It is funny how sometimes one watch can epitomize a theme. Breitling watches are known to most people who know anything at all about watches, but think about what they actually mean to you. You probably thing “professional” watch, or “pilot” watch, but what does any of that really mean? Well a large part of it is Breitlings clever advertising, which has gone to great efforts to make the Breitling name synonymous with Swiss rugged watches. When it comes down to it, they have ingrained themselves as being part of the essence of masculine watches, with so much being compared to them. In a sense, I have always felt that Omega (part of the Swatch Group) and Breitling have been head to head battling for the standard “nice” man’s watch.

Well, sometimes a watch comes out that just epitomizes a brand, and a theme; like started saying earlier. It really sums up most of what a brand is trying to be. Here, I am suggesting that the Super Avenger Blacksteel chronograph includes most of what Breitling wants to be known for. However, conspicuously missing is the complex slide rule bezel! You have a automatic mechanical chronograph movement, inside of a very large (48mm) black steel case. The black coating is a exotic carbon nitride-based movement, which is even more rugged than PVD.

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Look closely at the chronograph pusher buttons, which are protected by castle like crenelation. Really nice and tough looking. the crown itself is well protected and grooved for each of use. Then you have the standard Breitling rotating bezel that couldn’t look more at home than on this watch. Next is the military stencil font used for the numbering which again, is so aptly executed. The watch works so well from a design perspective, you just seem to take it for granted. Of course, there is the Breitling chronometer certified movement (Breitling caliber 13) inside that you can also take for granted in terms of accuracy and reliability.

The Super Avenger Blacksteel is a large and heavy watch, which is probably why it is on a rubber strap. I don’t mind the weight and would prefer it on a steel bracelet with the same tone. This is likely available, knowing how much Breitling likes to provide options to its customers. Actually their pricing tends to reflect a separate price for the bracelet and “body.”

So if you want an everlasting tribute to manliness in your watch collection, and you like the Breitling style, the Super Avenger Blacksteel chronograph watch is the way to go.

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