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Starting May 27th and running through May 31st, eBay is offering a 10% discount on watches $2,000 and up, with a maximum discount of $1,000.

To help readers make the best use of the coupon, here are some of our favorite watches from eBay that will allow you to get the maximum $1,000 discount. We’ve selected watches from $10,000 and up, all of which have received the Geneva Seal. Not only will you be getting a great deal on some of the best timepieces available, but the watches are also protected by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee.

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Earning a Geneva Seal (Poicon de Geneve) ensures that a watch movement has passed inspection to meet a number of strict criteria. Watches must be built to specific requirements that include construction methods and finishing techniques. They also must be numbered, and final assembly and adjustment must take place in Geneva. Here are some solid options which you can search:

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V/110A-B126

If you haven’t noticed, stainless steel sports watches with integrated bracelets are all the rage right now. Examples of such watches from certain brands have recently started to trade hands for multiples of their respective MSRPs. Luckily, you can still buy a steel sports watch from one of the “holy trinity” of watch brands for a fair price. This beautiful Vacheron Constantin Overseas 41mm with reference number 4500V/110A-B126 listed on eBay is proof. Its caliber 5100 is made from 172 parts, and its compass-inspired rotor can wind it to a power reserve of up to 60 hours. The thin movement allows the 150m water-resistant watch to measure only 11mm-thick. Plus, despite having a transparent caseback, Vacheron says that it is antimagnetic. It even has a quick-release bracelet, allowing a strap to easily be swapped out. Vacheron Constantin Overseas watches currently available on eBay can be seen via this link.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon

More famous for its high-end jewelry, the Cartier brand also makes watches that should not be ignored by any serious watch lover. Yes, it builds some beautiful quartz watches, but over the years, the brand has been pushing the boundaries of its movement-making department, as well, asserting itself as a true master watchmaking brand. To prove that point, many of its watches feature the Geneva Seal. A great example of Cartier’s ability to create haute horology is the Rotonde Astrotourbillon. Unlike a conventional tourbillon, which has the balance wheel spinning on its own axis while staying in one place, an Astrotourbillon has the balance wheel rotating around an axis. In the case of the Cartier, it rotates around the dial once each minute to act as a seconds hand. A hidden platinum weight provides the counterbalance. Cartier makes its caliber MC 9451 movement entirely in-house. It is manually wound with about 48 hours of power reserve. The price of admission is steep, but watching the escapement rotate around the dial throughout the day makes it worth it. eBay currently has a number of different models of Cartier Tourbillon watches available via this link.

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Roger Dubuis Excalibur

Those more conventional watches are really nice, but maybe you’re looking for a Lamborghini you can strap to your wrist and wear into a bar. Roger Dubuis and eBay have what you’re looking for. Watches from the brand’s Excalibur series feature elements meant to evoke high-tech supercars. This is epitomized in the Spider Double Flying Tourbillon model like the one shown here that we found for sale on eBay. Even though it features the Swiss Geneva Seal, think of it as an Italian supercar in wristwatch form. Like a Lamborghini Aventador’s visible braces above its exposed engine, the skeletonized movement of the Excalibur allows wearers (and nearby observers) to view the inner workings of the movement. And what a movement it is! This watch might not have scissor doors or shoot flames out of its exhaust, but who isn’t impressed by double flying tourbillons? Its caliber RD105SQ is made up of 366 components and has a power reserve of 52 hours. Pretty impressive considering that each tourbillon rotates once per minute (allowing both to act as running seconds displays). If that’s not enough, the strap evokes the materials used to upholster a racing seat, and it even has a power reserve indicator in the form of a fuel gauge. The Excalibur series is available in a variety of models. All of them can be seen on eBay via this link.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Travel Time Platnum 5134P

Today’s, Patek Phillippe watches are not certified for the Geneva Seal as they have their own internal standards. Prior to 2009, however, its movements did receive that mark. With the world starting to open back up, what could be better than a high-end travel watch that can jump time zones with the push of a button plus show the time at home on 12 and 24 hour scales? Patek’s 5134 model has aged quite well and is still a beautiful watch in 2021. We found gold and platinum variants available with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee in the $20,000 to $30,000 range, which makes it a lot of watch for the money. At 37mm in diameter and only 9.8mm-thick in a “white” metal, it will also fly under most people’s radar. If you’re looking for something from Patek that you won’t see in every third Instagram post, this is a great choice. eBay has a number of Patek Philippe 5134 watches available that can be seen at this link.

Chopard L.U.C. Quattro

Another watch brand similar that is famous for exquisite jewelry more than high-end watches is Chopard. Don’t ignore the brand though, watches like the L.U.C. Quattro Limited Edition pictured here are built to the standards of the Geneva Seal. The Quattro is named for its four mainspring barrels that provide 9 days of running time between winds! Despite the long power reserve, its L.U.C 98.01-L movement has a relatively high beat rate of 28,800 vph and still is COSC-certified for accuracy. We also liked how the blued hands provide good contrast against the silver dial. They pair perfectly with its blue leather strap to contrast against its 18k rose gold case. The single subdial displaying the date and running seconds is also a nice touch. At 43mm in diameter, it is a bit large for a dress watch, but curved lugs help it to hug the wrist and wear smaller than the size indicates. Plus, despite two sets of stacked barrels, and a transparent caseback, it is under 9mm thick. You can browse this and other Chopard L.U.C watches currently for sale on eBay at this link.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Collection Excellence Platine

We’ve shown you sports watches, complicated watches, and travel watches. But what if you’re looking for an elegant and understated dress watch? Again, Vacheron Constantin offers a great option. The Patrimony series is offered with and without date complications, as well as various other calendar functions. A great choice pair with formal wear is this simple three-hand variant with small seconds and no date. The Collection Excellence Platine name means that this limited edition has not only a case but also a sandblasted dial made from 950 platinum. Its 42mm size is slightly large for a dress watch, but it is extremely slim at 7.65mm-thick. We love the look of the convex dial paired with 18k gold hour markers, and subtle circular markings for the minutes. If that’s not enough, the manually wound caliber 4400 AS provides 65 hours of power reserve, yet beats at 28,800bph. And, of course, it is stamped with the Geneva Seal. Visit this link to choose your favorite from the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony watches currently for sale on eBay.

Starting now, and continuing through May 31st, eBay is offering 10% off watches covered by its Authenticity Guarantee. Watches costing $2,000 and up qualify, with a maximum discount of $1,000. Visit eBay here for more details to take advantage of the 10% off offer and to browse available watches.  Terms and conditions apply.

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