Computer nerds take notice, this might be the new watch for you. Newer timepiece brand Click offers two fun models called the DIP Switch and Turn Switch watches to satisfy the need you have to express yourself on your wrist. The idea of the watches is to capture the glory of early circuit boards from the 1980s. Still, these watches don’t look entirely unlike many circuit boards of today. Done well, these are a great way to positively geekify your day.

Click watches come in a squarish steel case that is engraved with a circuit board map motif and text (varies depending on the model). The watch cases are 42mm tall and 35mm wide (pretty medium sized watch). The pattern is nicely continued on the border around the negative LCD screen. Colors for all the models include brushed or black IP coated cases, and color trim in black, blue, green and red. Between the DIP Switch and Turn Switch models with all the color options, there are a ton of Click watch variants available.

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The overall look of the watches really captures that inner-computer look. You’ll notice that Click ships the watches in cases actually made out of circuit boards – and the watches poke through like they are part of it. Am I buying RAM or a timepiece? I don’t know! The packaging is really the icing on the cake here in my opinion.

Functionally the quartz movements are operated by either the front mounted DIP switch or turn switch. The watches each have the time (in 12 or 24 hour format), calendar, and backlight function. Being presented on a negative LCD makes them look more cool. You can get the watch on a metal bracelet, but the real fun is the cloth “ribbon strap.” These are mean to look like the ribbon style cables used to connect boards to one another. I am getting a bit IDE nostalgic right now.

In addition to the normal digital way of reading information, you can opt for the nerdier graph style time display that uses indicators printed above and below the LCD screen. This is when you really want to step it into Comic Con mode. As retro as these watches are meant to be, I still think they have modern appeal as the technology they use and remind us of is not all that absent from our lives.

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Click watches are exclusively available via the online watch retailer Watchismo. You can check them out here. More images and info is available there as well. Prices are reasonable and from about $150 – $170 each.

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