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It is the gifting season and for many of us that means browsing for our favorite products on major online platforms such as eBay. Savvy consumers quickly realize that the variety of quality timepieces on eBay is entirely unrivaled. The heroes that make buying watches great on eBay include individuals with personal timepieces to sell, as well as a formidable group of dedicated dealers who for years have relied on eBay to connect their watches with consumers all over the world.

To further help eBay sellers connect with potential buyers, eBay allows sellers the ability to offer coupon vouchers for their eBay stores — which is exactly what aBlogtoWatch audience members can take advantage of from Manhattan-based seller CHRONOSTORE. This exclusive voucher for $500 off watches over $2,000 is available from 5am PST on December 7 until 11:59pm on December 13, 2020. See more details below on how to use the offer. CHRONOSTORE is one of the many dealers that calls eBay home, collectively offering a vast number of timepieces and exclusive deals for watches on eBay, and just one of the many reasons why consumers should always check eBay before they buy.

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CHRONOSTORE has been selling watches via eBay for a number of years, and as of writing has nearly 1,400 watches across dozens of brands available for immediate purchase. CHRONOSTORE stocks all of the watches they carry and specializes in timepieces ranging from just a few hundred dollars to well over $100,000 — all at excellent deals. While eBay is featuring this particular store as part of a promotion, watch enthusiasts will discover more like CHRONOSTORE when browsing timepieces on the eBay platform.

Why CHRONOSTORE? Hear directly from them via an interview below. Since 2003, CHRONOSTORE has sold watches and some luxury accessories via its eBay Store with a 100% positive rating across over 10,000 transactions. eBay is home to some of the most well-respected, and highest-performing watch retailers in the world. CHRONOSTORE currently specializes in high-grade pre-owned watches that range from Rolex to Richard Mille.

aBlogtoWatch: 2020 has seen a further massive shift from brick and mortar to online sales for luxury watches. How has this shift in consumer behavior affected your business?

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CHRONOSTORE: We’ve found that since we deal in luxury items at discounted prices our business was always growing in comparison to brick and mortar stores. Also, most stores are limited in which brands and lines they carry, whereas we carry dozens of different brands for every budget and every taste. We have noticed an increase in inquiries and some sales especially in the early months of the pandemic, but they seem to have leveled off perhaps due to uncertainty in the economy.

aBlogtoWatch: What is your philosophy when it comes to acquiring new inventory to sell via the Chronostore on eBay? Is it all about the brand? Price? Taste? How does a modern eBay store mega-seller decide what to list and what will excite buyers?

CHRONOSTORE: It’s about everything. To cater to all budgets, tastes, and styles you need to carry a large inventory. Our years of experience have taught us what is a better seller, of course, but we don’t believe in shying away from new styles or products. We try to buy products that we believe would sell because we wouldn’t shy away from buying such products ourselves. We don’t really subscribe to buying everything under the sun and hope something sells, especially since we carry our own inventory and don’t drop-ship, we make sure we buy what we believe in.

aBlogtoWatch: What are some of the hottest brands or watch models on your mind that consumers haven’t quite caught up to yet? What are some of the watches you have right now that you feel are currently undervalued by collectors?

CHRONOSTORE: We believe some brands such as SevenFriday, U-Boat, and Bell & Ross make watches that are very beautiful and under-appreciated by consumers. Furthermore, they are not expensive relative to the brands that sell better. As far as brands that are undervalued by collectors, we feel that Panerai, Breitling, and especially Jaeger-Lecoultre have not appreciated in value compared to how Rolex or Audemars Piguet have increased. They were always going for a higher discount, comparatively, but in today’s market, I think those are brands that have a long history and variety and would make a great addition to any collection.

aBlogtoWatch: How often does a watch come in that is too nice or appealing to sell and is kept by a member of the Chronostore team? Is it sometimes hard to be a watch seller while also a wearer when it comes to selling the best pieces that come in?

CHRONOSTORE: In the event that we acquire a rare or vintage piece that we feel is irreplaceable, it has happened that we would keep it for personal use. It can be hard when you realize there is a large potential profit to be made but we are human just like everyone and like to treat ourselves as well because you can’t make every dollar on earth.

aBlogtoWatch: A big part of success selling watches on eBay is knowing how to price items. Help explain to consumers where price decisions come from and perhaps how they can navigate eBay listings for the fairest prices when searching for a new watch?

CHRONOSTORE: When it comes to watches, this is a very difficult task in today’s market. The prices are so dynamic that they could actually change weekly if not many times per day. Our customers win because we update pricing at regular intervals and there’s plenty of instances when we’ve sold a watch below its new replacement cost. As far as pricing each watch, initially, we know what wholesale prices are and what the prevailing retail price is, and many people are surprised to learn that there is not such a huge margin in this business, especially considering the high ticket prices. We try to be competitive and weigh the fact that all of our watches are authenticated and serviced in-house before shipment and are backed by our warranty and, most importantly, our amazing customer service team. We strive hard to maintain a perfect record on eBay, and we value it. Even with all these add-ons, we feel with our selection, service, speed, pricing, and support CHRONOSTORE is the place for everyone no matter your budget.

In partnership with eBay, CHRONOSTORE is currently offering a special promotion for aBlogtoWatch audience members. The deal is $500 off any watch priced $2,000 and above sold by CHRONOSTORE from December 7 – December 13, 2020 using the discount code: PICKCHRONO. Additional  terms and limitations apply. Click here for more details to take advantage of the $500 offer and to see more watches available right now on eBay.

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