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Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ Re-Issue Dive Watch

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

Having completed a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its flagship SUB dive watch, DOXA has been on a bit of a tear for the last year or so. Home to arguably one of the original truly purpose-built dive watches, the independent Swiss brand’s last two releases have sold out in very short order: the Sub 300 ‘Black Lung’ released in 2017, and the more recent collaboration with Swedish dive gear manufacturer Poseidon, introduced at Baselworld this year.

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

2017’s SUB 300 Professional ‘Black Lung,’ also created in collaboration with dive gear manufacturer Aqua Lung

Like the Black Lung, the new Searambler (essentially DOXA’s silver-dialed watch) is still designed in full collaboration with dive gear manufacturer Aqua Lung, carrying the latter brand’s heritage yellow-on-black “US Divers” badge at 8:00. It’s also based off some very early manufacture prototypes from the DOXA archive, which never saw commercial production due to how the legibility of the seconds hand could be compromised whenever it traveled over the logo at 8:00. Unlike the Black Lung though, none of those prototypes produced ever snuck their way out into the world to be tested and dived with, making this new ‘Silver Lung’ the collecting world’s first shot at an unequivocally rare silver-dialed Aqua Lung logo variant.

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

Explaining DOXA’s arc in popularity could be done by comparing the Swiss indie to a pre-Richemont Panerai. They’re not for everyone, thanks to a singular, purpose-built aesthetic which can be polarizing at worst. However, they’ve traditionally remained fairly collectible, due to the myriad of changes in dial markings, colors, and case proportions (and other arguably pedantic subtleties), while maintaining relatively small production runs over the years, which have similarly created a passionate community and an highly active secondary market.

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

Par for the modern thin-cased SUB 300 course, the Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is a vintage-inspired 42mm stainless steel cushion case with 300m of water resistance – dimensions replicated from the original SUB from 1967 at the end of 2016. Also once again replicated from the earliest vintage editions are the shape and proportions of the original bubble plexiglass crystal, which is now rendered in a deeply curved sapphire, and produces an extremely cool distorted ‘porthole’ effect when viewing the dial at any angle other than head-on.

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

Two other DOXA signatures complete the external package: the brand’s classic ‘beads-of-rice’ bracelet with individual polished beads, and the patented “No-Decompression” ratcheting bezel, which once (and still does, if you’re diving without an actual dive computer) enabled a diver to determine how long they could remain at a given depth without requiring a lengthy or complicated decompression procedure prior to returning to the surface. Inside the watch, ticks a COSC-certified ETA 2824 movement, which is a bit of a departure from most other DOXA editions, which tend to come fitted with Sellita or Soprod movements.

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler 'Silver Lung' Re-Issue Dive Watch Watch Releases

The SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ can be pre-ordered direct from DOXA for a price of $2,190 – a 15% discount from the standard $2,590 price, which will take effect if all 300 pieces aren’t spoken for prior to their August delivery. However, given DOXA’s recent track record, this seems pretty unlikely.

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  • Marceau Ratard

    The bracelet is very cool, the dial is kind small in relation to the total case size but that is Doxa’s thing.

  • SuperStrapper

    I just can’t get past how small this design makes the dial look. It is accentuated by the light dial, I get it with the orange but it looks worse with the lighter appearance.

  • JD Ouest

    This is gorgeous. I have a boss, worth-nothing original acrylic crystal 70’s diver and this Doxa is the reincarnation of it.

  • Dakota Dennison

    It would be nice to see them make them in a smaller size. 38-40mm

    • You’ve gotta try this one though – it’s a 42mm case, but the dial opening is only 28mm, and the L2L is 46mm, so the whole watch wears a lot more compact.

    • They wear MUCH smaller than their specs on paper would suggest…i’ve had people who normally wear 40mm subs complain that the 41mm Searambler was too small. And as Zach mentions below they have really short lugs and small dials — the 50th anniversary model has an especially small dial.

  • What a cool name: a person who walks in the sea for pleasure.
    Zodiacs are one of the coolest.

  • spiceballs

    Ouch and can empathise after my (relatively) recent experience with Tissot who appear to use the lowest possible grade ETA-Sellita which IMHO perform worse.than low cost Seiko or Miyota movements.

  • Mikita

    I think you right – Doxas don’t look bad, but they don’t look like $2-3k watches, more in line with budget segment, say $500-1k.

  • Joe

    I really like it…very tempted!

  • JosephWelke

    I’ll take it off your hands. Let me know.

  • hatster

    I struggle with the proportions of the design, face size vs case/bezel, but that’s personal choice. However, hats off to a bit or originality and unusual design. While it may not be for me, I am sure it will do well. Who knows, perhaps it might grow on me….

  • PR

    Their LE’s are getting a tad repetitive , they should leave the 50th reissue alone and keep it special, by essentially reissuing that with just a sticker on the dial and a new name it’s losing the charm.

    I kinda like Doxa design but the wear on the bezel is too easy and too obvious and while a lot of owners like to wear Doxas with “battle scars” I like my watches more scratch free and paints intact. Their bracelet and clasp looks better in pictures than in person as well. But a 1200 on rubber is a decent watch for Oris budget if you like vintage looks nd feel

  • I like a number of Doxa watches, but this one is to funky looking for me. The logo at 8 plus the distortion monster crystal ruin it for me. Not really a fan of the tounneau case (which is why the Speedmaster II doesn’t do it for me either), but I get that it matches the retro vibe intended for this watch.

    • Joe

      I really liked the Black Lung but missed the opportunity.
      I’ve just paid a deposit for the Searambler.

      I used to dislike Doxa at first (a few years ago) but they’ve been growing on me to the point where I couldn’t resist anymore!
      Strange watch with its weird beads-of-rice bracelet and very retro but it somehow scratches an itch 😛

  • Yeah: Doxa = Orange Dial

  • Odd, I’ve got a number (over half a dozen) ETA 2824s that are up to 6 years old and mine have been bullet proof. But as they say YMMV. Then again most of mine are Elabore (which have some upgraded parts) but my oldest ones are standard grade and are doing fine.

  • Joe

    A glorious watch 😉