On the wrist the Eco-Drive One is about 40mm wide, but that is with the crown guard. I’d call it a 39mm wide watch. It is comfortable without coming off of your wrist at the lugs. Like I said, the overall wearing experience is predictably comfortable. You can get the Eco-Drive One on either a metal bracelet or a strap depending on the version. I happen to like this reference AR5000-50E the most because of the legibility of the dark gray dial mixed with the hands, as well as the fact that the matching steel bracelet makes it feel a bit more substantial on the wrist.

Citizen has a few versions of the Eco-Drive One, along with a rather expensive limited edition model which costs more than twice as much as something like this non-limited edition model. More so, even though the watch is likely worth it, the Citizen Eco-Drive One is by no means cheap. The limited edition takes the price to $6,000 – which is a lot. It does boast some fancier materials that make the watch even more durable, but I think that the majority of consumers will be more than happy with the standard version of the Eco-Drive One which costs considerably less.

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I’m constantly surprised at how much I like wearing this “disappearing” watch on my wrist. It brings out a real boyhood sense of wonder and awe just looking at it. I get genuinely excited to wear and share the Citizen Eco-Drive One in a way that I feel with few other watches – especially dressier watches. It isn’t for everyone, and it is pricey, but the Citizen Eco-Drive One is a bona fide tour de force of watch engineering technology and a best of breed product from Citizen of Japan. I really think the ex-girlfriend’s grandfather in my memories would have been damn keen to own one of these. Price for this version on the steel bracelet is $2,600citizenwatch.com 

Necessary Data
>Brand: Citizen
>Model: Eco-Drive One
>Price: $2,600
>Size: 40mm wide, 2.98mm thick
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who appreciates Japanese design and sensibility as well as anyone who appreciates thinness as much as I do – and is willing to pay for it.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Price point is quite high.
>Best characteristic of watch: This should be obvious! How thin it is.

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