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An important fact about modern wristwatch buying is that people invest in timepieces because of how they make the wearer feel, not because of what those pieces do as instruments. This simple truth about contemporary watch enthusiasm is manifested each time a cherished timepiece reminds its wearer of someone important to them, a meaningful time or place, or an accomplishment or milestone in one’s life.

The most time-honored way of connecting a timepiece to one’s life is by engraving, or otherwise personalizing, a wristwatch with a special statement. Historically, most case engravings were done by retailers or other aftermarket service providers. At Swiss NORQAIN, personalization in the form of a bespoke statement is an affordable service offered directly by the brand for the benefit of clients.

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Norqain Plate engraving example: the coordinates of Mount Everest

Norqain Plate engraving example: message for Mother’s Day

The design of today’s NORQAIN watches includes a side-piece, a stylistic element designed to create a more symmetrical look to the case. Located on the left side of the case, the side piece is actually also a removable plate that can be engraved as well as replaced by the wearer. NORQAIN calls this case construction element the “NORQAIN Plate,” and it is where the company encourages its clients to make the new timepieces that much more personal to them with a bespoke engraving.

What further makes the NORQAIN Plate distinctive in the industry is the ability for the plate to be user-removed and replaced. Compare that with an engraving directly on the side or caseback of an otherwise standard watch case. While there is indeed romance in permanence, directly engraving onto a case prevents those watches from easily being transferred to subsequent owners and further locks an owner into viewing the same message all the time. NORQAIN Plates can accommodate up to 30 alphanumeric characters and, through special ordering, can also include small graphics or company logos.

Norqain Plate engraving example: message for Father’s Day

A small flat-head screwdriver is all it takes to remove and replace the NORQAIN Plate, which, by default (without any personalization services), simply states the “NORQAIN” brand name (watches purchased with personalized plates also include the standard “NORQAIN” brand nameplate as part of the kit). NORQAIN produces the NORQAIN Plate in both natural polished steel, DLC-coated black steel, and 18k gold (to match the applicable case material) at this time.

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NORQAIN customers have already enjoyed a dizzying array of personal messages engraved into NORQAIN Plates. These messages range from the names of loved ones and important dates to personal slogans and group-exclusive statements. NORQAIN customers even add humor to their wrists by engraving humorous reminders or motivational remarks that only the wearer understands the context of.

Norqain Plate engraving example: date of wedding or other important occasion

Norqain Plate engraving example: alma mater

NORQAIN Plates are available to order during the purchase process on the NORQAIN website, or via any of NORQAIN’s network of authorized dealers. Normally, a service fee of $140 – $400 (for 18k gold plates) applies, but for a limited time, NORQAIN is offering free plate engraving for online orders for the rest of 2020. Check out NORQAIN’s selection of fine Swiss Made sports watches, and get your NORQAIN Plate engraved without additional cost until time for the promotion runs out.

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