Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway

Free Magrette Moana Pacific Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Welcome to the next Free Watch Giveaway. This time around you have a good shot at winning a Magrette Moana Pacific watch, by sponsored by Magrette watches of New Zealand. the Moana Pacific is a very pretty watch, which is easy for me to say because I am a proud owner of one. It has an automatic movement and is part of a limited edition of just 500 pieces. I am not the only person loving this watch, everyone that seems to get their hands on a Magrette watch is impressed. See my initial article about the Moana Pacific here, as well as my personal Magrette Moana Pacific review here. Click the links to read all the nice details about the watch. The Magrette Moana Pacific has a retail price of $315.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment you can mention a few watches on your "to buy" or "wish list."

2. By entering you are opting in to receive occasional watch related news letters or announcements from the sponsor, Magrette. You may opt out at any time.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on October 1st 2009 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Magrette Watch, the sponsor of the Magrette Moana Pacific watch giveaway here at!

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  • Martin

    My wishlist:
    Omega Speedmaster
    Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
    Breitling Chrono Matic
    Hebdomas 8 Day Pocket Watch

  • Nicholas Tan

    Very nice – I wish they have a PVD version of this.

    Wish list:
    1. Rolex SeaDweller DeepSea
    2. Breitling Heritage SuperOcean

  • Ian McEwan

    Magrette are terrific timepieces. Have a look at their cool storyteling engraved watch cases and see what I mean.

    On the wish list are the new tuxedo dial Omega Co-Ax Aqua Terra GMT and the Kazimon Eintausend.

    Good luck to all who enter – and y’all can keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂

  • Andy

    Thats a really attractive looking watch…..definitely one for the want list!

    Others on the wish list are a Stowa MO,Omega Speedmaster and a Railmaster

  • Ed L

    Is the contest already over? This was posted on Sept 2, but rule 3 says the giveaway ends Sept 1.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to Casio’s Pathfinder 2000.

  • Nathan

    Nicholas, check their website for the ‘Regattare DLC’.

    Wishlist: Royal Oak Offshore and Sea Dweller. Maybe a Panerai (again).

  • Rob McKeever

    Very nice watch. I like the simplicity to it. All too often I see watches designed to dazzle and draw attention, without consideration to being easy to tell time with and an ability to blend into an outfit or style.

    Some others I would love to own:

    Bell&Ross BR 01-92 Carbon
    Breitling Navitimer World

  • Good looking watch, nice simple dial.
    My wish list is : Omega Speedy Pro

  • Anthony Robertson

    I am thinking of buying another Swiss Army Seaplane watch.

  • Graham

    This Magrette has me mesmerized – I would like to add it to my collection!
    On the horizon for me: Breitling Superocean heritage

  • Magrette is one of the few Italian-inspired watches I would love to get. I like that they came up with their own dial design, and the laser engravings are something new.

    Some of the watches I would like to get are:
    – Plasmir Milgraph
    – Sinn 657
    – Marathon GSAR

  • Santtu

    Magrette watch, any of them they are simply stunning. Also watches by Sarpaneva are always high on my list!

  • Phil Lee

    That looks a very smart watch. As for my wish list, I have only one at the moment, the new Omega PloProf.

  • brett federico

    I have a Lum-tec M14 on order

    Wish List
    Chopard Mille Miglia XL
    Bell & Ross
    Hublot Big Bang
    Rolex Daytona

  • Tom Federico

    Magrette has a fresh take on a classic look, I love it.

    Besides a Magrette being on my list 😉 Im waiting for an Omega PO 45mm orange bezel on bracelet to hit me at a good price. Ouide of that I need to fill the Aviator “gap” in my watch collection.

  • Tim

    I’m on Magrette’s wait list for the DLC already, but the Regattare Moana Pacific is very nice. It looks very sharp on the brown leather strap.

    Also on my list is the Lum-Tec M17 (Pre-ordered – Hurry up Chris!) and a Breitling Heritage on the mesh bracelet (Not ordered, under threat of divorce. Actually, any dive watch on a mesh bracelet is on my list, and I’m open to suggestions…they’ve kind of caught my fancy for the moment.).

    I guess it’s kind of a sickness, isn’t it? Once I get the two on my list, there will be two more to take their place.

  • Jay

    Nice looking watch.
    Wish list:
    Omega Planet Ocean
    Ulysse Nardin Blue Surf
    Panerai 292J

  • chris

    bell & ross BR03
    rolex milgauss

  • Austin

    I love this beautiful & affordable watch. If I don’t win, it would definitely be on my list.

  • tschwartz

    Good looking watch from Magrette. Have a great Panerai vibe.

    Watch list:
    Omega Seamaster
    Oris BC3
    Sinn 656
    Boschett Cave dweller

  • That is a great watch at a great price! Love the style

    My wishlist includes a DOXA Sub800ti because i do not have a diver

  • Shannon

    What a great watch, I can say that as I am wearing one right now. I had a super buying experience. If you don’t win, just buy one anyway.

    Lum-Tec M18 (On order)
    Omega Speedmaster Pro

  • Marc


    I love this line of watch. I wish I could afford the Manaia!

    My Wish list:

    Magrette Manaia
    BRM V18-48
    Ball Night Train
    Sinn 917 GR

  • Taylor

    I’ve thought about buying one of these (thanks to this site) for a while… would be nice to win one, though. Also on my wish list: IWC for Porche Design.

  • JL

    – Omega Seamaster
    – Bathys 500 Fathoms
    – Sinn

  • Rob

    Great looking watch

    On my wishlist include

    Lum-Tec M8 (on order)
    Longines Legend Sport Diver
    Bell and Ross BR01-92 Black Dial

  • Mark M

    I don’t have a Magrette but I can honestly say that I will be getting one in the near future. My current wish list:

    Magrette Regattare Day-Date
    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS
    Anonimo Militare Zulu Time (GMT) Mod 2014 Watch with the yellow face & black with red stiching band

  • i have been planingwith my friend to order one the moana pacific/it has a great looks and i loved it, good job for the designers, i have been collecting watches for the last 30 years,my wish is to add this particular watch
    Dhiyab aziz
    box 151
    code 134 j/al shati
    sultanate of Oman/ phone 00968-95521079

  • Mozzy

    One of the reasons I love smaller watch companies like magrette is that they can innovate the way bigger companies just can

    Zenith Chronomaster Open El Primero 4021
    Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
    Citizen Sportissimo Promaster
    IWC Portuguese ChronoAutomatic

  • Ryan

    What a cool looking watch.

    My wish list at this time is.

    Omega Speedmaster Pro
    Rolex Milgauss
    Anonimo Pro GMT

  • Christopher Price

    I’d say my wishlist right now includes a Cartier Tank Francaise, a Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono (black face with rose gold plated case, and the Tissot Heritage 150. Also, I think these watches are beautiful and the story behind their creation is pretty cool. Finally, I think I should get the watch since I’m getting married Oct. 3rd and this would be an awesome wedding present!

  • K Miles

    Great looking watch and a good company storyline.
    Wishlist for me includes the Hamilton Jazzmaster (although the Khaki you just reviewed looks pretty nice as well).

  • Kirk

    Magrette’s a great company, offering beautiful watches at Earthly prices. There should be more companies like it. That being said here’s my ‘Die Happy’ List:

    Doxa SUB (any model)
    Kobold Soarway GMT
    Magrette Maui’s Fish
    Panerai Luminor Submersible
    Panerai Radiomir Black Seal
    Patek Philippe (just about any model)
    Rolex Day-Date
    Rolex Deepsea
    Rolex Milgauss

  • J. Tan

    Nice, no frills watch. Just the way i like it.
    Wish list (when i win the lotto)
    a) blancpain leman
    b) B&R GMT
    c) oris bc4

  • James

    Making watches in New Zealand? That sounds like someone’s dream has come true in a big way.

    As for my wish list, I’m saving my pennies for a Rolex GMT Explorer. Steve McQueen owned one!

  • D C Lane

    My ‘Next List’ includes:

    Corum Admiral’s Cup Tides 48
    Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms

  • I’ve discovered Magrette not a while ago but got in love with it pretty quickly.

    Speaking about my wish list, I’m dreaming about Anonimo Dual-Time Firenze, Omega Speedmaster and Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific is actually a part of the list.


  • John

    Wow, I’d really like to have this watch.

    I’m really digging Maurice Lacroix watches these days…

  • hakwuzhere

    My wish list includes:

    Magrette Maui or other engraved this year

    Next year I think it will be another Omega Speedy

  • These are gorgeous watches. My dream wish list:
    Dress: Patek Phillipe
    Casual: Dievas (one of those funky design ones)
    Diving: (yes I actually dive): Oris 1000M

  • thomas heiman

    Great looking watch!! I’d love one!! My wish list includes the :

    Rado v10k
    Hublot Big Bang
    Breitling Navitimer World
    Ikepod Hemipode HDR99

  • Dre Slang

    That’s a gorgeous watch. It would like nicer on my wrist :S

    My buy list for 2010:

    -Halios Bluering: Ever since I saw a youtube video of a halios holotype ticking in a block of ice, I became an instant fan of halios. Plus, they are Canadian.

    -Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph… you have to love the fact that all Breitlings made after 2000 are chronometres.

    – Although it is a concept watch for 2010, Lum-Tec Combat B6 chronograph. Became a huge fan of Lum-Tec after reading the LUMzilla review… oh yeah, I’m wearing LZ3 at this very moment.

  • Steve Gupta

    I like the 03, 06, and 09 on the face. Currently I am in the market for a diver style watch, but I would be proud to wear this.

  • Like you Ariel,love these watches from the City Of Sails a bought one thanks to your first review of them. I was the proud owner of the DLC coated Regattare limited edition until last month when I presented it to my brother for completing his Masters degree in Electrical engineering. He was nuts about that piece from the moment I strapped it on my wrist and commented on it every time I wore it so I felt that it would be appreciated.
    Now here’s a chance to possibly win another Magrette!
    Thanks for the chance, good luck to all especially me.

    On my wish list the- Rolex DSSD. I dunno, I just love it, especially for those times when I’m snorkeling at 13000 feet below the surface!

  • funkright

    I have often looked at the Magrette and thought about pulling the trigger, maybe sooner than later..

    My wishlist would include..
    Panerai 196
    Panerai 89
    Rolex Deep Sea
    Omega Seamaster Chrono GMT

  • Brad Smith

    Very handsome watch! The give-aways at are awesome.

    I’m saving for my first entry-level flieger, either a Steinhart or an Archimede, though if I can swing it, I’d prefer a Stowa.

    In the distant future, I’d like a Breitling Skyracer.

  • Darrell

    I still really like the black on black Chanel J12 watches. mmm… So who won the other watch giveaway? I read nothing about it.

  • Joel

    I love the look of the Magrette. I’d like to see one in person one day.
    Here is my wishlist:
    Vintage Omega Speedmaster
    Omega Seamaster
    IWC Portuguese
    JLC super compressor (Polaris)and other compressor variations (longines, hamilton, bulova, etc)

  • Brett Moore

    Love the watch…

    Rolex SeaDweller DeepSea
    Breitling Navitimer World

  • Mark Barron

    Been thinking about buying a Magrette ever since the last contest. The 44mm has me a bit worried since I have a small wrist.

    My wishlist currently is:

    Omega Speedy Pro
    Breitling SuperOcean

    and my Grail: Schauer Kulisse Edition 10

  • Dave

    Next up/wishlist:

    Omega 166.068 Banana Dial Seamaster!

  • Mark


    – Rolex Sea Dweller (Non-Deep Sea)
    – IWC Portuguese Automatic

  • Bhacker

    My wishlist is a panarai and another omega. Then something as a dress watch, havent decided yet.

  • in fact that magrette is on my wish list 🙂 i even contacted them to ask for details

    also in wish list – torgoen and archimede

  • Edmund Kwong

    That is a nice watch.

    On the wishlist-
    speedmaster 50th patch watch
    speedmaster x-33
    carrera chrono re-edition
    heuer monaco – gulf

  • adam

    Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
    Rolex SeaDweller DeepSea
    Any Panerai
    Magrette Moana Pacific

  • Mitch

    I missed the last Magrette contest and I didn’t want to miss out on this one. My current wishlist includes:

    Bathys Hawaii 100 Fanthom Automatic
    Breitling Avenger Seawolf
    Lum Tec B2H Combat
    Seiko Brightz Phoenix Auto Chronograph

  • I’ve been intrigued by the Magrette since it was first featured. Its on my wish list along with:

    – Jacob & Co. Epic II
    – Hublot Big Bang
    – Maitres du Temps
    – Cuervos y Sobrinos

  • Brook Critchfield

    Those Magrette’s are very cool!

    My current “to buy” list includes:

    Archimede Pilot Chrono
    IWC Portuguese
    Omega Seamaster Professioanl

  • Anthony J. di Pota

    On my wish / buy list:

    Breiting Bentley
    Breiting Emergency
    Omega Seamaster
    Panerai Marina
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Bell & Ross

  • Anders Sederholm

    Magrette makes very “clean” watches.
    Some say it’s a Panerai ripoff, but i definitely think that they have managed to add their personal touch.
    I own a Moana Pacific myself and would love to give one to my wife.

    On my wish list are:
    – Lumzilla LZ1 from LUM-Tec.
    – Edox Grand Ocean Automatix Chronograf
    – Franc Vila Cobra (I will probably never afford to buy such a watch, but you can allways dream).

  • My wishlist:
    Seiko Alpinist SARB17
    Marathon SAR
    Omega Speedmaster, Anniversary edition
    Omega Railmaster
    Seiko Marniemaster Auto (not the springdrive)

  • My Current wishlist:

    F.P. Journe Tourbillon

    Hermes Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch

    LG GD910 watch

  • Chris

    I was planning to buy one, but I suppose winning one would suffice…

    I’ve also got a thing for anything by Sinn, Seiko spring drives, the Jules Audemars Equation of Time, and anything by A. Lange & Sohne.

  • Tom

    The moana pacific looks great

    wish list:
    Blancpain 50 fathoms anniversary
    bell and ross BR01-94
    something from the sixties gold with brown leather strap

  • Brian

    My to get list includes anything that ticks… or sweeps.

    Seriously, though, high on the list would be a Ball (haven’t decided which one), a JS Watch Islandus w/ red XII, an Omega AT (the new design), and any interesting vintage watches I happen to come across.

  • This Magrette looks great and is a fantastic addition to my wishlist:

    -Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph (blue only)

    -Hermes Cape Cod Gent

    -Baume & Mercier Classima Executives 8731

    -Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Geographic

    -Patek Philippe TI50 (hopefully to inherit!)

  • Aaron

    That’s a great watch, thanks for the giveaway offer!

    Those new Hamilton khaki watches you reviewed just jumped up on my wishlist!

  • Kolkek

    The Magrette looks good. I would really like to get my hands on that one.

    Other watches I would like to get my hands on include:

    Lüm-Tec M9
    Perrelet Turbine
    Ulysse Nardin Freak

  • Aaron

    really like these watches, also on my list (sometime way down the line) is a panerai luminor which these watches from magrette remind me of…

  • zarathusa

    my wishlist:
    Nomos Club
    Tag H. Monza cal. 36

  • Adam

    Good looking watch!
    My list:
    – Nomos Tangente Sport Datum
    – Omega Planet Ocean (42mm)
    – JLC Master Calendar

  • nathan

    magrette is great if you like the panerai style but want to be a little different from the crowd, and its more affordable.

    wish list…

    rolex 5513
    jlc polaris tribute
    pam 212
    seiko 6138-0030
    linde werdlin 2-timer
    ap royal oak dual time
    speake marin picadilly

    …a unicorn

  • Wish list:
    Seiko SBDB001
    Dufour Simplicity
    RGM grand guilloche or diver

    Fingers crossed!

  • Fred Morales

    Great looking watch. It would be great to have one.

    Wish list:

    Hermes Clipper Mecanique Chronograph
    Panerai (any model)
    Tag Heuer (Monaco)
    Rolex Daytona or Explorer

  • Geert

    I’ve been following Magrette for a couple of years now love their clean watches.
    Still lots on the wishlist, but the top two are:

    IWC Portuguese & Rolex Explorer

  • John_A

    Wish list:

    Steinhart Marine B-Uhr
    B&M Hampton Classic
    RGM Classic Aviator
    GO Senator Auto
    JLC Reverso Squadra

  • Frank

    Very generous gesture… Thanks to Magrette & Ariel!

    My list:

    Kobold SEAL / Arctic Diver
    Sinn U1
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Panerai 116/118
    JLC MC Diver

  • Hmmm, my wishlist is fairly simple right now:
    Omega Seamaster 300
    Omega Speedmaster Pro
    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera 8RS

  • john batten

    rolex explorer 11 with white face
    any huebolt

  • What a fantastic looking watch. thank you for this wonderful contest.

    on my wish list is a
    Omega Speedmaster Pro
    Any Breitling Chrono – silvertone

  • Mike F

    This is a beautiful watch and a buddy of mine just picked up a Magrette and loves it. I would like to eventually purchase a U-boat, but this thing would be an awesome every day piece. Also on the wish list is a Lumzilla and panerai luminor.

  • Dan

    looks like a nice piece, lately ive been really into the vintage heuer bund watch.

  • Ken

    This Magrette is very clean. I also like the Maui’s Fish.
    Wish List:
    TAGHeuer Aquaracer Calibre S in yellow
    Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph in bronze or blue
    Blancpain LeMan Flyback Chronograph Grand Date in black
    Michele CSX-33 Diamond Two Tone (for my wife)

  • Ken

    This Magrette is very clean. I also like the Maui’s Fish.
    Wish List:
    TAGHeuer Aquaracer Calibre S in yellow
    Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph in bronze or blue
    Blancpain LeMan Flyback Chronograph Grand Date in black
    Michele CSX-33 Diamond Two Tone (for my wife)
    Should write great post! Can’t wait to reading your next one!

  • Patrick

    I’ve had my eye on a Magrette for quite some time. I really love the styling, quality and price.

    My wish list is too long to list. But this site has certainly not helped in keeping that list any shorter. lol.

  • Ira

    I love the handcrafted quality of Magrette!

    My wishlist:
    Bell & Ross BR02
    Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo

  • Armand

    did I do this right

    I wish I had a automatic chronograph diver watch.

  • Valerie

    Wow, I want this watch! This would be my baby!
    I want a TokyoFlash watch, they are soo cool!

  • Erick

    Very nice watches, I like the engraved cases models a lot, very unique and stylish.

    On the wish list:
    Bell & Ross BR01-92 carbon
    Panerai 183h
    Panerai 111

  • Stuart

    Lovely watch

    Chris Ward C40 SpeedHawk

    Tag Carrera

  • Mok

    Nice watch!
    I really like de red color of the strap!


  • Habibi

    What a wonderfull watch, my wishlist watches include the hamilton jazzmaster line and niche watch lines like magrette, Cuervo y Sobrinos and bathys

  • Christopher Anzalone

    I find the numbering (03, 06, 09) on the Magrette intriguing.

    My wish list includes
    Casio G-Shock (MTG1000G-9A)
    Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Carbon Titanium (BN0065-50E)
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro (H32716839)
    Seiko Chronograph (SNN081)
    Seiko Chronograph Tachymeter (SNN079P1)
    Seiko Masterpiece Jump Day Black Retro (SNT009)
    Wenger Aerograph Vintage (72473)

  • Zachary Novetsky

    Wish List:

    IWC Big Ingenieur (I am a huge IWC fan)

    Hublot Big Bang All-Black

    AP Royal Oak Offshore

    Panerai Radiomir Chronograph Rattrapante

  • Dan

    I really like this Magrette. Nice, clean, classy styling. Very cool!

    I’ve been dying for a Ball. Not sure which one but I keep looking at the Storm Chaser or one of the Engineer models. Also considering a Lum-Tec. Wish I could make up my mind!

  • Rob Nager

    I discovered Magrette on aBlogtoRead and am really impressed with the design and interesting “extras” like the wood and shell on the caseback.

    I have reserved a 2009 Lum-Tec M17 and also have a wish list that includes the Speedhawk from Christopher Ward, a Round Gulliver from Tendence and the new Suunto Elementum. I’d also really like to own a Magrette too!

  • Anson Chappell

    A very drool-worthy watch, for sure. You wouldn’t see somebody else wearing that while you’re out and about!

    IWC Pilot’s Chronograph
    Stowa Airman
    select Fortis watches, haven’t decided on a favourite yet.

  • Dave B

    I don’t see my post up there so I thought I’d try this again.

    Wishlist (not in any particular order):
    A Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Time Zone (or simple Lange 1)
    Longines Master Collection Retrograde
    IWC Ingenieur

  • Mike

    Great looking watch, very clean style, obviously influenced by Panerai. Which is fine in my book. 🙂

    My list…
    Panerai PAM 00164
    Sinn 103
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Navigator Mark 11
    vintage military watches in general

  • My want list is short right now:

    Solar powered Pulsar

    Debaufre Lemans

    Some type of mechanical Chronograph

    Longines (several) but especially Master Collection L2.676.4.78.5

    Omega DeVille Hour Vision

    Rolex Milguass or Daytona

    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

  • LizS

    to buy list (haha kidding, its a wish list) includes a JLC reverso duetto and a vintage platinum and diamonds lady hamilton

  • val

    on my wishlist :
    omega seamaster 300m chrono
    omega speedmaster

  • Tom Canedy

    Great Looking watch!!! Would be one of the watches I would have on my wish list.
    Wish List:
    Mona Pacfic
    Christopher Ward C40
    Panerai 111

  • Noah

    Obviously, I’ve this Magrette on my list 🙂
    And a standard Rolex Explorer…
    Keep up the great work, Ariel.

  • Chris S.

    Wish list:
    Lum-Tec Combat B2
    Rolex Deep Sea Dweller
    any Panerai

  • My wish list includes any watch that works.

  • Rob Cherry

    Nice watch!

    My next purchase should hopefully be the Lumtec C3.


  • Jon Leatherwood

    The Magrette watches are some of the classiest I have seen in a long while, especially the engraved versions.

  • Bruce

    A Seiko Spring Drive, either Grand Seiko or Credor

  • Jake

    Next on the purchase list…

    Lum-tec M7
    Tissot T-touch
    Ball Worldtimer
    Sinn 756

    too many to mention on the wish list!

  • Eric W.

    At the top of my wish list is an Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak! I would also love a Magrette Moana Pacific watch!

    Thank you for everything, Ariel!

  • Gary Berkman

    I had a chance to see much of the Magrette line on a recent trip to Wellington, very good quality.

    My wish list:
    LumTec watches any- for people who have a normal size wrist
    Xemex Concept One
    I like the Hamilton Khaki recently reviwed
    And as Fortis owner I love the Fortis Cargo

  • Vit V.

    Luis Moinet – JULES VERNE “INSTRUMENT 1” & “INSTRUMENT 2” – I love these watches.

    But UN Maxi Diver, grey dial on bracelet would make me happy for a while.

    I realy do like the Magrette Moui Fish 🙂


  • Max

    Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
    Bell&Ross BR 01-92 Carbon
    Lum-tec M14

  • Fitz

    My list is all Timexes and Casios. This would be a step up for me.

  • Porkrind

    very nice design.

    wish list:

    Omega speedmaster
    Rolex daytona
    Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph
    Tissot T-touch
    IWC Pilot
    Magrette Moana Pacific

  • Carlo Navarro

    I bought a Magrette Moana Pacific for a friend and was definitely world class!!

    My wish list are:
    Rolex Daytona Steel Gold combo
    Patek Philippe 5124R
    Rolex Oyster Platinum

    Of course a Magrette Day Date

  • Kris

    My wishlist:

    Tag Heuer Monaco
    Schaumburg Aquatitan
    Lum-Tec M9
    Panerai Luminor

  • My wish list:

    Perrelet A1021/3

  • Andrew

    Omega Seamaster, Grand Seiko, TAG Heuer Monaco, Ball Fireman

  • George paradiiso

    Megrette makes spectacular timepieces and this Moana Pacific is IMHO the best.

    My wishlist:
    Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph
    Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day/Date

  • Louis

    I sure like these small and independent watchmakers, the bring something special again and again.

    My wislist would be a:
    – Dornblueth 99.1
    – STOWA Marine Original
    – Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
    – a watch with Landeron movement

  • Rok

    My wishlist:

    Stowa Antea Black (going to order it very soon)
    IWC Portofino Automatic black
    Schauer Einzeiger
    Sinn 6066 Frankfurt Alarm

  • Duncan MacKenzie

    My wishlist:

    Omega Speedmaster Pro
    Zenith el Primero Chrono
    Oris TT1
    Ball Fireman

  • Istvan Molnar

    I am a big fan of Magrette, actually I own of their timepieces, it is pretty cool I have to say.

    Items on my wishlist includes an IWC Portugieser (as it is elegant), and an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex Submariner as long as we talk about watches within reach (financially). My absolut wish could be a Jaeger with tourbillon movement:)

  • ray oesterreich

    A very nice looking watch, I had never heard of it before.

    My wish list would include the Oris TT1, and the Breitling Super Ocean Pro and also the Hamilton Seaview.



  • My wishlist

    New List is now

    * Rolex Daytona – black dial
    * Rolex Deep Sea
    * Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
    * Panerai models – Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
    * Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
    * Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
    * IWC Ingenieur


    /Jan J

  • Billy

    A rather sharp looking watch! I won’t hesitate to buy one if I’m not chosen, if it’s not already sold out by then.


    1) Magrette Moana Pacific
    2) Stowa Airman Original
    3) Panerai Luminor Power Reserve
    4) Grand Seiko Spring Drive
    5) IWC Big Pilot

  • Neil

    These watches are looking good! Perhaps one is in my future. My next watch however will be a vintage JLC.

  • miriam

    i have nothing else to say about this is good when you have companys like moana pacific.makes time go your way.i didnt see any forms ti fill out for this contest but please sign me in .

  • I lust for the Fortis Spaceleader you just featured, as well as the Magrette Moana Pacific as well. But most of all I want the entire web site’s collection from Fukang Watch Co.
    Fukang brilliant!

  • Reinar

    Okay. Nice watch. I do want to get one of the Magrette hand-engraved models.

    wish/want/will-buy list:

    Panerai Luminor Submersible
    JLC Reverso
    IWC Portugese
    Rolex GMT

  • Keaton


    my wishlish includes: hamilton khaki or jazzmaster, omega seamaster, oris titan diver, and an old vintage war-era hamilton

  • Jeremy Onyango

    That is a lovely watch… the color scheme and coordination are excellent, the interface is simple yet classy. just by looking at the straps you can tell it provides absolute comfort as well as exuding a sense of class and sophistication.
    I will confess that i am not a big follower of makes of watches but this is definately one i would LOVE to own. Its simple but classy

  • Tony

    Looking forward to owning a quality limted editon watch.

    My wish list includes

    Rolex Oytser Perpetul day/date mens watch
    Jules Audemars tourbillon
    Hamilton Conservation
    lum-tec mTungsten 2009

  • Len Estrin

    At the top of my wish list is an Audumars Millenery.

  • TT

    Wishlist :

    Mido All Dial Chronometer in white

    O&W Kartago

    Sinn 556

    Stowa Marine

    Doxa 800Ti

  • Bruce Robinson

    I don’t know, is the 06 and 09 and 03 an affectation, or a design element? Is it the low rez of the photo that makes the face look utilitarian? What is it I’m missing that makes me think of this as yet another nice-looking Panerai derivative?

  • Gordon Chen

    Wish list:

    Seiko Discus
    Grand Seiko Spring Drive
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Travel Time
    Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie lolz 🙂

    med school = no monies for a watch!

  • bart

    I’ really like the watch and I’m dreaming to have one….
    Magrette is of course on my wishlist…
    and I also want to have tissot t touch pilot like my first watch over 1000$…. on the wishlist are also few watches like omega planet ocean, accutron gemini…. hope I will win this beauty one…..

  • Just got into watches so I don’t have much of a wishlist yet. Picking up my LUM-TEC M9 from the mail tomorrow and if I like what I see, I may get another.

    LUM-TEC Bull45 A1
    Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific

  • Ricardo

    Nice Watch

    Wish list

    Vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT Master on oyster bracelet

    Panerai Marina Militre

    Royal Navy Rolex Mil Sub

    Blacpain Fifty Fathoms

    MN Tudor Submariner

  • Laurier Tremblay

    Very attractive watch to add to my “Wish List” which includes:
    Omega Seamaster, Concord Mariner
    Rolex Datejust, and possibly a Panerai

  • My Wishlist is:

    -Zeinith Defy, all black
    -Panerai, brown and goldtone
    -Royal Oak Offshore End of Days Edition
    -Jaeger Lecoultre master compressor divingpro geographic
    -Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon

  • Max Plog-Horowitz

    This watch would make an excellent addition to my wrist, which is currently being occupied by a Citizen EcoDrive.

  • Pinjol

    Wish list:
    – Omega Speedmaster Pro
    – DIEVAS VORTEX with date
    – Seiko SpringDrive Diver (Ti)

  • Renovatzio

    Wish List
    – Ball Conductor
    – U-Boat “thousands of feet”
    – IWC Portugese

  • Jerry

    Nice watch.

    Wish list:

    Panerai Luminor GMT
    Panerai Luminor Daylight
    Panerai Luminor 8 days

  • David Wernsing

    Nice watch but the watches I would like to get are:

    Tissot T-Race
    Jorg Gray JG7300


  • Cullen

    I am really liking the Magrette engraved watches. Sad that they are only limited to about 10 pieces each.

    Anyway, I am a HUGE Lum-Tec fan.
    Still waiting for the Bull A1 I pre-reserved.
    Considering a B2, and as of a week ago, I am really looking at these Magrette’s.
    Other than that,
    possibly a Tsovet and/or Anonimo Millemetri. Both new to me.

  • Bob Cramer

    While researching Wristwatch Annual 09, sellers etc. I stumbled upon this very informative site.
    But to really top that find I discovered a name with which I was not familiar…Magrette. I have been a small collector for about 5 years and just relish a find that is not one of the over(you fill in the blank) names. Nice job Magrette.

    I have several over—- watches that I just love but my wish list includes several by Maurice Lacroix, Tag, and Sinn.

    Congrats to

  • stephen slattery

    just love the magrette range and love the fact that watches are mainstream and yet limited making them more unique also case options are great
    tag heuer

  • wtm

    Simple and beautiful!


    Pam 305
    Rolex daytona
    IWC bigpilot
    Magrette Maona Pacific!

  • J

    Sophisticated watch. The Bulgari 125th anniversary wathc is on my wish list

  • sharon robinson

    It’s the wood inlay that does it for me.

  • Peter Lim

    Nice watch
    wish to have
    Panerai GMT
    Grand Seiko
    Rolex daytona
    omega De vellie

  • Fabrizio Imperiali

    Magrette looks a really well made watch.
    Magrette is in the range were you can find well made watches without spend a lot of money.

    Wish list:
    Tissot PRS516
    Precista PS 50
    Seiko Sumo
    Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific or daydate

  • Beautiful watch – a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

    Wearing a Sinn 656

    Wishing for a Sinn 900 Flieger, Dornblueth 99.1

  • Mike

    Nice watch.

    Wish list: Omegea Seamaster
    Marcello C Nettuno 3

  • Jason

    This is one of the more handsome watches i have seen in a while, and i was floored upon seeing its price. this thing is definitely on the top of my list.

    of course, there are others:
    -seiko spring drive marinemaster
    -citizen campanola x chronomaster
    -cartier santos 100
    -breitling colt quartz chronograph
    -vintage abercrombie and fitch chronograph

  • Bill Struth

    I love the looks of the Moana Pacific

    The rest of my wish list is:

    Hamilton Seaview
    Hamilton Square Jazzmaster
    Dievas Aqualuna
    Citizen Calibre 2100
    Stowa Seatime
    Stowa Marine Original

  • George Okuno

    Lovely watch and backstory! I’ll probably just go ahead and buy one, win or no win.

    I’m a fan of…

    Omega Planet Ocean
    Grand Seiko
    …all automatic.

  • Bryan

    Heres my list

    Magrette Maui’s Fish B
    and their new DLC watch.
    Omega Speedmaster (I miss my old one)

  • DT

    Nice looking watch!

    Wish list:
    Patek Philippe Calatrava (heck of an award to myself, no?)
    Omega Speedmaster

    Currently awaiting a Stowa Antaeus….

  • Thomas

    What a great looking watch. And I had never heard of Magrette before.

    I currently have a Stowa Antea on order and my wish list includes

    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
    Omega Speedmaster

    among others…

  • Ken Ackers

    That watch is choice bro.

    My wishlist
    *Regattare DLC
    *Lumtec M7
    *Dievas Vortex
    *Stowa Antea Black
    *Sea Gull M199s
    *Glashutte Original Evolution Sport
    *Sinn U1

  • Sean Lee

    Nice looking watch, reminds me of a Panerai Luminor; sans crown protector.


    1. IWC Portugese Power Reserve
    2. Panerai Luminor 63 gmt
    3.Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon

  • Robert

    That is a nice watch.
    My wish list is just any Panerai, and now the Magrette Moana Pacific.

  • anthony

    nice watch.. my dream wish list:

    paul newman daytona… *sighs*

  • force_quit

    Very nice watch.

    Partial wishlist:

    Zinex Heliox black dial on mesh
    Kremke SubZilla tactical
    Sinn U1
    Omega Seamaster PO Chrono

  • Tommy

    Cool wristwatch.

    Wishlist off the top of my head:

    Breitling Chronomat B01
    James Bond 007 Omega
    Vulcain Anniversary “Obama” Heart Cricket

  • Jordan

    Wish list:
    Blancpain 1735
    Jaeger-leCoultre Master Eight Days Perpetual SQ
    Jaeger-leCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2

    just to name a few!

  • Richard Coburn

    Wow that is a classy watch, I would love to own the Magrette Moana Pacific.

    Also on my wish list is
    2. Victorinox Swiss Army Seaplane Mens
    3. Hamilton,Jazzmaster Chrono

  • Great looking watches love the Maui inspired carving. My wishlist truly being a wishlist would be a Patek Phillipe chrono with moonphase,Breujet Skeletonised and or mooonphase.

  • Mike Perriam

    Great looking watches.

    My wish list would truly be a wish list

    Patek Phillipe moonphase (any)
    Brietling Skeletonise or moonphase
    Margrette Maui

  • Nayyar Islam

    Great Watch and great site.My wishlist would be

    Rolex DateJust
    Breitling Chronomat Evolution
    Tag Heuer exclusive chronograph
    Omega speedmaster


  • Margaret Robinson

    Just makes me long for Hawaii.

  • Eftychios Petrou

    Great and sophisticated looking watch. Probably one of the best I have seen on the market.

    My wish list is

  • Mladen

    I hope I can still enter. My wishlist? A Breguet here, a Linde Werdelin there and even a G Shock or two (yes my taste is weird but there is a method to it, trust me), can’t afford any of them but I can dream. And this one – looks like a dream too, and since I’m a bit shortsighted it might just be the perfect watch for me so I had to enter. Cheers!

  • Brian Crawford

    Awesome watch. Love the additional “0” for the 3,6, and 9 markers.

    My short list includes: Tag Aquaracer Caliber 5, Stowa Flieger Airman and Omega Aqua Terra.

  • Have had my eye on the brand and I especially like the engraving offered on some of their product which you can see if you visit their site.

    Would love to work with them.

  • Phil Traut

    Wow! What a great looking timepiece! A very clean/neat look on this one, and the engraving on the others. Some of the watches on my list are the NFW Auto pilot(Just ordered 2, an auto and a chrono,)Preasto, (Already pre-ordered) and a Seiko Velatura. I will probably add a Lumzilla also in the near future. As for some of the High End pieces, I’m always got my eye out for a Big Bang, Royal Oak Off shore or a Breitling 6.75. I would add a couple of these also in the future.

  • Joshua Sauve

    This is really the first I’ve heard about Magrette, but they are a gorgeous bunch of watches. Watches that I truly hope to be able to afford some day:
    Omega Planet Ocean
    Kobold (either the polar surveyor or the seal diver)

    Other watches I would love to have:
    Tag Heuer carrera chronograph, Raymond Weil Freelancer date, Omega speedmaster professional, Omega seamaster gmt, and the MeisterSinger Scrypto.

  • Beautiful Watch…..Love it!!

    My wish list consists of:

    Corum Golden Bridge
    Breitling Bentley Flying B Rose Gold
    IceLink 6TZ
    Breitling Bentley GMT Rose Gold

  • Andy Kato

    My wish list:

    Lum-Tec M11 Chrono (on order)
    Lum-Tec Lumzilla
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Panerai (any)

    for now.

  • FPF

    Nice watch, the maker is from New Zealand, which adds some interest to a well designed watch. Very limited edition makes it something special. Nice size, I’m sure it will get lots of “wrist time” on the lucky winner.

  • Marc

    Love this timepiece… It has that very neat Italian dive watch vintage look!

    My wish list:

    EDOX class-1 ice-shark limited edition
    VULCAIN diver x-treme automatic
    VOLNA typhoon
    ALL MECA smart ocean
    Superocean Heritage Chronograph

  • Philip Traister

    Great looking watch,looks like a winner! 1)Royal Oak Off Shore 2)Rolex Daytona 3)Patek Phillippe (any)

  • Michael Lo

    Great design!

    1.) Rolex Green Milgauss
    2.) Sinn All Black Singapore exclusive
    3.) Dornbluth & Sohn

  • Martin J

    Nice Watch

    1)Rolex Submariner
    2)Panerai Luminor Marina

  • Brian

    Beautiful watch!! Others on my list would be the
    1)The Regattare DLC
    2)Magrette Maui’s Fish

  • Greg

    Nice looking watch.

    My wishlist includes:
    Omega Speedmaster Pro
    MontBlanc TimeWalker GMT
    Tissot T-Lord


  • Allen Woods

    Watch is different and that is what I like about it.

    1. Breitling Avenger PVD.
    2. MIH-what a watch
    3. Tag Heuer Monaco
    4. Omega Aqua Terra 42mm silver dial. Classic watch design.

  • James Chen

    1. omega speedmaster
    2. iwc engineer

  • Yuriy Skrypnyk

    Once I have though of emigrating New Zealand…

    Wish list:

    -Stowa Marine Original
    -Ebel 1911 Senior
    -Oris Leonard Euler

  • Andrew

    Very nice looking watch. Would make ideal (good looking) every day wear.

    Ebel 1911 BTR (red)
    Omega seamaster in orange
    Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri
    Tissot Motogp 2010
    Any 70’s ones that catch my eye

  • Paul

    An absolute beauty!

    Wish list

    Zenith El Primero 1969 Vintage edition

    New Rolex GMT Ceramic

    Omega Speedmaster Alaska Edition

    and a Magrette Moana Pacific anyone seen them? They’re great!

  • Chris

    Beautiful watch from a beautiful country!

    Watches on my “to buy” list:
    1. Tag Heuer Link Calibre S
    2. Oris TT3
    3. Tissot Couturier (Auto Chrono Valjoux 7750)

  • Rob L

    The Magrette Moana Pacific is such a beaut! Timeless and a classic design!

    My wish list for year 2010+
    1) Magrette Moana Pacific (Yes I want this watch:)
    2) Fortis B-42 Diver
    3) Sinn 256
    4) Damasko DC56
    5) Rolex 1680
    6) Sinn EZM 3
    7) IWC Pilot IW371701
    8) Omega Moon Watch
    9) IWC Aquatimer IW356802
    10) Sinn EZM 1

    There goes my watch budget for the next 10 years!

  • Jay

    On my list to buy are –

    Magrette Regattare of course
    Panerai 233

    My wish list –

    Panerai 233
    Panerai 243
    Panerai 190
    Panerai 249
    IWC BP 2004

  • J

    Nice press on Jake’s blog this week. This would be a nice addition to my DLC.

    Rolex GMT (pepsi)
    Anonimo Drass Chronoscopio
    Sinn 756
    Panerai 251

    good luck everyone! Thanks Dion.

  • Thomas Tyrrell

    Fantastic simply designed watch. It has class.
    sorry for the pun but it’s a timeless piece

    My wish list for a new watch is short and fairly cheap by the looks of the other watches mentioned on here
    Breil Bw0413 Eros
    love the design and colour, saving up fro one now.

    However I am currently trying to find a 1970’s Seiko Bellmatic.
    Finding it hard to get a decent quality watch.

    best regards

  • Frank A

    Beautiful watch. Hopefully would make a nice addition to my collection some day.

    Next on my buy list are:
    -Orient CFA05002B
    -Steinhart Nav-B Uhr Automatik Black
    On my wish list would be:
    -Panerai 111

  • Every once in a while I come around here in order to look what’s happening in the real world (not the: “we all wish we had the money to buy them” high end world of watches) of watches.

    As a Colombian watch aficionado currently living in Colombia, I have learned to cope with what little we get here, and the prices at which they come. The change for us, from US dollars to Colombian pesos, can mean that we WILL most probably buy (pay) the watch twice hahahaha.

    Recently I sold my entire watch collection (just 4 pieces) in order to complete the down payment for a new apartment (got U$8.000 for the lot, the best watch being a Chopard 2004 Mille Miglia Limited Edition Chronograph).

    I am currently looking forward into buying an MIH and hopefully (if the wife and job lets me) a Ball Trainmaster Voyager GMT Power Reserve (who knows what will come first).

    Surely the Magrette Moana Pacific watch would be a great addon for my now extinct collection, so let’s hope something lucky happens to me (my b-day is Oct. 21).

    BTW, If by any chance I should win the watch, my kid brother who is a Captain in the USAF could receive it for me, we see each other once a year, except when he is abroad on any given mission….

    Thanks, Gracias and take care.

  • Bernardo

    This is a very nice watch!
    My wish list would go as follows
    Panerai Radiomir
    Citizen Skyhawk DLC (Love DLC)
    Kobold Polar Surveyor
    Hublot Big Bang King Power (ya, I know, don’t hate me though)

  • Jeff B

    This is a terrific watch – sporty and rugged looking, yet elegant enough to wear anywhere. Its simplicity is really charming, too.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    My wish list is *mostly* dive watches:

    Hamilton Below Zero 1000m in Black PVD
    Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
    Seiko Brightz Phoenix Mechanical Chrono
    Sinn U1
    Kremke Subzilla

    …and what “wish list” would be complete without a few watches that are way, way out of my range:

    Panerai Luminor Submersible
    IWC Aquatimer
    Kobold Phantom
    Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Pro

  • Pierre Tallon

    My Wishlist:
    Omega Rattrapante
    Suunto Terra

  • Roger

    On the wishlist:

    IWC 3717
    Omega Railmaster
    Sinn 756

  • Jim Hargreaves

    Watches on wish list:

    Omega Seamaster Vancouver Olympics 2010
    Omega Seamaster James Bond
    Magrette Moana Pacific

  • barrie caney

    lovely watch! this can join my wish list along with the tag monaco sixty-nine!

  • w3ed

    Thank u for dis opportunity…the watch is vry beautiful..thank u New zealand for Magrette Moana Pacific….
    Hmm…My *wish list*..(i cant afford to be frank hehe)..
    Concord Quantum Gravity
    omega seamaster and speedmaster
    Tag heuer carrera automatic.
    Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile..etc..hehe..
    and also dis 1..Magrette moana pacific.
    hope..i get it…

  • Tim Townsend

    Wow, I have liked the Magrette watches for a while and now I could get one for free! A small watch company with an interesting start, they are going places fast.

    My wish list… I will keep it short but it could go on for ever:

    Breitling Super Avenger Titanium
    Panerai (any Panerai)
    Marathon CSAR
    Bell & Ross BR01
    and of course that Titanic DNA watch (Jerome somthing, I think)

    Good luck to all who entered (especialy ME HAHAHA!)

  • Michael Y

    Great small watch company

    My wish list
    Bremont BC-F1
    OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean

  • TK Khen

    After searching for a Big Pilot watch, I came across this website by clicking on a IWC Big Pilot watch (since I cant afford one, one can dream big). I must say looking at the Magrette watch is such a beauty. It remains me of the old style panerai or dievas.

    My wishlist:

    Steinhart Nav-Buhr 47mm
    Archimede Big Pilot

    Good luck to everyone!


  • Nice to see a kiwi watch

    would look great on my wrist as would the following

    Ploprof 600 (Vintage)
    Rolex 5517
    Seiko Darth Tuna (Auto)
    Pro-hunter GMT II

  • Bernard

    The watch is so simple & elegant. I believe it looks better than the Panerai!!!!

    Having seen the website and assuming I win this, I would put the Regattare DLC on my wish list. Otherwise, would certainly put the Moana Pacific on the list!

  • Mattias K

    To-by-list (when I win the lottery)

    Tudor submariner 7928 “rose”
    JLC Master Control
    Dino Zei (anyone)

    really like the magrette “Old rolex-panerai-anonimo” combination with what appear to be a great attention to detail like packageing and presentation as well as quality manufacturing.

    fingers crossed. 🙂

  • raymond oesterreich

    A very handsome looking time piece. I would definitly place it on my wish list wich also includes the Oris TT1 Diver, the Hamilton Seaview as well as the Omega Seamaster.

    thank you,


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  • This is a great looking watch.

    My wishlist:

    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
    Breguet Classique 5967
    Jules Audemars Selfwinding Chronograph
    Breitling Bentley Mark VI Complications 29

    A boy can dream, can’t he?

  • Olga

    My wish list:

    TechnoMarine Ceramic
    Magrette, super cool

  • Edgar

    Beautiful watch.

    My wishlist:
    Sinn U1000
    Chanel J12 GMT
    IWC Pilot UTC Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery

  • ola

    very nice,

    my wish list is in the order as follows
    baume & mercier Classima executive 8786
    Seiko springdrive
    rolex deepsea dweller
    breitling super avenger
    Seiko Galante

  • soeren riis

    Omega speedmaster series. Linde werdelin. Blancpain. and so and so. The hunt never ends…

  • Eugene Flores

    I don’t own a watch at the moment but after seeing a friend of mine purchase his Tag, I thought about what kind of watch I’d like (and could afford) and without trying to sound like a Patek ad, I would like it to be a timeless piece that I could be happy to pass onto my son. So I would choose a Omega Speedmaster Professional.

  • M

    I am holding off on buying watches until I can afford a JLC of some sort… right now the Reverso Squadra Hometime Black and Master Compressor Chronograph both really appeal to me. The Magrette is beautiful, though.

  • I mostly like the more classical watches, but this one really looks superb!

    Some watches I hope to own once, in order of chance I ever will:
    – Patek Philippe Calatrava
    – Bell & Ross Jumping Hour
    – Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon à Quantième Perpétuel
    – JLC Reverso Grande Complication a tryptique
    – JLC Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2

  • Tony Seur

    Very nice watch, has something special

    1.- Pam 111
    2.- Breit Heritage

  • Tony Seur

    Very nice watch, has something special

    1.- Pam 111
    2.- Breit Heritage
    3.- ….

  • Emin Tolga Ozdemir

    Gorgeous watch, i like it 🙂

    My wishlist:

    .PAM 253 Luminor Regatta Flyback
    .Tag Heuer Grand Carrera RS2 Limited
    .IWC Portuguese Chrono 3714
    .Chopard Mille Miglia GT – GTXL
    .Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Seagull ST-19
    .PAM 195 Luminor GMT Auto
    .Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Ceramic
    .Vacheron Constantin Malte Perpt Calendar
    .Glassutte Tourbillion/GMT/Power Reserve

    Fingers crossed too 😉

  • Emmanuel S

    I didn’t know that New Zealand was a watch producer country, it’s a good surprise and I would love to wear one.

    Part of my wish list :
    – Panerai Radiomir Black Seal
    – Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight in Paris
    – Patek Philippe Celestial 5106 (it’s only a dream 😉
    – Patek Philippe 5131
    – JLC Memovox


  • Hublot Big Bang King – if I win a lottery.

  • Hans B

    My wishlist:

    Sinn 857
    Sinn U1
    Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
    Tissot T-touch expert

  • Jose Antonio Narciso

    elegant, nice clean lines. a gentleman.
    on my wish list, IWC MarkXVI pilot watch, and Bell & ross BR 01

  • Carl G

    The Magrette Moana Pacific really is very nice. It would look even better alongside the following…

    Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5
    Bathys 100 Fathoms
    Ocean7 LM-2
    Sinn U1000s
    Kobold Phantom PVD

    If only!

  • Yesim Ozdemir

    My wishlist:
    Tag Heuer Link MOP Ladies Diamond
    Tag Heuer Link Quartz Chrono Diamond MOP Dial Watch

  • Cliff

    Beautiful and interesting watch.

    Wish list: Rolex Milgauss green; A-P Royal Oak; Breitling for Bentley Mark VI Complications 29; Patek annual or perpetual calendar.

  • Tin Horvat

    Interesting watch, would like to see one in flesh here in Croatia… Very clean dial and modern case. At 44mm ideal.

    My wish list:
    IWC 3717
    IWC Big Pilot watch
    Anonimo Militare
    Pam 112

  • Tin Horvat

    Interesting watch, would like to see one in flesh here in Croatia… Very clean dial and modern case. At 44mm ideal.

    My wish list:
    IWC 3717
    IWC Big Pilot watch
    Anonimo Militare
    Pam 112
    Tag Monaco Gulf

  • Peter

    Magellan Planet looks great. A nice toy for big boys but this is something unique and that’s what I like. I just need to win a Powerball and “vuala” .

    Good luck to everyone

  • Very simple and elegant design. Easy to look at and quite functional in its design.

    On my list for the future;

    Breitling Navitimer
    Bell and Ross

  • osman kavukcu


  • Ethan

    Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump
    IWC Portugese (in my dreams :))
    Longines (anything from master collection)

    Big fan of the site. Always reading this feed. Thanks

  • Florian

    My Wishlist:

    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Panerai Luminor
    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
    Omega Speedmaster
    Jaeger Reverso
    IWC Top Gun

  • Cam

    If I could stop buying less expensive watches for long enough, I’d buy a Tag Heuer Monaco in a heartbeat.

    I’ve also got a Pyrolume Turbofan on my wish list.

  • Jake

    Should I ever win the lottery, I’d have to say that I’d want something crazy like a LV Mysterieuse.

    Short of that, I’d like a nice dress watch such as a Cartier Ballon Blau (in stainless)

    Also, my collection is short on nice Quartz movements, and I kinda have a thing for the Breitling Aerospace.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Jonathan Dewitt

    Wow! I’ve found so many great brands by watching this site. My wish list.

    1) Zenith EL Premiero 60s model chrono
    2) Omega Flightmaster
    3) Lum-Tec (doesn’t matter what type, my next beater)
    4) Omega Dynamic
    5) Hamilton Ventura

  • Bruce

    Forget the Bugatti … I want the watch!

  • Rich

    My wishlist:
    Omega Speedmaster
    Lum Tec Tungsten and Lumzilla
    Magrette Moana Pacifica
    Panerai Luminor
    Keith Haring Swatch

  • Stephen

    Today is my 56th birthday & the only thing on my wish list is an A. Lange & Söhne wristwatch!

  • emdii

    Love the simple retro look!

    Magrette Moana Pacific Diver (waiting)
    Lüm-tec Lümzilla LZ2
    Breitling Superocean Heritage

  • CDoo

    Quite stylish and sophisticated. Very nice piece.

    Wish List:
    Bathys Benthic Ti
    Benarus Worldiver GMT
    Lynx Aqua

  • Brett

    Nice watch.

    My current wishlist includes:

    Omega Speedmaster
    Cartier Santos
    Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen
    Rolex Daytona SS white dial
    Rolex DSSD

  • Stephen

    i love the clean, simple look and the polished case. very sophisticated.

    wish list:

    Orient CFT00004B
    Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Military
    Rolex Submariner


  • BranTRoz

    I loved the Magrette when first posted–boasting clean lines and a bright, simple dial much like a Paneri.

    Wish list:

    Omega Aqua Terra Co-axial GMT
    Lüm-tec Lümzilla LZ2
    Vacheron Overseas

  • Andrew

    Andrew’s wishlist:

    Believe it or not…
    Casio Pathfinder PAW1200
    Golana Aqua
    Seiko Grand Seiko
    Omega Seamaster

  • Lim Meng Shi

    Clean simple dial with prominent hands – simply elegant and beautiful.

    To buy list:

    Panerai Luminor Marina

    Any Magrette watch

    Rolex Submariner

  • Alex Fu

    I like that dial! and the curved glass.

    Wish list?

    Panerai 1950!

  • Frank

    I love the look of this watch. Simple, elegant, and looks well built.

    As for my wish list:

    – Glashuette Original Senator Meissen

    – Rolex Explorer II, polar

    – Panerai Luminor Marina

    – This watch that can be won

  • Andrew Culross

    Nice looking watch

    Wish list
    Omega Speedy
    Tag Grand Carrera
    Sinn 203 Arktic

  • Kevin C

    I like the understated, refined style.

    I’m looking at:
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro
    Ball Fireman Ionosphere
    Marcello C. Senatore Chronograph

  • Geoff M

    My wish list:

    Ball EMII Diver
    Christopher Ward C600
    Hamilton Route 66
    Magrettte Te Manaia

  • Ivana Martinko

    GR8 watch for the price…
    Wish list:
    JLC lady diver
    IWC Pilot
    Pam 111
    B&R 01 Carbon finish

  • Ivo Horvat

    Like it a lot…
    Wish list would be anything from Seiko to Patek

  • Paulo Carminati

    Great watch for the money – sharp and clean.

    My Wish List:

    Zenith Port Royal
    Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Grande Sun Moon
    IWC Portuguese F.A. Jones

  • William

    The only watch on my wishlist at the moment is a Mondaine New Classic Gents watch with the brushed steel face.

  • Steve

    Very clean and simple.

    My watch list:
    Omega Speedmaster
    Rolex Submariner
    IWC Aquatimer
    Hamilton Khaki X-Wind
    Hamilton Jazzmaster
    Breitling Navitimer
    Tag Heuer Monaco
    MomoDesign Diver Chrono

  • Rico

    Beautiful watch. My wish list: 1) Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor w/ Alarm, 2) Marathon Chronograph, and 3) Panerai Luminor w/ Power Reserve.

  • Robert Hertzberg

    Very nice watch. Elegant, simple and a bit retro.

    A couple on my list:

    Hamilton Khaki X-Wind
    Citizen Attesa

  • Peter Van Daele

    Great looking watch.
    Wish list:
    – citizen campagnola CTS57-0701 (second hand)
    – Seiko Spring Drive Diver 600m
    – Rolex Seadweller

  • Alan K

    My wish list is
    O&W 3177
    Hamilton khaki
    Omega Speedmaster

  • My wish list,

    A Rolex GMT master II

    Tag Monaco Chronograph blue with leather strap

    Omega Planet Ocean 42 mm black with a rubber strap

    Longines Moon phase master complication

  • Chris K

    I’ve always thought the Magrette watches were beautiful designs. Love to have one. My wish list also includes

    Tutima NATO Commando II
    Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Chronograph
    Issey Miyake Trapezoid Chronograph
    Xemex Picadilly Big Date Black Auto
    Glycine Incursore Auto Arco Brown

  • Roy

    Very nice watch! Personally, I’d love to pick up an Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project watch!

  • Kevin

    Nice, easy to read face. I like the 03, 06, 09 touch on the numbers.

    My wish list :

    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera 17 RS2
    Michele Turbina XL
    Oris TT3 Chronograph Second Time Zone
    Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf
    Breil Milano Chrono

  • Nick Orloff

    Nice clean, easy to read dial.

    My current “money no object” wish list (it changes every few weeks) …

    JLC Reverso & Patek Calatrava – they’re both elegant.
    Rolex President – I guess everyone needs to own a Rolex at some stage.
    Urwerk 202 – because it’s different.

  • Ray Chiasson

    Nice watch… First time I have heard of them.. My wish list is pretty numerous but I love Omegas..

    I have to add in to that 1 Oct is my 34th birthday, so this would be a pretty nice surprise…

  • Jay

    Very nice looking!

    On the wishlist: Oris Der Meistertaucher Regulator

  • Greg Daniel

    Love the simple clean look of the Moana.

    Wish list:

    Omega Speedmaster Sapphire Sandwich
    Rolex Explorer II
    Sinn U1


  • Steve Duncan


    Tissot T-Touch Titanium
    Luminox filed series
    Longines – Master collection any mens watch

  • Rick Feiner

    Nice looking watch.

    I’d really like a Citizen Grand Complication or the Jules Audemars Clinton Foundation Equation of Time watch.

  • Rayson Sakugawa

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Magrette.
    I live in Hawaii and the “Moana Pacific” sounds like a Hawaiian name for a hotel.
    Very sleek & smooth for both men and women to wear.

    My wish list:
    * Tag Haeur Link
    * Rolex Submariner
    * Philip Stein

  • Elena

    My watch just broke and I’m using my cell phone to tell time. The Magrette Moana Pacific would be perfect to wear everyday.

    Possible watches I’m thinking of buying:
    – Tag Haeur Aquaracer
    – Fendi
    – Bulova Diamond Steel

  • On my wish list:

    -Universal Tri-compax
    -Zenith Chronomaster El Primero or Rainbow
    -Garmin 405
    -Cartier Roadster

  • Laurier Tremblay

    A beautiful watch I will add to my wish list including:
    Omega Speedmaster
    Rolex Seadweller
    Concord Mariner

  • baltzur

    Nice Watch.

    My wish list:
    -Glashutte Original PanomaticReserve XL
    -Lange & Sohne Lange
    – JLC Amvox 3

  • Bayardo

    my WishList:

    Patek Philippe Nautilus 3712 Moon
    Patek Philippe 5960

  • Seth Krinsky

    Gorgeous watch…

    My wishlist: (If money was no issue)
    – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (2909.50.82)
    – Rolex DateJust II
    – Movado La Nouvelle

  • Kyle Grider

    My Wish List:
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Patek Phillippe Calatrava (yellow gold)
    Rolex Daytona (white gold)
    Kobold Spirit of America

  • marganda

    some of your design like Panerai.
    better to make a new style, which is will be know as your brand. in the future.
    – sorry for my opinion – but i hope your brand will be higher the Panerai.

    wish list :
    – seiko marine master
    – rolex sea dweller.

  • Wow, I hope I’m not too late! I’ve been “eyeing up” the Magrette watches for a number of months now. I’d sure love to win one.

    Other watches I’m currently interested in are:
    Suunto Elementum
    Doxa divers
    Panerai GMT
    Glycine (love the chrono ’08!)
    Lots more….


  • Tom Sitton

    The best watches tell time with gentlemen style and the Magrette Moana Pacific does that very well. The Magrette Regattare Day-Date is on my list too.

    1. The Benthic Ti from Hawaii
    2. The Magrette Regattare Day-Date
    3. Junkers W-33 Titanium Mechanical
    4. Any Panerai!
    5. Any old WWII watches from late 30’s to mid 40’s.

    Fantastic blog, keep up the good work.


  • Nice looking watch. My choice would be the soon to be released TAG Heuer V4 Monaco…awesome!

  • I love this watch, I love New Zealand too. I have wanted a Magrette for years now. I would also love a classic Tissot or almost any of the Rado range.



  • Seems like a nice automatic with a good price. Wish list includes the Perrelet Turbine. Slight gimicky but cool looking

  • Mike Buffa

    This watch is a beautful piece for the cost. I own a Citizen with the same movement. a few I have on my list are:

    Panerai Luminor Marina
    Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver
    Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Reveil Globe Alarm

  • The Magrette is a beautiful watch and I would love to own one.

    My wish list is:
    Lum-Tec Lumzilla LZ1
    Oris RUF CTR3 Chronograph

    …and to dream big for a second
    Concord C1 Biretrograde

  • Jaap

    Magrette makes windeful watches. Love the Valencia as well!Hope you’ll increase no# of swiss movements!


    Rolex Sea-Dweller (old version)
    JLC Master Compressor Geographic
    PP 5070

  • Rayhan Ahmed

    pls give me watch….they are awsome

  • John

    Magrette watches are unique and looks sharp. Very nice with brown/tan leather strap.

    Wist List:
    Graham Oversize Divers Chrono
    Rolex Sea-Dweller (Old Version)
    IWC Chronographn

  • andrema

    Magrette are terrific timepieces. Great styling and design!!!

    On the wish list are the Omega Planet Ocean and the UTS 2000m Pacific Blue.

  • What a great and easy to read watch. The company has some great ideas in the watch line. Cannot wait

  • Frank K.

    WOW! this really is a nice looking watch! Good choice.

  • Nick Slater

    Want List:

    Boschett Cave Dweller
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Steinhart Triton

  • Orient, Louis Vuitton, Magrette

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  • William P. OBrien

    Moana Pacific watch ,seiko spring drive

  • Steve Padmore

    Bought a Mona Pacific diver today and cant wait:) and would love to own a Mona Pacific

    Wish list:
    IWC Big Pilot

    To buy:
    Panerai Luminor Marina

  • Panny looking but different, I like this one alot.

  • Awesome giveaway, the one thing that annoys me about watches is not so much the watch but the people who are selling them half the time they dont know anything about the watch they are selling.. Local Watch Stores in General STINK!

  • Andreas D Loukakis


    Anonymo Militaire Chrono
    Swiss militray 20,000 feet
    Hublot Big Bang King
    Moana pacific engraved

  • Adam

    Love Magrette watches. I own the DLC version and love it.

    Wish list would include
    A. Lange
    Harry Winston

  • tim

    My wish list is a rolex submariner,moana pacific,tag,basically anything that is automatic,looks good,will last a long time!Heres hopeing i win!

  • tim

    THIS ONE!!!!!

  • Richard

    For friends and family this year, I look to Magrette,Tag Heuer and a Gucci for the wife. Great giveaway, thanks as always. For me, I am looking very hard at the latest from Ball Watches, the cool Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital or the Diver II Worldtimer.

  • Damien COLLIGNON

    Many vintage automatic branded watches are on my wish list! I like the Aquastar very much for their funky design and their sail racing functions! But the classic are also stunningly beautiful : Enicar, Dom Watch, Gallet, …. Happy New Year! Damien

  • EHamilton

    On my list:

    Rolex Submariner
    Hamilton Khaki X-copter
    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

  • Mark Hannum

    Omega Seamaster GMT
    Rolex GMT
    Any of the Arnold series
    Tissot Sailing T-Touch

  • Mark Elias

    Lum-Tec Lumzilla
    Porsche Design Chronograph
    Tag Heuer F1 Chronograph

  • Ed

    Moan Pacific Diver
    Halios Laguna

  • Danny Tapia

    I have been looking at these if I were to Purchase one as a gift.
    Moana Pacific

  • Leo

    Got my eye on a Panerai Luminor Marina and a Rolex Submariner.

  • b fieldman

    the magrette watch is the only watch on my wish list!

  • Ricardo Abreu

    One of the best watch i ever seen, really will buy one in the future. And the REGATTARE is as beautiful as this one

  • tivo

    cartier tank anglaise is on my wishlist

  • apadro

    In my wish list for watches to purchase are: Panerai, Breguett and now , Magrette. I visited their website and I am impressed with their line. Good prices as well.