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On a few instances I have dedicated discussion to the world of luxury diving watches. To some, it seems a contradiction, why imbue a tool meant to be exposed to harsh elements with a luxury facade? To others, it seems like the perfect combination of things they love. I fall into this latter category. The seminal luxury diving watch was the Rolex Submariner. Since them, many have come in to market and have succeeded Rolex at it’s own game in many areas.

Roger Dubuis GMT

Today the object of my affection are the mostly beautiful watches in the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver line. The name is probably taken from “Easy Rider,” and evokes a spirit of confident yet calm entrance into the elements. The watch doesn’t “prepare” for diving, it simply does without notice while minding itself and focusing on other matters such as remaining shiny and full of class.

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Easy Diver Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Easy Diver 40

The shape of the Easy Diver case is very unique in my opinion. The flared edges near the lugs present a visual attraction that is difficult to explain. Seeing it brings recollection of antique emblems, shields, or heralds. A signal of affiliation on your wrist. Affiliation to what I am not sure, but regardless the effect is nice on the eyes. Other elements of the watch are far more modern in comparison. The large screws in the lugs that secure the strap, the carbon fiber accents and dial in certain models, and the oversize crown are all contemporary touches in an otherwise classic looking dive watch.

The bezel is a distinct point of interest, almost cartoon looking in its boldness. It is a bit over the top, but the whole point is instill the sense of ruggedness, which also applies to the large crown and retaining bar in the middle on the strap connection between the lugs.

From complex tourbillons, to unorthodox square models. the easy diver line always delights me with the smooth lines of its face, and some of the boldest watch hands I have ever seen on a dial. These hands are like sharp blades cutting through time. Very powerful looking in an almost aristocratic manner. I love looking at these watch hands, though I am less impressed by the hands on the chronograph model.

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Roger Dubuis Sports Activity Watch

Most of the models are automatics, but the tourbillon and chronograph models are manually wound. All models that I have seen have a see through caseback to the nicely decorated movements. The strap deployments are branded nicely with an “RG” and “Easy Diver” in nice relief on the clasp.

My favorite model is the k10, as it is the most traditional diver of all the models I have seen, though it does not have a seconds hand. The red number indexes are charming, and nicely compliments the red trim on the case underneath the bezel. One thing I just don’t get is the odd large branding of “k10” and “Sports Activity Watch.” Why is this at all necessary? “Sports Activity Watch” is about the cheesiest thing a luxury watch company could place on the face of a watch that is easily $8,000. All the watches are pricey, but you get a great watch and luxury toy to tote around. Overall my appreciation for these watches is high as a high-end watch that can be worn everyday for those who can afford it. Until then, I will appreciate them from afar.

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