Dangerously Deep Dwelling Sinn UX Diving Watch Available Watch Releases

Do you recall the diving suits in the movie Abyss? The James Cameron directed classic depicted ultra-deep divers who used “liquid oxygen” filled suits to help with pressurization. Apparently, the characters in the movie could breath with the liquid oxygen. That was pretty cool, but the message was clear, air filled spaces are not ideal for deep water pressures. An air or other gas filled watch is going to implode under enough pressure. However, a watch filled with liquid won’t have the same forces to deal with. This is the principle behind the Sinn UX Diving watch. The UX is not filled with water, but rather a special oil.

The effect is actually quite cool. The watch face has a flat look to it. As though the dial, hands, and crystal are on one plane. It further allows for excellent visibility from any angle. Which is a nice added benefit. You might be wondering just how deep the Sinn UX can dive? How do you feel about “unlimited depth?” Because that is pretty much what you can except. Remember the divers in Abyss that I was just talking about? Well they could have easily descended the miles of depth they experienced wearing a Sinn UX. If you need a number, figure something like 5000 meters or more.

As you can see, legibility is amazing, but to be expected from any Sinn watch. The only potential draw back is that it is a quartz movement. You simply cannot place a mechanical movement in this type of watch due to it being mostly filled with oil. If there was a way (or ever will be a way), Sinn will do it. A Sinn UX is currently available on eBay for a very healthy price under $1,000. Because they watches are not mechanical movement based, they are not nearly as expensive as they could be. Size wise, the Sinn UX is a perfect size at 43mm wide and

The Sinn UX available right now has the Tegimented steel bracelet, which is nice. The alternative is the quality rubber strap. Do check it out.

See Sinn watches on eBay here.

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