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Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver Watch Collection On The Horizon

Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver Watch Collection On The Horizon Watch Releases

Earlier this year, on March 10th, Citizen announced that it would be releasing the Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver watch in Fall. With more details now available, and the release date coming ever closer, we thought we’d take a look at what we can expect from this handsome hybrid that offers a customizable set of functions designed to personalize the user experience.

Firstly, the name: Riiiver is an open-source IoT platform service, through which the watch can connect to various devices and services. Exactly what you choose to use Riiiver for seems pretty expansive, but the most popular examples offered by the company in this pre-release phase are being able to summon a taxi to your current location with the simple push of a button, or to have your watch hands literally point you in the direction of the nearest coffee shop.

Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver Watch Collection On The Horizon Watch Releases

So how does it work? Riiiver’s aim is to “expand experiences with time, by connecting people, devices, and services.” The software enables the user to set up an “iiidea,” which is a pre-conceived action that can interact and connect with various devices and services. An iiidea is user-defined and can fall under one of three categories: trigger, service, or action. A trigger is an action commenced by pressing a button on the watch (the taxi example falls under this category); a service would encompass finding a nearby cafe or searching for music; an action is something like shuffling your playlist on your connected device or pointing the hands of a watch to a specific time.

The open-source nature of Riiiver means it will constantly develop and evolve, with the watch’s functionality expanding over time. At the very least, the Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver watch is a handsome, playfully styled watch that is incredibly low-maintenance thanks to it not needing to be charged as many smart or hybrid watches do. The Eco-Drive technology uses an amorphous silicon photocell located behind the dial to charge the watch when exposed to (any kind of) light.

Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver Watch Collection On The Horizon Watch Releases

The colors used in this release have led to the watch being referred to as a “programmer’s watch” by the in-house design team — the bright primary colors (and green) are typical of computer code. The result is a watch that looks fun, futuristic, and a little bit like an Alain Silberstein homage (which is never really a bad thing). My personal favorite is the stainless steel model with green, yellow, and red hands (ref. BZ7007-61E).

One of the cleverest (and coolest) aspects of this design is the hands. Although they are very clearly distinguishable as an hour and a minute hand, they are actually exactly the same size, with their active size dictated by the brightly colored detailing. Being the same size makes their secondary functionality when interacting with Riiiver all the neater and clearer.

Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver Watch Collection On The Horizon Watch Releases

Citizen has poured more than a century of watchmaking experience into this piece and come up with something that is not only very cool to look at, and built with top quality materials, but also one of the most connective hybrids on the market. The stainless steel case and band are available in both bare metal and blackened finished. The case measures 43.2mm by 12.6mm and is topped by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal for absolute clarity. Its robust construction guarantees 100 meters water resistance. The watch is powered by the Eco-Drive caliber W150, which is accurate to ± 15 seconds per month. The movement is able to run for seven months on a full charge (about 1.5 years when in power-save mode). The Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver watch is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as third-party devices and services via Riiiver. Citizen is aiming to release the Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver watch in Fall 2019, and it will carry a (projected retail) price of $450 plus tax. To keep on top of developments and register your interest in being notified of the release date, go to

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  • Raymond Wilkie

    I love the waaay people just make up words.

    • spice

      Waaaaay to goooooo – – – sic “The”Muppet Show”?

  • Funky Dude

    Does not seem to be any Lume or Backlit function. Please, let me know this is not the case.

  • BJ314

    It’s a great looking watch, but all smart functions executed through traditional dial face are completely useless and impractical. It’s a novelty at best and will end up in sock drawers within months of purchase.

    Eliminate all the smart functions and just use the styling as a regular Eco-Drive watch and you’ve got a winner.

    I’m not using a watch hand to point to a cafe when I can get directions from Google or turn off lights, when I can do that through an Alexa or Lenova smart alarm clock.

    • Mr. Blandings

      In general I agree with you, but this thought occurred to me.

      I have two dive watches but I don’t dive. I use the bezel to time when I put a steak on the grill, or how long I have been waiting in a restaurant for service, or when I have told the kids “we are leaving in 10 minutes”. In this respect, the rotating bezel is a novelty that I don’t use for its intended purpose.

      This may be exactly where the novelty of this Citizen could be useful. As long as it can easily be programmed on the fly.

      Where did I park? Where in this giant theme park was I supposed to reconnect with the group? How do I get to that bathroom again? Where is that overlook that I went to before?

      If programming a location is as simple as rotating a bezel on a dive watch to time an event, there might be a place for this. However, if there is a multi-step process that requires the use of a connected device to program a location, then yes this will end up in a sock drawer fairly quickly.

  • Not a watch neither a smartwatch.
    In italian we said ‘nè carne nè pesce’, similar to english ‘neither fish nor flesh’.

    • spice

      Fair, point but I believe the English saying is “neither fish nor fowl” – – Shakespear?

      • You’re right!. “Neither fish nor fowl” (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 🙂

  • Mark Mason

    I actually really like this, looks and tech. Having no lume or a backlight might be a negative though. I do own other higher end eco drives and they are my favourite watches for every day use and time keeping so not surprised that they have done something different regarding smart tech.

  • hatster

    So it is a quite smart watch that has scaled down the connected functionality to enable one specific function until you reprogram it. Why not? I like that it doesn’t show emails all the time so it removes that anti-social aspect that some people are hooked on with the Apple watch. And I guess if you have one burning use with your smartphone that you can transfer as a function to this, it could have a use. But I wonder how long before someone has it linked up to a dating app and Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver owners use it to hook up with each other in bars and cafes? Just sayin’….

  • Alan Nicholson


  • Y Krampfner

    It’s Alain not Alan Silberstein

  • Y Krampfner

    It’s Alain, not Alan Silberstein

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