Citizen Campanola Minute Repeater WatchI am always happy to share when a Citizen Campanola watch is available. Here is a relatively rare version which incorporates a true minute repeater, with a regulator face. A regulator is watch that has a separate dial for the hours and minutes. Here, the larger main dial indicates the minutes, while a smaller sub-dial indicates the hours. Of course there is a lot else at play on this watch, and the selection of the dials and gauges is quite fascinating.

As most of you already know, the Citizen Campanola series of watches represents the highest level of watch making from Citizen. Each is hand assembled and lovingly detailed. The craftsmanship is really top-notch and the materials used spare no expense. To visit Citizen’s Campanola home page here.

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Common to many of the Campanola watches, this minute repeater also offers a full perpetual calendar and two alarm functions along with its minute repeater function. A minute repeater is watch with a chiming complication. Meaning that at various time intervals, the watch will chime. The Citizen Campanolas are quite adept at this, and use the chiming function for a variety of purposes. These include, telling the time without looking at the watch or indicating specific times of the day or hour. The chiming sound is really a pleasure to hear, and is worlds beyond the beeps you might be used to hearing coming from a watch. I recall the smile which appear on my face the first time I heard my Citizen Campanola sound its little bells.

This Citizen Campanola minute repeater is a rare appearance on eBay. The watch sits large on the wrist and makes a stunning appearance with its hand painted face and deep blue dials contrasted against a classic white textured background. One of the major draws of the Campanola series has been the affordable nature of the complications you are getting. The Campanola watches each utilize the absolute highest grade quartz movements available. A mechanical watch with similar complications would cost upwards of $70,000. It is my hope that Citizen Campanola watches represent a new trend in where design and functionality are going, offering sophisticated functionality and aesthetics, at prices which are not astronomical.

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