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Swiss Made Formex watches has just announced a brand-new member of its timepiece collection family with the Essence ThirtyNine, available for pre-order now. Formex launched the original Essence watch in 2018, which really put the brand back on the map with the timepiece enthusiast community. There is a full aBlogtoWatch review of the Formex Essence 43mm watch here. The Formex Essence ThirtyNine introduces a smaller, 39mm wide case size to the Essence family, along with a list of upgrades and aesthetic enhancements.

Why a smaller size for an already popular product? Global taste differences matter, and listening to its impassioned fan base, Formex decided that a 39mm-wide version of the sporty (as well as dressy) Essence collection made sense for a lot of watch wearers. 39mm-wide is an ideal size for many wrists, with the Essence ThirtyNine being offered alongside the existing and still popular Formex Essence 43.

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Four dial variations of the Essence ThirtyNine will be available at launch with the polished steel case, including the option to purchase the watch on a matching steel bracelet or a custom-fitted 20mm-wide leather strap. In addition to existing dial colors including gradient gray, blue, and black, a new green dial option will now be available. All Essence ThirtyNine watches feature quick-release spring bars for both the bracelet and straps, making the practice of swapping them out a tool-free breeze. The core proportions of the legible and classic Essence watch have been retained, but minimized. The Essence ThirtyNine case is 39mm-wide and 10mm-thick, with a 45mm lug-to-lug distance.

The cases are water-resistant to 100 meters and have sapphire crystals over the dial as well as caseback for a view of the movement. While original generation Essence watches were available with or without COSC Chronometer-certified movements, all Essence ThirtyNine watches contain Swiss Made Sellita SW200-1 automatic movements that have been COSC Chronometer-certified. The movements have custom Formex automatic rotors and operate at 4Hz with 38 hours of power reserve. Formex has, of course, maintained the popular Formex case suspension system for the Essence ThirtyNine, which creates a shock-style spring suspension system for the middle of the case in order to protect the movement against potentially damaging vibrations.

Fomex remains dedicated to its excellent assortment of micro-adjusting straps and bracelets with the Essence ThirtyNine, as both band options include patented fine adjustment systems that ensure maximum wearing comfort throughout the day. Also new for the Essence ThirtyNine is use of the recently updated Formex brand logo. The new logo is used all over the watch, including a new applied logo plaque on the dial.

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Formex wants enthusiasts to have clarity on how the Essence ThirtyNine watch differs from the classic Essence 43. The primary differences and upgrades are:

  1. The Essence ThirtyNine has a 39mm wide versus 43mm wide case.
  2. The new Formex logo is applied on the dial, crown, caseback, and movement rotor.
  3. The Formex logo is applied versus printed on the dial.
  4. Date wheels with colors matching the dial are now used.
  5. Silver and brown dial options will remain with the Essence 43, with the Essence ThirtyNine introducing the new green-colored dial color.
  6. The leather straps use a new carbon material claps system with steel buckle.
  7. Formex engineered the hands and hour markers to include additional SuperLumiNova for superior darkness visibility.

With design hints ranging from traditional sport watches to finely made industrial machinery, the Essence ThirtyNine is a dress watch that celebrates the tool-spirit of Swiss timepieces. Formex continues to closely listen to the wristwatch enthusiast community and is proud to offer the Essence ThirtyNine with shipping starting in February 2021. Fans can pre-order the Essence ThirtyNine watches today, with the Formex Essence ThirtyNine on the leather strap priced at $1,280 USD, and the Essence ThirtyNine on the steel bracelet being priced (prices include all taxes and duties, in addition to express shipping to the USA, and also a 30-day return policy for most regions) at $1,390 USD. Learn more or order at the Formex website here.

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