product result has been watches such as this. A wonderfully functional “theme” watch, the Certina DS Winner is an ode to motorsports. Most notable is the watch bracelet that closely resembles the drive/gear chain on a motorcycle or even bicycle for that matter. This is a very well done aspect of the watch, and the nubs on the rotating bezel on the face of the watch further resemble the bolts that hold the drive chain together.

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The face of the watch is a well-chosen shade of black that goes well with the machine quality look of the steel used for the case and bracelet. Numerals are instrument functional, and efficient, a wise accompaniment to a watch emulating function over form, but inherently very cool. Certina placed an ETA quartz chronograph movement for increased functionality and a tachymeter for speed measuring. The overall look is very well integrated and will inevitably find lovers of the theme with ease.

The Certina DS Winner is just one of many sport themed watches out of Certina. One can easily anticipate an increase in the US presence of Certina granted a consistent release of well-done sport watches.

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