Today, E.C. Andersson Watch Co. is back with their most meticulously made watch yet, a true high-end watch to carry the brand into a new segment. The E.C. Andersson Calypso is completely custom-designed in Gothenburg and equipped with the most reliable Swiss automatic movement in this range.

Starting with the custom-made buckle, the Calypso features a tailor-made calf leather strap, sandblasted case with polished bevels that harmoniously swirl around the edges from lug to lug, and unique modern indices on a gradient dial in a semi-gloss ocean blue finish – nested securely under the specially crafted “Boshulän” arrow hands. The three-tone, one-of-a-kind rotor is displayed proudly through the sapphire crystal caseback, as it powers the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement. Additionally, E.C. Andersson is so confident in the Calypso’s abilities that they set up a Performance Center just to prove the reliability of each individual watch.

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Although it’s a totally new design, the 40mm case has an iconic look to it. Only 10mm thick, the Calypso feels robust, sporty, yet tastefully classy and perfectly suitable for any situation, both in durability and style. The case is made of sandblasted 316L stainless steel with polished details, and designed to appeal to all your senses. To be among the first to receive the E.C.A Calypso, start your pre-order here.

The link between the lugs is E.C. Andersson’s way of connecting your watch to current and future strap options. It not only looks appealing, but the use of a connector link also makes the strap sit more securely than on a conventional watch, thanks to the deep spring bar cut and screw-in bar.

E.C. Andersson’s own calf-leather straps come standard with the Calypso watch, and you have the option of choosing between dark chestnut brown and black, each having a wide-grained alligator texture. The width of the strap is 25mm on top, narrowing down to 20mm on the bottom end.

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No fake stuffing here – the leather straps are made flat, mostly because it’s better looking, but also to prevent unnecessary foam stuffing. This makes for a slim and comfortable appearance, measuring 2.8mm, which is a figure specifically chosen to harmoniously fit the watch’s case. All straps are equipped with the E.C.A. uni-mold buckle made of 316L stainless steel with a polished base and rugged details below the elevated E.C.A. logo text and solid steel pin buckle.

The Nylon Activity Strap

E.C. Andersson also wanted to make a strap that can be used for more rugged activities, where leather might feel best left at home. Go climbing, diving, or running with the Nylon Activity Strap without having to wonder if your strap can take it – it will. Just rinse that mud off when you get home, and the activity strap will look just as new again. The activity strap is made of nylon just like a traditional NATO, but it is delivered as a two-piece strap and secured by the stainless-steel connector link. To make it more unique, E.C. Andersson custom-designed the steel loops to fit the watch’s appearance. The loops are cut sharp to create reflecting angles where the bevels are polished, and the top surface is brushed. All backers receive the Nylon Activity Strap if the funding goal is reached by 200%.

E.C. Andersson Performance Center

To prove the reliability of each individual watch, E.C. Andersson set up a Performance Center, making it possible to measure amplitude, beat error, and accuracy along with magnetic and pressure resistance in detail. More importantly, E.C. Andersson have the tools to perfect those attributes.

When receiving your E.C. Andersson Calypso, there will be a direct transcript print-out from their timegrapher inside the box. This will show you all detailed facts about accuracy and the well-being of your individual timepiece. Even if you don’t care right now, such information can be both exciting and satisfying to have on hand. Attached to the transcript is a description of all values, so you can learn more about them.

The E.C. Andersson Calypso watch is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting today, with prices starting at €800 for the early orders (approximately €700 off list price). As with all Kickstarter campaigns, being among the first is a great advantage.

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