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DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors

DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

If 2019 has shown us one thing in horology, it is the incredible importance of the year 1969 to the world of watchmaking. 1969 gave us the first automatic chronograph, the first quartz timepiece, and the introduction of the first-ever helium escape valve in a dive watch. This last innovation, of course, came courtesy of the DOXA Sub 300T Conquistador. The instantly recognizable diver, with its double depth and time-marked rotating bezel, wild assortment of dial colors, and hefty cushion case is easily the most iconic watch ever produced by the brand. As a celebration of the Sub 300T Conquistador’s 50th anniversary, and as part of the ongoing overhaul of the brand’s product lines, DOXA has revived the Sub 300T nameplate to supersede the current Sub 1200T. In addition, the new 300T will bring the full range of bold original DOXA Sub colors back to regular production.

DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

The largest digression from the current DOXA Sub 1200T for these new models comes with the dial, now available in six classic colorways. These include the Professional (the signature DOXA orange dial color scheme), the Divingstar (a bold lemon yellow), the Aquamarine (a vibrant turquoise, as the name suggests), the Caribbean (a rich navy blue), the Searambler (a sunburst silver finish), and the Sharkhunter (the black dial, and perhaps the coolest epithet ever given to a watch). Each of these unique variants faithfully recreates the look of the original Sub 300T Conquistador, maintaining the classic Sub handset, distinctive hour indices, and semi-sector dial layout.

DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

These diverse versions offer a wide array of personalities to the basic DOXA design, each drastically affecting the overall design of the piece. For example, the silver sunburst dial of the Searambler takes away some of the visual weight from the dial, allowing the piece as a whole to feel more flowing and a touch less utilitarian, while the orange and black of the Professional is bold, aggressive, and unmistakable from any distance. All indices, hands, and the bezel lume pip on the Sub 300T are coated in a generous fill of Super-LumiNova for instant legibility in low light or deep water.

DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

Aside from the dial variations, the new Sub 300T remains nearly identical to the current Sub 1200T. The signature DOXA cushion case remains at a 42.5 millimeter diameter and 14 millimeter thickness, including the sapphire crystal. Despite the name change, the Herculean 1,200 meters of water resistance has also been maintained, a nearly unbeatable feat at this price point. The one major difference in design to previous versions is the addition of the orange DOXA fish emblem to the crown, injecting an additional pop of color to the case.

DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

The DOXA Sub 300T is powered by an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. This reliable workhorse features custom decorations by DOXA, alongside a 42-hour power reserve and 28,800 bph beat rate. DOXA offers the new Sub 300T on a choice of either a beads of rice bracelet with signed folding clasp or an FKM rubber strap color-matched to the dial variant.


DOXA Expands The 300T Conquistador Dive Watch Range With Six Legendary Colors Watch Releases

Overall, the new DOXA Sub 300T is a brilliant extension of the rapidly growing Doxa lineup and an affectionate nod to one of the most historic divers in watchmaking history. The vibrant colors and charismatic branding are every bit as bold and unique now as they were in the 1960s, making for an unmistakable look. The DOXA Sub 300T lineup is priced at $1,890 and is available now at retailers on the beads of rice bracelet. Rubber strap models will become available starting December 15,2019. You can learn more at

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  • Raymond Wilkie

    What’s with the giant bingo wings? I much preferred the sharkhunter from the previous release. This is all a bit busy and chunky.
    I wouldn’t call sticking a wee fishy on the crown a major difference in design.
    Can people stop saying workhorse. Thanks.

  • Ugo

    all beautiful, the aquamarine is gorgeous…

    • Joe

      I also like the aquamarine. About a year ago I was considering a Project Aware version but decided to go with a Searambler instead…a bit easier to wear on a daily basis 🙂

  • SuperStrapper

    Legendary you say.
    Black isn’t a colour, but that aqua is nice. Not sure what I’d wear it with but it is certainly unique. Horrible bracelet, and was this handset updated? I don’t remember the hour hand looking so pathetic in previous iterations.

  • Berndt Norten

    Conquistador your bracelet stands in need of company
    And like Raymond’s haloed brow will surely criticize thee
    I see your bracelet armor plated–grated
    It’s lost its sheen

    • Independent_George

      And though I hoped for
      A Doxa to find
      I can see no
      Watch to unwind.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I certainly do not understand the mania surrounding this watch, but am trying to appreciate it. The major stumbling blocks for me are the hands and bezel. I cannot get past the hands. They absolutely do not work for me.
    The Aquamarine color is pleasing and would be my choice.

  • Doxa dive watches have serious cult following and all their LEs are snapped up pretty quickly by hardcore aficionados so ‘normal’ mortals usually buy ’em on the secondary market.
    Here is a photo of @flyingdoctor, a friend who has an impressive collection and still counting..????

    • Joe

      I follow him on WUS…impressive collection indeed!
      I had a second chance to get a Sub 300 Blacklung but decided not to. Now I regret it!

    • ray h.

      The buyers are just scalping. Nothing new, le’s are just scalp bait period.

  • Carmen Bresante

    Sharkhunter for a sharkfighter. But way too big for the likes of me.

    • Joe

      The 300T might be a bit bulky but if you ever come across a 300, you should try one on.
      Because the lug-to-lug is quite short, it’s very wearable.

    • Larry Holmack

      If you’re fighting sharks…get one of the 58 mm Invicta’s….they’d knock a shark out!!!?????

  • Larry Holmack

    The orange version is really nice looking. I know that celebrity chef Guy Fieri is a Doxa fan. It’s a bit on the small size for me…but… it’s nice enough that I could ignore the small size.

  • James Honour

    Are Doxa just one trick ponies?

  • Max Attack

    Ughh that orange crown on the non orange dial looks awful. With the price being charged there is no reason for this.

  • IG

    Firmly in 60s 70s design. Timeless… ?

  • Harry G Dounis

    That turquoise is calling!

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