What started with laser engraving on the side of a watch case is turning into a trend and serious art form for Piaget. Last year they released two watches with such laser engraving; the Piaget Polo Tourbillon relatifs. One was of a Paris skyline, and the other of New York. Each was done with incredible detail and was a shining example of artistic use of the technology. Only a few of each was produced, with pricing in the astronomical region.

Now Piaget continues its fascination with the landmarks and skylines of these two cities. Using the Protocole watch rather than the Polo Tourbillon as a palette, Piaget takes a new approach and uses enamel painting all over the face of the watch. This time in full color, and covering each surface of the watch, not just the face. The painting is specially done in enamel over 18k white or yellow gold. It might as well be steel if it is painted over, but this is Piaget and there are expectations!

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Choosing the Protocole as the base for this highly Limited Edition watches (12 total, three of each in each metal) was a good idea for Piaget as it allowed for a large surface area as well as relatively flat surfaces for painting. The inclusion of the sapphire crystal does not inhibit the view in any detrimental manner either. Lastly, the ultra thin hands are functional, but don’t distract from the painted scenes. So overall a nice job by Piaget.

The Piaget Protocole watch is a very thin watch and inside is a manually wound Piaget in-house caliber 830P movement. Thus, these are world’s thinner than the Polo Tourbillon Relatif watches. From a design standpoint, the paintings are well done being hand painted on such a small surface. There looks to be some texturing done making the whole surface look almost coin-like. While the landscapes are not true to life, they do bring out some of the more notable features of each city. Paris is made to look nice and scenic, and the Eiffel Tower stands out. New York is almost as well done, but there is the Statute of Liberty with an oddly thin looking face, and what looks to be New Jersey factories complete with smog pollution in the background. Maybe more true to life that I thought!

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