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Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

Citizen’s featured mainstream new watch collection for 2010 is this Eco-Drive World Time Perpetual AT line of timepieces. Based on a newly developed movement, the collection comes in a large range of styles, in various price brackets. From sporty to sleek, there is a World Perpetual AT watch for everyone. They are based on the new H144 Eco-Drive quartz movement that has a lot more features that it might suggest at first glance.

For me, this watch is about offering the functionality and feature set excepted in Citizen and other similar Japanese watches, but in a very classic, simple looking design. A major philosophy in Japanese tech watches like this is the “set it and forget it principle.” Which is actually a bit different than the European ideal of constantly attending to your watch. Actually, I think the same philosophy exists in the respective cars made by the Japanese and the Europeans. After being initially set, and given the availability of light, the World Perpetual AT watch should pretty much always have power, accurate time, and the accurate date.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

The watch has a perpetual calendar. When you set the time, you also set the month and the leap year. According to Citizen, given continuous operation of the watch, the calendar doesn’t need to be set again until the year 2100. So you know that at least that calendar will be accurate aside from your other watches and ones around the house. In addition to the light power generation in the Eco-Drive movement, the watch receives signals from various atomic clock radio signals around the world. It syncs with these regularly to keep the time accurate. It even does this when you are traveling. In addition to the auto syncing you can manually sync the watch time. This is another great feature to have and gives you assurance that the time is most always correct. Even if the watch isn’t able to sync with an available signal, the quartz movement is still quite accurate.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

And then there is the world time function. You’ll notice the list of reference cities around the dial.  Those are used when selecting different timezones. On the fly, you can easily switch to any of the major timezones without losing accuracy on the watch. Citizen makes it pretty simple to adjust, thus allowing for a great traveler’s companion, or timepiece for people who like to easily know the time in lots of other timezones. Remember, the trick here isn’t just the functionality – that has been done. But rather the relatively svelte layout and simple dial.

The little “SMT” indicator on the dial is for turning on and off day light saving time by the way. The other area is part of the manual sync functions for the atomic clock synchronization. Otherwise the dials are pretty clean, and with the large hand and applied hour numerals (both coated with luminant) this is a very legible, sensible looking high-function timepiece!

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

While each version of the watch is a bit different, they are each in steel cases (some in gold tone), and about 43-44mm wide. Actually, there is one model in a titanium case. The cases are relatively thin, and thankfully all have sapphire crystals. Citizen has offered certain pieces in other countries with sapphire crystals that the US only saw mineral crystal versions of, but the World Perpetual AT watches all have sapphires crystals in the US. The images above show a lot of the range of styles, but not all of them. You can see the different case shapes and styles, along with the various metal bracelets. There are also leather straps available in most collections. In addition to the standard models, there are two limited edition World Perpetual AT watches available. Both in steel (one is gold tone), they come in limited editions of 2,500 pieces each, have really nice crocodile straps with deployment clasps, and come in nicer wood boxes.

The limited editions top out the range with a retail price of $650 -$675. The World Perpetual AT range starts at $399, and goes up in increments. Most steel models are about $500, while the titanium version is $650. I believe the World Time Perpetual watches should be out now, or very soon, and will be part of Citizen permanent collection for a while.

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  • Not bad, I like the dark dial. Short of an Atmos, the Eco-Drive might be the closest thing we have to a perpetual motion machine. 😉

    • Yea, that is true. Though I do understand that after years and years of use, the battery needs to be replaced, because batteries can only hold a charge for so long. But that should be long after an initial purchase.

      • Doug M

        I have had an Eco Drive watch for the last 11 years and it still runs fine. Battery seems to be still holding up.

  • Kris C.

    Interesting. I like the version in the 3rd picture, with the bracelet and the world cities in short form on the outside of the chapter ring.
    Odd (not in a bad way) that on the white-faced versions that the date window is a dark background with white numerals. Normally it would be the opposite, and on dark-faced pieces you would get the black-on-white and it would look somewhat unfinished. It works nicely here, matching up with the SMT and atomic clock indicators.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    According to Citizen Europe, laboratory test showed that after 20 years the secondary battery retains a power storage capacity of 80%.[7] Citizen states that their lubricants for Long-Lasting Precision Equipment when used in watches, timepiece movements remain smooth for a long time as the oil does not harden even after 20 years

    7.^ Citizen Watch Europe GmbH: ECO-DRIVE Technologie
    8.^ “Products for CITIZEN” (PDF). Retrieved 2009-08-22.

  • Charles

    Really nice, clean design. One comment, though – does anyone else think that every world time watch should also have an alarm? When I’m travelling, I like an alarm… That’s why my travel watches are always multifunction digitals…

  • Martin

    Im glad the watch can be quickly swtched between time zones and home time using one of the crowns (not sure what the second crown is for as its not on all models….is it screw down? or just looks like it is?)and does not rely on the user using maths in relation to the bezel information like most world time (not gmt) watches. Matched with saphire crystal, solar power and 200m water resistance it could make a great holiday watch but i guess a business traveller would prefer an alarm incorporated (but with exception to an x33 etc, watch alarms never wake me up)

  • Frank

    Great review, Ariel and much appreciated.

    I was hoping you would also tell us about the overall quality of the bracelets and clasps used in this new range.

    I pre-ordered one of these, model number CB0000-57E pictured here with black dial and world cities on outer stainless steel bezel. Can’t wait.

    Last, I wanted to clarify that the H144 caliber used in this watches is not totally all new. The H100 modules and other derivatives have been offered in Japan for years now. The main difference is that the H144 is the first export 3 hand radio controlled analogue module capable of radio sync outside of Japan. I believe the H144 has been fitted with Perfex Multi 3000 technology that allows the module for multi band radio sync (USA, Europe, China and Japan), antimagnetic complaint to JS/1 standard and position check self correcting hands that also check themselves after the watch has suffered a sudden impact to the case.

    In all and these new World Perpetual AT watches are terrific values. World class Radio controlled technology, sapphire crystals, great styles, 5 year warranty and can be had for well under $400 from AD, what’s not to love?

  • crazyazn23

    Can someone please tell me where i can buy this watch? i have searched all over the web to find one, but i can’t seem to find a website that sells them. Any help would much be appreciated!

    • Might not be quite out yet. to retailers.

  • Frank

    Crazyazn23, I will be glad to help you out sourcing one if these watches. Let me know.

  • buzzza

    How wide are the lugs?

  • Ses

    How do i get the instruction manual for h144 eco-drive over the internet? Please help!

  • slavne

    does anybody know if it is possible to buy this watch in middle Europe, particularly in Muenich, Germany, where I shall be in spring. I tried to contact some German distributors, but all they could tell me was that only one of the models which I do not prefer will be available after some time. I am looking primarily for CB0013-04A or maybe CB0010-02E, or similar. Does anybody know the weigth of this watch?

    Mr Ses, about the instruction manual you ask for:
    and down page you have links for condensed manual. There is also full manual which I have downloaded from somewhere and if you want this manual instead the short one let me know your email to send it to you.

  • Peter Chadwick

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the CB0000-57E from in either Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan or Paris? I’m living in the Middle East and this model is not available here. Tried to buy online but had credit card issues. I’m travelling to Amsterdam in May and want to buy one there or stopover on the way and get one. The metal bracelet, black background and 200bar… seems like the perfect all rounder to me. Thanks.

  • Peter Chadwick

    Hey, Crazyazn23
    look at certified watch store – they’re selling cb00057-e for US277.

  • Doug M

    Battery life seems to be ok on my Eco drive – running for 11 years and never misses even when it’s off the wrist and in the drawer.

  • Morvic

    What is meaning of “ok. Rx. No” ???