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Everest Bands Releases New Leather Strap Options For Panerai Watches

Everest Bands Releases New Leather Strap Options For Panerai Watches Watch Style

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A strap-maker like few others, Everest Bands specializes in aftermarket alternatives for your favorite beater (particularly Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai) and is entirely dedicated to accessories that make your experience of your timepiece collection all the more personal and enjoyable. With the brand’s latest release of a series of leather watch straps designed especially for the Panerai collection, Everest broadens an offering that already goes well beyond aftermarket straps, offering accessories such as watch rolls, spring bars, and simple tools. Despite this diversification, the brand remains true to its roots and continues to focus on providing new and interesting strap alternatives for some of the most recognized brands worldwide.

Everest Bands Releases New Leather Strap Options For Panerai Watches Watch Style

The latest edition to the Everest lineup is a curved-end leather strap for 44mm Panerai Luminor models. As usual, these new straps carry the Swiss Made mark — a sign that distinguishes Everest straps as some of the most premium aftermarket options in the industry. As usual, these high-quality straps are available with either polished or brushed hardware.

Known for using premium materials, Everest works with a true vulcanized rubber. This kind of material highly resistant, white nylon straps crafted from a hypoallergenic interwoven textile are ideal for watch-lovers with more sensitive skin.

Everest Bands Releases New Leather Strap Options For Panerai Watches Watch Style

One of the brand’s calling cards is the hardened insert embedded in the strap where it meets the case — an area of significant wear and tear. This ensures a snug, gap-free connection. It is this kind of fit, brought to life by the sheer quality of the materials Everest uses in its products, that makes this brand such a popular choice among collectors looking to freshen up a tired classic. These bands retail for €219.95 regardless of style. Learn more at

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  • funkright

    Waiting for Everest to start serving the 21mm Omega market, it’s effectively untapped, outside of Omega…

    • Independent_George

      You would think. Plus the fact that there are many, many more 21mm Omega watch owners than Panerai owners.

  • SuperStrapper

    You know I have never had a request for an integrated strap for a panerai. It’s a slightly jarring appearance, i wonder how this will actually go over with ‘paneristi’.

    • Luciano

      They won’t care (at least I don’t — although I don’t consider myself a Paneristi I own a PAM233), as there are many high quality alternatives, including options with this “integrated” look.

      • SuperStrapper

        I have 2 PAM as well but decided against becoming paneristi. I think they look better with purpose-styled straps instead of integrated ones, but to each his own of course.

  • Jared

    Everest makes sense for Rolex since there aren’t that many options

    but Panerai has like a thousand strap options already, why bother?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am soooo bored with Paneri.

  • Pete L

    As a Panerai owner I am not short of options on aftermarket straps and don’t know if I like the flush fitting to the case as it doesn’t suit the luminor case imho.

  • PAM watches are my achilles heel, I’m ignorant (sorry my bad), just don’t get the Brand, S000ooo NOT a Paneristi but people tell me, “Megan, if you’re gonna get your 1st Panerai or buying 0ne as a B’day gift, then get PAM372 on the Assolutamente Strap ” (Did I say it correctly?)


  • negativeconvexity

    PAM 111 owner here and really dislike the look of these.

  • Mark B

    I understand the design idea. But I don’t find it visually appealing on a Panerai case.

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