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There are a number of places you can go to buy watches online. I prefer those with a good combination of selection and visual appeal. is a clever premise, and a good idea. It is a place for people looking for high luxury goods, that connects them with dealers or individuals all over the world looking to sell. While they have a good selection of watches, they also features fun things like cars, boats, real estate, and aircraft.

When you use JamesList, you are looking at things offered by any number of people, and like I said, from all over the world. I find myself most fascinated by the stories behind these objects for sale. How did they come to be where they are, who is selling them, where will they end up? In fact, they could end up yours.

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Today I am going to look at something of an icon for Rolex. This is a version of the Rolex Day-Date (because it displays the day and date), also known as the Rolex President. The reason this watch is known as the President, is because a few American Presidents were known to wear the watch, and thus it garnered the name. You can imagine that Rolex was thrilled about this distinction. Aside from being a “standard” Day-Date, this watch has a case and bracelet that is constructed from platinum. Then you have the applied diamond bezel as well as hour markers. That makers for quite the blingy, yet serious Rolex watch. This is pretty much what you get when you take Rolex and Luxury in a small room and tell them they have a few hours to kill.

Most of you probably get some sense of tingle looking at this watch, I know that I do. While this would not be a daily wear for me, it is just the type of thing any-well-to do man or woman wants in their safe for those special occasions, meriting a wear of the “president,” the “platinum president.” Retail soars at over $60,000, but this piece is being offered brand new at a scant $37,900 out of Florida. Check it out on here.

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