Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

I am proud to present the second watch giveaway. I've made it even simpler this time to enter for a chance to win your choice of free Orient Mako Automatic Diver's watch. The giveaway is sponsored by Island Watch. The Orient Mako has an automatic mechanical movement that is in-house made by Orient in Japan. The movement features the time, date, and date of the week. Each with quickset adjusters. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and features a solid stainless steel case and rotating diver's bezel. Attractive and affordable, it makes for a good everyday diver style watch and is about 41mm wide. Read my full review of the Orient Mako Diver line of watches here.

The winner will be able to choose any of the Orient Mako models carried by Island Watch. This includes all metal versions with black, orange, or a blue face - as well as versions with a rubber diver's strap. The blue faced model has two bezel options, one with blue and red in a the "Pepsi bezel" style.

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment you can mention your favorite current or past diver style watch.

2. By entering you are opting in to receive occasional watch related news letters or announcements from the sponsor, Island Watch. You may opt out at any time.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 1st 2009 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Island Watch (, the sponsor of the Orient Mako Automatic watch giveaway here at!

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Island Watch is a popular Internet watch retailer specializing in brands such as Orient, Seiko, Dievas, Junkers, Luminox, Traser, Aristo, Wenger, Zeno, Vostok Europe, among others.

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  • Rob C

    Wow I love this watch, It looks a bit like my all time favourite divers watch, the Rolex Submariner. If it’s good enough for James Bond it’s good enough for me 🙂


  • I love diver’s style watches. I don’t dive, But just like the heavier build of these style of watches. I have had several Seikos over the years, But currently I do not own a Diver’s style watch. I’ve been looking at the Mako. I think it would be a great watch at an affordable price point!

  • Ian McEwan

    Interestingly, my current fave is an Orient!! It is the 300m saturation diver with black face. Looks like a million dollars on an Omega mesh bracelet, and like two million on the standard Ti bracelet! Wonderful timekeeping, exceptional casework – Orient is a brand to look out for and add to your collection.
    Thanks Mark and Island watch!

  • My favorite divers watch is the Seiko SNM031, the ‘White Samurai’ to those who know. I don’t tet own a Mako, so that could change.

  • Graham

    Although I own a couple of original Oyster watches, I find divers in the Oyster style at the lower end of the scale irresistible! They offer just so much more bang for the buck! The “Pepsi” bezel Orient is to die for!

  • Andy

    The Orient is a great looking watch!….My favourite dive brand is Doxa but it would be great to expand my collection with this Orient..i have heard much about them but still don’t own one.

  • Kevin Peck

    I think the Orient Mako diver watch has the classic look, my all time favorite and first dive watch was a original Seiko diver watch similar if not the model# SKX173.

  • Anthony Robertson

    I am a fan of the Panerai Luminor Marina series. Though I am not sure if they are really that good for diving. I used to dive in my youth and used a Citizen Aqualand.

  • John Monckton

    I have two diver watches at the moment, a vintage Tissot Seastar and a Christopher Ward London C6 Kingfisher.
    As comments above, the Orient diver watches are well specced and look good, and I too am liking the ‘Pepsi’ bezel version : )

  • Kevin

    My fave dive style is the Christopher Ward C6 Kingfisher. However I really like the Orient watch!

  • Taylor

    When it comes to diver’s watches, I’ve always been a fan of IWC’s Aquatimer line, especially the titanium chronographs. But for the money, it’s hard to beat an Orient watch.


  • Sean

    my favorite dive watch, or any watch for that matter is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. It’s perfect in every way. simple, beautiful and rugged with a famous in-house movement and iconic styling.

  • Jay

    Nice watch, cool giveaway.

  • The black Mako is very similar to my current diver, the Seamaster Pro 2254.50, so i wouldn’t mind owning one.


  • This is good, I’ve been coveting a Mako for some time now, but haven’t ordered one yet. The Blue Mako would probably be my first choice. My favourite diver would be the Prim Orlik. I know, not a pure diver, but it has a diver’s bezel and a screw-down crown.

  • Chris

    This is a great looking watch. I’d love to put it on a nato strap and wearing it all year long. Very nice indeed.

  • Nate

    I love how clean the Orient is, but my favourite dive watch has to be the Favre Leuba Deep Blue. I don’t really mind which colour, but the orange one is funky!

  • Brad SMith

    I am just starting to explore diving watches. They are really growing on me. I like the Orient, the Seiko Monster, and the Bernhardt Seashark and Corsair.

  • Duncan MacKenzie

    Being a newly initiated WIS, I have a certain appreciation for the Zenish Defy (maybe even the Xtreme iteration), but that’s a few orders of magnitude out of my budget. So, my attainable favorite divers are the Orient Mako (so many good review!) and some of Bernhardt’s offerings.

  • Tom Federico

    My current Fav in my collection is my Formex DS 2000 GMT (which you reviewed a ways back 😉 My ultimate fav that I would like to have in my collection would have to be a Panerai. Although more of a fashion/designer piece now, are heavily rooted in diving. Maybe one day 😉

    Thanks for a great site!

  • Brian

    I was actually thinking of picking up a Mako as a nice daily watch. I’ve never read anything bad about Orient, and I’m curious to actually own one. The price of entry is certainly inviting.

  • I like the Mako, it would be a good compliment to my favorite dive watches, the Seiko 200m Divers. I have the “Orange Bullet” Some people don’t like the chapter ring, but I think it works. Some day I would like a Seiko 007 as well, a real classic.

  • Brandon

    I actually really think the marketplace has space for Orient.

    Favorite current Diver’s watch: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (Orange Bezel).


  • chris

    my favorite diver-style watch is the omega seamaster planet ocean, but I’d gladly take one of these orient watches too.

  • Alan K

    Nice watch. My current fav diver style is an Ollech & Wajs 3077

  • Dan

    I always thought the JLC’s with the depth meter and that blue color were pretty awesome. Although the gold on white rubber Omega Ploprof for one watch this year was absolutely sick!! The orient diver with power reserve reviewed a few weeks ago was amazing for the price too! (love power reserve indicators!)

  • Dave B

    nice watch! i have many favorites right now, but i’m wearing a blue Oris TT-1 Diver Date — i’d say it’s my favorite today. 🙂

  • Max

    My favorite is the Suunto Vyper.

  • Joel

    Hmmm, I’d have to say the JLC polaris is my absolute favorite. I also like other compressor style watches like the Longines Legend Diver. Great site, nice watch and awesome giveaway. Keep it up Ariel!

  • funkright

    I like the orient watches, especially their flagship product, but the watch that started me down this path was my Omega Seamaster 🙂

  • James

    I like a diver I can really abuse and not feel bad about, hence the ESQ blackfin line (preferably with the analog tide indicator) Excellent giveaway, as well.

  • Darrell

    I would choose the Orient Black Analog/Digital Chronograph Alarm Watch #CVZ00001B. It looks fantastic.

  • CDoo

    Orient makes great looking divers. I especially like the 300m Preofessional model with power reserve meter. I also enjoy the looks of the the Hamilton Seaview Automatic Diver recently reviewed.

  • Yay for giveaways! I’m a fan of the Sinn divers.

  • Armand

    my favourite dive watches are dive chronographs, the ultimate in timing functionality!

  • Have been a fan of dive watches from day one even though my diving has to date been limited to snorkeling any chance and anywhere I can.I too like the feel of a well built and substantial timepiece on my wrist. Love Doxa and own a Caribbean along with several Seikos, Swiss Army Divemaster 500 and now perhaps a snappy Orient Mako. I should own a namesake….
    Keep up the good word Ariel!

  • geno


  • Eric W.

    Wow, those Orient watches are cool! My favorite diver watch is currently the Vulcain Nautical Cricket. If I won an Orient, that could change!

    Thank you for everything that you do, Ariel!

  • Charles Olsen

    Beautiful Watch! Looks like the beautiful 1979 Rolex Submariner, ref. 1680 (my favorite diver) that I just purchased!

  • Ricky Lee

    The Makos are definitely a great watch for the price, but my favorite dive watch of all time would have to be a toss up between the Omega Planet Ocean and the IWC vintage Aquatimer.

  • Marcus

    I like these Orient watches, and I currently enjoy a Buolva Star Mariner Chrono – reliable, heavy and quite affordable.

  • Laurier Tremblay

    Very attractive watch. Would love comparing it side-by-side with my Rolex Submariner.

  • Blancpain 50 fathoms is pretty cool… Or a Rolly Seadweller. My fave that I actually own is a Zodiac.

  • Chris

    Partial to the Suunto Elementum

  • Seth

    the omega solar impulse is pretty much my dream timepiece!

    thanks for the blog and the contest.

  • Nick

    My current favorite diver? Omega Seamaster. Why? James Bond.

  • colin

    favorite’s the ‘captain willard’ seiko 6105

  • nathan

    right now im liking the seiko vintage diver 6306-7001. gotta love the kanji date wheel.

  • aubuyer

    Orient’s have always been a great dive watch!

  • Dave

    Current? Omega 45.5mm Planet Ocean!

    Vintage? Omega 166.068 “Banana Dial” Seamaster

  • stefano

    My favorite diver? Seamaster. Omega Seamaster.

  • Bernardo

    I like extremes, so I would say my favorite diver watch would have to be the MTM Black Seal Xtreme Ops, with 39,600ft of waterproofness!

    While not as extreme that Blue Mako does look mighty good!

  • Paul

    The Rolex 1665 Sea Dweller is an amazing watch – something I will never get the chance to own, unfortunately…..

  • Santtu

    OWC – MilSub 5517 must be my favorite current diver there is!

  • corey

    This looks like a great first diver watch for me to try out. I might have to buy this.

  • Ian R.

    Great looking watch!

    My all time favorite would have to be the Sea Dweller. Hopefully I will find one at a good price one day!

  • Mike Moorefield

    The Orient watch has done their homework on marketing with the varied face and band/strap color selections. Regardless of your current diver watch of choice, and they are varied as you can see from all the posts, this Orient watch looks sturdy and well priced. And, can be a great addition to your collection in a distinct color! I applaud Ariel for his commitment to sharing watches with various price points which address readers and watch enthusiasts of all income levels…or those to which we may someday aspire!!!

  • Peter Corliss

    The Mako looks like a great watch – obviously inspired by, but still uniquely different from the Submariner. The options of different color and band choices makes it wonderfully flexible. Well done!

  • jean

    my fav, is the Invicta Russian diver, and the Rolex submariner

  • Very good looking watch. I like a clean look. I’ve always really liked the Omega Seamasters as well.

  • Gene Mui

    This watch is definitely Bond, James Bond.

  • Margaret

    Fabulous! My favorite is going to have to be the current Orient – I love black and orange!

  • Veljko Roskar

    I like the Pepsi bezel one. I dive a lot in the Gulf of Mexico and it would be a nice unique watch to have amongst all the generics and common brands.

    Also the movement is non mistakenly automatic rather than quartz click per second one.

    My favorite dive watch is probably a Rolex Sea Dweller but it’s way out of my league.

  • dc177

    My next purchase: Rolex Submariner with nato strap

  • Nicholas Tan

    My current favourite watch is the Rolex Sea Dweller DeepSea – however, taking practicality into consideration, I’d probably save up for a Submariner (Dateless).

    Orient’s definitely going places with the new designs. Love the Mako – think it will look great on a NATO!

  • Carlo D

    Suunto D9 is my current fave! And this one would be a classic!!!

  • James McAllister

    My favorite diver is my old Citizen Aqualand quartz diver that I purchased in 1988. I’ve used it to dive the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Panama, and Florida. I recently sent it back to the Citizen service center in Tokyo for a cleaning and new seals, its first factory service in 20 years. It’s still ticking and has never failed me.

    I plan to order an Orient CFD0C001B pro diver soon, which may very well become my new favorite diver.

  • Phil Lee

    Orient really seem to produce some good looking divers. My favourite dive watch is the Precista PRS-14, a classic design and good to 300m.

  • Chuckm

    I swear by my Tag Heuer Link Chronograph (2003 model.) Durable? Classic? Good looking? Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Cool contest, thanks!

  • Tommy

    My current favorite is my black Breitling Superocean w/dive strap. Thanks again for the cool contest.

  • Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 presented recently on this very site could be my favorite diving watch.

  • Aaron

    Nice watch, and thanks for having this contest. My favorite: Bell & Ross Type Marine watches.

  • Loren Leong

    Love to see this watch in person, very clean and classic. Nice to see another watch company that is not afraid of orange dials. Thanks for sharing this watch with us.

  • S.B. Prime

    Gotta love the most recent Kingfisher. 😀

  • David

    My favorite dive watch is my IWC Aquatimer titanium chronograph. The look is timeless and does not shout out for atttention

  • Emerson

    My favorite of all time would have to be the Rolex Submariner.

  • John Yong

    I’m a recreational diver but sadly do not own any at the moment. Hopefully, that situation will change in September. I also like the Omega Seamaster, James Bond edition.

  • Timex Expedition Diver Style Watch is a tough watch & that really takes a lot.

  • Dean Grant Baker


    What a fantastic offer.

    My own personal favourite is a true Diver’s tool watch: it’s my Citizen Professional Diver’s 300M titanium aka the Eco-Zilla.

    Antimagnetic, helium release valve, lume you can read by.
    It makes a statement when you wear a hockey puck on your wrist.

    I’d love to have something even more professional.

    Thank you for your offer.


  • Neil

    My favorite and IMO the watch that started the dive watch craze is the venerable Rolex submariner. A watch that one day I hope to own.

  • Geoff M

    I really like the Seiko Orange Monster, which should be arriving any day now, and I’m also saving my pennies for a Christopher Ward Kingfisher in blue.

  • Dilip

    IWC Aquatimer
    Automatic Titanium 2000
    Blue and yellow- style.

  • Scott Atkinson

    Simply a classic style. It’s like when you see an old Porsche 911. You know you a have to have one and drive it fast. This watch shows a very masculine feel to it and has me heading to the beach. Fast

  • Devin A

    I like the orient black mako!

  • Chris G.

    So I just bought several Orient watches and so far I am delighted. I have the CEZAD003D, which is a power reserve tank with a wonderful convex crystal, and the CEX0P003W, an understated white dial with power reserve and leather band. So far delighted with the accuracy and overall quality. Its about time that another player was in the automatic watch market, especially in this economic climate.

  • Dennis P.

    I bought myself a red Bernhardt Sea Shark about a month ago. I am loving it! Very nice quality, especially for the money. The Miyota in mine is running about 10-15 seconds a day fast, not too bad.I am happy I made this purchase.

  • Daniel J.

    Right now I have the Swiss army Maverick II and I am looking for my second diver style watch. I actually saw this model on I am delighted to be entering this drawing! Good luck everyone!

  • Mort S.

    As a desk diver, my favorite is the Omega Americas Cup chronograph.

  • Robert A.

    My dream diver is an Omega Seamaster Professional but after reading the excellent reviews of the Orient Mako it’s nice to know there are quality options at sane prices.

  • Guy S.

    My favorite Citizen Promaster 300m diver has been great, but I’ve always wanted to try an automatic mechanical movement.

  • Derek Wheeler

    My favorite diver is the Seiko Prospex SpringDrive, but my grail is the Rolex Submariner in two tone SS and 14k gold… I had it for a while but we had to part ways. I just got my first Orient and am ready to get more. I’m falling more in love with Japanese auto’s every day.

  • My favorite diver has always been the Omega 2255.80. It is a full size automatic Omega with the deep ocean blue gloss dial and polished steel bezel along with a submariner style bracelet with polished accents instead of the typical Omega 9 piece link bracelet. I’ve actually owned 2 of them. I bought the first one for my 20th birthday then sold it about a year later, I ended up buying another one about a year after that because I missed the watch so much.

    As for the Orient Mako, after seeing one in person I just had to have the blue dial model.. The size and color are just perfect. It will be mine one day..

  • Nick

    Man, I’ve gotten VERY interested in the Orient divers. The official reviews and unofficial comments on websites have really been laudatory. I need to give my Orca some serious wrist time competition!

  • Nick O

    My favourite diver? The Omega Seamaster Professional – the Peirce Brosnan James Bond watch – and I can’t tell you how excited I was on the one occasion I actually went diving to use a diving watch!!

  • Mikola György

    My favourite choice of a divers’ was a Citizen eco-drive 200m divers’ bought some ten years ago. The besel was easy to rotate, and the illumination was excellent.The appearance of the watch was eye-catching. Unfortunately, it got stolen.
    Now I have a Longines Hydro Conquest.

  • Tracy Newton

    I absolutely love this watch.

  • Kirk Anderson

    If cost were no issue my favorite dive watch is probably a Rolex SeaDweller – they are just awesome and classic. However for the price, the mako’s are incredible. I have a friend with 2 that loves them.

  • Ryan M.

    Omega Ploprof 1200m for me!!!! It means business.

  • Jim Smith

    My favorite Orient watch is the GMT model. Love that big orange GMT arrow. This watch has a domed crystal which is a really nice feature. It doesn’t beam me in the eye with sunlight when I am driving, as the flat crystal sometimes do. Orient is a great brand. I’m a big fan.

  • These are beautiful watches, and I would be proud to add any one of them to my collection!
    As for my favorite, that’s a hard one, if I had to pick, it would be a tie between my Elgen Aluminium /Rubber Divers Chronograph, or my Invicta I Force Automatic.

  • paul dengel

    this is a swet watch, i love this style of watch,i use a seiko 6309 for diving but this would be a great replacment for the old watch, thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this amazing watch,

  • Rob

    Dynamit watch! I had an Aquamaster a few years ago–sadly it succumbed to a 5 month old Rottwweiler. Won’t make that mistake again!

  • Jorge

    My Omega Seamaster has been my favorite dive watch for the last ten years but now that it’s been overhauled by Omega at the tune of six hundred bucks I think this Orient will be a nice diving replacement.

  • Earle Cogburn

    It would be good to add this Orient Mako diver watch to my collection since I do not have one. I like all of these diver watches but I would like to get the one with the orange dial with the rubber strap. I have several Orient watches and they keep accurate time and the quality is great.

  • Stephen Santoro

    I have a rather large collection of Orient watches including a Yellow mako that gets more wrist time than any other watch. Orients have proven to me to not only be great quality, but extremely resilient and reliable. Funny thing is people only think a good watch can be a Swiss watch, but they are always amazed when I show them one of my Orients.

  • Anson Chappell

    I’d have to say that divers watches of all types are appealing, but front-runner as a favourite for me right now is the Orient Orange Automatic. Very slick!

  • Phil

    I have enjoyed an Orient day-date for the last couple years. It’s been an excellent value for the money paid. The Mako looks like a nice watch.

  • Sue Harrison

    I would love to win this as a surprise for my wonderful husband .He thinks its great.

  • visar

    This is not the best watch ever, it´s just a great one!
    Even though I like more the `new Mako`(CEM75002D),I would still love to have the old Mako on my wrist, cause the last one I had was just……superb!

  • colt


    My favorite all time dive watch would be the Vostok Amphibia (turtle neck for me, please)

    THX for the opportunity !!! 😀

  • matt


    my favorite dive watch is the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea.

  • muhammad mutaza

    i love this hoby to collect nice watches & to explore web sites:

  • Kee Hong Choe

    My fav diver’s watch is the Orient Diver (Rolex homage). Bought from LongIslandWatch through a promotion about 4 months ago. It has been my daily beater since then. It keeps good time, +10-12s per day and looks good. I hope I win this giveaway – I really like the day-date!

  • ricky

    Love the Orient!! Fav watch would be a Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Edition with green bezel. Currently wearing a seiko orange monster, love to add a orient to the collection.

  • A. Reed

    My favorite divers’ watch is a customized Seiko 6309-7040. (The “UFO Case”). I bought Sword Hands from Bill Yao and a dial from Noah Fuller that looks like the Omega Seamaster Ministry of Defense model; this is the dial with the triangular marker at the 12 o’clock position. I even have a “James Bond” NATO strap for it. Very groovy. I couldn’t afford an original Omega Seamaster M.O.D. with sword hands so this was the next best thing!

  • Rob L

    Wow, that is very nice of islandwatch! Apart from the Mako that island is giving away I must admit that island carry lots of other great watches. I know cause I purchase from them before! As for my favorite diving watch, I must say it got to be my vintage Seiko Suwa divers. Cheers

  • harvey

    like orange watches.,,nice color

  • Drexxy

    I got these watches today and I must admit they are beautiful, heavy and best bang for the buck 🙂

  • My only dive watch is a Seiko SKX171 model. I like the fact that it has a stainless steel bezel instead of an insert like most dive watches. I have had it for years and the paint has worn off of some of the numbers on the bezel but it still looks as cool as when I got.

  • My favorite, and only, dive watch is a Seiko SKX171 which I wear on a jubilee bracelet.

  • Jason

    I like the orient watches. I am torn between a sieko pepsi and the orient pepsi.

  • Cam

    I like watches with in-house movement, similar to my Seiko Orange Monster. However, as of right now, I am digging the looks of my Bathys 100F. Although not a ‘typical’ dive style, the unique face, luminescent arabic numerals, and titanium PVD coating are second to none. I have yet to own an Orient but have been looking at them recently. Thanks to Long Island for the opportunity.

  • Grad School Mommy

    My husband is crazy about watches & so I’m entering this because I know he’d just be stoked to receive a fabulous Orient Mako model! He actually does scuba, so it’d get good use.

    If asked, he’d admit that his dream watch is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer… and I really hope I can get him one when I finally graduate. After so many years of supporting me, I’d be thrilled to return the favor.

    Thanks for this great giveaway from Island Watch!


  • ray oesterreich

    I have just stumbled upon this site and was immediately attracted to this line of watches. I have been looking for a new dive watch since handing down my Eco Drive to my son.

  • Andrew

    Bathys 100F is my favorite dive watch right now, but I’m probably going to buy a black monster or black mako soon.

  • Ray

    I recently began shopping for a good quality, automatic diver’s watch that was durable, reasonably priced, and suitable for daily wear. All of the research that I’ve done to date indicates that the Orient Mako more than fulfills my criteria.

  • I have an old Heuer 1000 diver that just keeps on running, has hack set so I time races with it . Would be cool to update to the Mako

  • Christopher Price

    I think my favorite diver’s watch is the classic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. I have a Concord Mariner, which I suppose would qualify as a dive watch, and a Seiko SeaUrchin, which is my favorite beater watch.

  • I had my eye on the Kingfisher Diver Pro C6SBS,
    by Christopher Ward of London, beats my old timex any day.

  • I own a Seiko Orange Monster,a Citizen Eco-drive,and a vintage Seiko Dive watch.Winning this watch would be a great addition to my collection!

  • Robert Derga

    My favorite dive watch is not a single watch but a watch family. The Orient Mako line is without question one fine watch with looks, quality, fit, finish, and accuracy unmatched at this price point. I currently own 3 Orient Makos (all obtained this year) and love the fact with simple band changes you can totally alter the looks of the watch. I currently have the Orange, Yellow, and Blue Mako and hope to add the Black and Pepsi Bezel versions in the future to complete the family. Each has its own character and look but there is no doubt they are part of the same family. At the Orient Mako’s price, one can easily enjoy the many faces of the Mako without spending as much as one would spend on a single dive watch of other high quality brands.

  • mikeegger

    Orient is making some very fine looking watches. My favorites are the Seiko divers

  • danna phillips

    I like automatic watches of all types.

  • Walter Egger

    Citizen watches are my favorite.

  • Mona Egger

    The Orient watches are very nice looking.

  • Don Graves

    My favorite style of dive watch is the one my wife bought me as a birthday gift shortly after we became certified to dive (’93); the Citizen Aqualand Promaster CQ1055. It is still fully functional and still mint. However, since Citizen no longer offers service or parts on this watch (picture a frowning emoticon flipping the bird), I am ready to win that orange Mako…


    Great looking diver’s watch! omega Seamaster.

  • Jordan GP

    My favorite diver watch is currently the DOXA Sub 800Ti Titanium Professional (orange). I am a huge fan of DOXA and this fan-designed piece is amazing!

  • Mark

    Rolex sub all the way, as much as it is maligned by many. Given that I’m still young and broke, however, my Invicta 8926 will have to suffice for now. It’s really a great deal–I’ve had it for two years now, actually gone scuba diving with it, and it’s still running great.

  • Milan S

    I have had a Swiss made copy of the Rolex Submariner for 18 yrs now and love it. Takes a lickin’ keeps on tickin’. My much “younger” Omega Seamaster not so much. So I can only imagine what a real Submariner would be like. Rolex Submariner for sure.

  • I love this watch

  • IanP

    I’ve owned numerous (mostly inexpensive) watches over the years but all have left me unsatisifed in one way or another.

    My current favourite is a *asio quartz analogue diver watch (model MDV102-1AV). However, it doesn’t appear to be as stylish or robust as the featured model from Orient. I have my heart set on of these incidentally but find it hard to choose from the options available. Winning this draw could resolve my indecision… 😉

  • Chester T

    Current favorite is the Marathon Watch, Wrist, Divers, Automatic.

  • Mike S

    I have been using a Rolex Submariner as my dive watch for a long time now.

  • Yuta T

    I’ve been debating which Seiko diver to get. I think Sumo’s my current favorite.

  • Chris Thompson

    That’s a great looker. I like the “Pepsi” style bezel.

    My current favorite diver is the Seiko Orange Monster.

  • Huib

    Great looking watches, but my favourite remains the Big Blue Omega Seamaster. Wouldn’t mind an Orient either.

  • Billy

    It’s kind of a cliched choice, but I really like Submariners as long as the bezel is a color besides black.

  • Rich

    I think the Orient Mako combines design elements from both the Rolex sub and Omega Seamaster past iterations. It makes for a really classic but not a copycat looking watch. I think the Orange Mako with rubber strap is the most unique looking of the bunch for standing out from the crowd!

  • Riz

    I love the orient black macio cem6500 2d. It has a classic rugged design close to what James Bond wore in his underwater action scenes in his movies. It is automatic, tough & waterproof.

  • Carl

    I think the Orient Blue Mako is my favorite dive watch. My second would have to be the Yello Orient Dive CEM65001Y. Nice solid, well made watches.

  • P.J.

    My current fave watch is the Seiko diver watch SKA383. I have never owned an Orient watch but I love the way this Mako looks, and I hear their quality is comparable to the best watches in the world. I can only hope I win this beauty!

  • Louie

    I really love the color and of course the ever so reliable in house Orient Japanese movement. My other dive watch is a Tag Heuer Formula 1

  • Cyrille

    The Orient is a great looking watch!….My favourite dive brand is Seiko Monster but it would be great to expand my collection with this Orient..The Red Blue Pepsi basel is Coool!

  • Bruce Robinson

    Same old, same old. I’m not really into this watch…which is why I’d wear it on vacations.

  • DavidB4668

    Seiko “Orange Monster”

  • Justin

    My favorite dive watch is the Breitling Chrono Superocean, but this would be a really nice addition to the collection. Who knows I might even change the favorite later on.

  • Christopher Anzalone

    Orient’s are great watches. I have the Blue Mako and an Orient Three Star on the way. I’d love to include the Blue/Red Mako (Pepsi) or Orange Mako in my collection.

  • Frederick Smith

    Diver style watches of all makes are my everyday favorites. My current favorite is an Invicta Swiss made diver.

  • Panagiotis

    I already have one exactly like the one pictured and i really need a second one to wear on my other hand!
    It’s a real bummer wrestling with a hammerhead with the one hand and having to sacrifice a limb to check what time it is!

  • Steve Gupta

    My favorite diver style watch is still the Omega Seamaster. It has a clean classic design. I will admit the Orient is a great looking watch. I would love to see it at my local jeweler.

  • Anthony R.

    I have always been a fan of the Panerai diver’s watches. Can’t really afford one, but I am a fan of the design. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Favorite diver is the vintage Blancpain fifty fathoms, either in LIP form or with the no-radiations dial.

  • Paul

    My current favorite dive watch (if I could ever get one….) is the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 – ultimate classic style.

  • Mike F

    Great everyday, affordable watch. Love the version with the orange face. My favorite diver is my daily watch, a Rolex Submariner. I would gladly mix in the orange Orient into the rotation. Very cool.

  • Stephen

    I think both the Orange Mako and Seiko Monster are exceptional dive watches. I love the functionality of both and the balance between style and sport. Other than Orient, who makes an orange face look that good? Seriously.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  • Kevin

    I’m kinda diggin’ the Bathys Benthic.

  • Tom

    IWC Aquatimer…

  • Curtis Wald

    Current favorite dive watch is an Orient Blue Automatic Dive Watch

  • Cam

    I’ve been lusting after a Mako for quite some time now, but my favorite classic diver is the Rolex Submariner. You know it’s a classic if James Bond wears one.

  • Lawrence

    I am loving the blue color on that blue dial face.

    Would be a pretty addition to my small but growing collection.

  • Antonius

    I personally like the orange face rubber strap dive watch. I’ve loved watches since I was 7. This watch would be a welcomed additon to my collection, and also be worn with pride.

  • xiao

    Sea-gull of Tianjin makes a very reliable diver watch, if not the most prestigious. I like their automatic M163S-21.

  • iam a watch collector and i have admired the looks of this Orient divers watch/i would praise the designers and the whole team who have contributed engineer this unique piece of watch, i hope and pray for the company to do more than this in years to come

  • Chris

    The Orient watches look good! My favorite diver’s watch is my 1968 Rolex Tudor that was my father’s watch.

  • Jean-Claude Branch

    This is a good looking dive watch, Similar to the Submariner but also they make the doxa orange which is a neat difference

  • Nice detailed posting, as always, regarding the watch. I must confess to not knowing much about ORIENT before this post – I am now informed. The styling to me is much the same as most dive watches out there, following the lines of the Rolex Subs, but at a fraction of the cost.
    The inclusion of day is always nice but does distract from the “tool” nature of these types of watches IMHO.
    Nice item and a good price, will check one of these out.

  • Bruce

    My favorite diver watch is any old school panerai

  • Ken

    My original dive watch was a Seiko. I am currently using my TAG Link caliper S. This Orient watch looks excellent. The Lum-Tec design for 10 looks nice too.

  • Overload in CO

    It’s not the most expensive, or rare, or have any attributes that make it unique, but the watch I always fall back on is a Seiko SBBW049, the Grey Ghost AGS (Kinetic). Titanium case, ti band,rotate-able bezel, contrasting hands on grey stone dial, day & date, and due to it being upgraded from a capacitor to a rechargeable battery, it has a 6 month life if I stop wearing it.

  • Bruce

    Very much like my second-favorite wanna-have watch, the Rolex Submariner. (First place goes to the Rolex Daytona).

  • Xavier

    The Orient watches are very nice looking
    I crave for the Orient Brown Automatic
    Open Heart,Power Reserve Sport Watch #CFTAB003T
    My current is a Seiko

  • LizS

    my current fav is the nixon 51-30 which is great for vacations because of the tide indicator. i dont do much diving, but if i did i wouldn’t mind doing it with a new orient mako!

  • William Anderson

    The simplicity and functionality combined with reasonable price points makes the Orient Mako Automatic Diver’s line of watches very desirable. I dislike any watch that becomes so stylistic and cluttered (or so expensive) that it ceases to be useful as an actual watch and becomes a very nice, expensive trinket in a dresser drawer perhaps only remembered for wear on some special occasion. This line can be worn with pride everyday in front of everybody — and be a real watch too.
    William Anderson

  • Jon Leatherwood

    Nothing beats the Submariner

  • Brett Moore

    I was always a big fan of the IWC’s Aquatimer line

  • I’ve always liked the classic looks of the Rolex Submariner. I think its the epitome of the dive watch.

  • Matt Szady

    I very much like your review of the Orient diver informative but not bombastic. My current favorite diver is my Citizen Promaster Ecozilla.

  • John Park

    I like the Rolex diver watches… although they are somewhat overrated, nothing beats it.

  • PYC

    I LOVE the Mako, especially the Blue one!!! Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone!

  • Daniel

    I really like the look of these. My favorite is the Pepsi style Bezel. This would be a great everyday watch for me. I own one other diver “Ollech & Wajs” M1. That is my favorite style.

    Would be happy to win. Great site.

  • Christian Gldames

    Likes your review of this Orient Diver. To the point without all the fancy talk. My favorite diver in the BP 50 Fathoms of the 1970’s.

  • Ed Hoffman

    I am a big Luminox fan. If I haven’t worn one during the day, I will invariably switch to one of my Luminox’s to sleep in. When the dogs or my bladder wake me up @ 3 am, I always look at my watch and am amazed at the brightness of those Tritium tubes. I appreciate the generosity of the Orient folks, and I would love to make this win my first of many such watches. Thanks, Ed Hoffman

  • Mystro

    Feels like the rolex submariner, but I am also a fan of Oris Der Meistertaucher and the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. I am leaning more towards the oris and I wear it daily.

  • Joshua

    right now i have my eye on the Blancpain 50th anniv Fifty Fathoms, i love the blend of classic style with modern strap.

  • Lim Meng Shi

    I have loved diving watches the first time I encountered them. I love the fact that they are built for tough conditions and I can wear them on all occasions.

    The Mako has a feature in a diver that I appreciate – The absence of a magnifier. This takes away the distraction from the watch face. Besides, how often do you need to look at the date compared to the time? The less distraction the better.

    I also like the broad sword hands with large lumes.

    I currently have an Epos Diver (Limited Edition) which is getting 100% wrist time.

  • Hank

    my favorite dive watch is a tudor hydronaut ii. they took the proven oyster case, ingenious triplock crown, stick in a dependable modified ETA movement and then slap on an affordable price tag – you get a bulletproof watch that’s cheap to maintain; with or without the rolex service center! (although any tudor dive watch will do the job, and the RSC supply of parts help too)

  • Dennis Wickham

    My favorite dive watch. It’s still at the bottom of the kelp beds off San Diego where I learned decades ago that nice diving watches shouldn’t be used for diving. The Orients each reflect the classic styling that I love. Today, my favorite child is a Breitling Super Ocean. But, tomorrow?


    My favorite dive watch is my Alpha sub with a leather bracelet, ha. I love the price but don’t love the accuracy. I only wear it because my eardrums are too sensitive to swim out of its WR range anyway

  • Nick Orloff

    To me, summer means: Diver’s watches, bbq, the beach, hot weather & girls in bikinis.


  • razvan

    i really need a new watch, an orient will be perfect

  • Ryan K

    My favorite diver of all is the timeless submariner. Alas, my wife just had our first child so I think a new watch is not in my future.

  • Anders Sederholm

    Looks like a really solid divers watch.
    I would definitely wear this watch with pride.

  • Oscar E. Bosje

    Living in the Netherlands does have it’s disadvantages.
    Like being under the constant threat of flooding.
    My favorite watch is the DWATCH Sting Ray 1000m limited edition but the Orient Mako Automatic Diver’s watch will do just nicely in case the dams should break.
    Thanks for this giveaway action and keep up the nice site.

  • K Miles

    Lovely watch. Like many others, started on dive watches with Omega Seamaster.

    (Free Orient Mako Diver Giveaway)

  • D C Lane

    Great looking timepiece.

    My Favorite dive watches are from UTS.
    Heavy and solid… Accurate and reliable…
    Also like my Rolex DeepSea…
    As if I’d ever go under 3900 Meters!
    And I love to wear my Schaumberg Titan (2000M)
    Oddly, I’m also fond of my SubAqua Noma III


  • KCD

    My favorite all time Dive watch has to be the ever classic Rolex Submariner. I think the Orient Mako has done an excellent job demonstrating the impact and influence the Submariner has enjoyed over the years. My current favorite is the Omega Planet Ocean.
    If I were to win the Orient Mako of my choice I would lean towards the blue stainless with the Pepsi bezel. The Pepsi bezel, usually reserved for aviation models looks neat on a diver. Realizing one reads the bezel time going up, not down in diving, it still looks cool. Let’s face it, my dive days may be over but at a glance with the Pepsi bezel I can tell how long I have to wait till I pick up my to-go order.
    As an aside, I love the Orient Black World Traveler Watch. A true 24 hour watch that looks great, designed for true functionality and at a very attractive price point. Good luck to all.

  • zarathusa

    no.1 SINN UX SDR

  • cool watch I like the pepsi bezel. My favorite is the Rolex Submariner as well

  • Loren Leong

    What a classic look for what seems like a newer combination of all the old standbys. Combination of Rolex Submariner with a nod to the clean lines and colors of a Doxa. Love the playfulness of bezel treatments and orange dial. Let’s not leave out Omega Seamaster either with the extra pusher.

  • Currently, I am digging the Sinn Arktis 203 with the super cool blue dial… Good size at 41 x 16 and comfortable bracelet which is easy to adjust. Good lume and rated to 300m Antimagnetic features and tested to -45 C.. dare I say perfect?…………Of course, when I need a black diver.. its the trusty Seadweller.

  • force_quit

    Currently my black brushed Halios Holotype gets the most wrist time.

  • Well, it’s the Rolex Submariner that got me interested in diver watches, but I became a fan of Invicta watches because they’re what I can afford. I do think the new Deepsea is interesting, though. The Orient mako looks like a merge between the Sub and the Seiko dive watches, so I like that, too.

  • First off, THANK YOU for this great contest. i hope I win because this would be an incredible addition to my collection. So cool
    I like many many different watches, including the Panerai Luminor Marina series and of course the Rolex Submariner.
    Thank you again for the wonderful contest!

  • Anthony J. di Pota

    Although the Rolex Submariner has the classic looks, and the Omega Seamaster has the 007 crowd, I have to go with the Panerai Luminor Marina for its simplicity.

  • David

    Can I have three favorites? I like the Marathon gsar, Vostok amphibia, the one worn by Steve Zissou in Life Aquatic, and the Mako. I like each of these watches for different reasons although I have never used any of them. The Marathon looks like it could be hit with a hammer, run over by a Hummer and worn to 300 meters and keep on ticking. The Vostok is a great looking watch. The MAKO is a good crossover that is a pratical dive watch and a nice dress watch.

  • Eugene

    I like the look of the watch. I’m not a diver so I’ll have to appreciate it twice as much, just like the Omega Seamaster which I would love to own one day!

  • My son is a navy diver, and I am sure would like a watch like this. I am retired Navy and would love to send a fine watch like this to him on his birthday to let him know that he is not forgotten while serving his country. Best regards, Robert E. Browne CPO, USN, Ret.

  • Brian

    That is truly a beautiful watch, especially the “Pepsi” one, wow. I own a low-end Casio diving watch (the model number escapes me at this moment) that was actually found in the ocean at the Outer Banks by my mom back in approximately 1993. It still worked which shocked her, so she kept it and tossed it into a bucket with her seashells. She found it again later and my dad said it was too big for him, so it sat in a drawer for years. He gave it to me around 2001 and I instantly fell in love with the watch because it just feels so sturdy and has such a cool story behind it. I don’t wear it daily now because I want to keep it in good shape still, but I’d love to have another diver’s watch like this Orient to become my new daily 😉

  • Michael Pierro

    I like panerai style dive watches and the orange orient watch. Very nice giveaway.

  • Martin Soderstrom

    I have to say the Submariner; there’s simply no other real alternatives.

  • IMHO Any DOXA watch is a must for any diver that wants reliability.

    I you want both reliability and the looks of a thing of beauty then:

    BLANCPAIN’s Fifty Fathoms is for you.

    Greetings from Colombia!!!

  • Garth

    Cool watch.

  • john batten jr

    rolex explorer 11 is the best watch i,ve owned. for utility wear an orange monster seiko

  • Per

    Seiko SKX007 is my favorite but this orient would be nice to have in my collection to 🙂

  • Bert

    My favorite diver-style watch is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Classic.

  • Gaurav

    Hi, the blog is really great but it doesn’t cover a lot of more expensive watches. I have a breitling Emergency and I think it is the best survival watch one could get. It saves life man. I was gifted that watch by my dad who is a pilot.

  • Alejandro Montesinos

    My favorite dive watch is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.
    The only thing I dislike aobut it is the price tag!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • One of the best Divers watch in my view is the Omega Planet Ocean Chronograph, with orange bezel. It iss clear, its luminous, its meaty on your wrist in the water.

    Other more budget conscious models would be Citizen automatic divers watch, and Rotary Aquaspeed. They both do what it says on the tin.

  • Jeff Lau

    The Orient Mako is a very nice diver’s watch and the best thing about it is the affordable price. I would say my favorite diver style watch has to be the Rolex Submariner. It features a timeless style combined with a high quality Rolex movement.

  • Robert

    Timeless Clean lines
    Favorite still the Breitling Superocean

  • Anthony

    My favorite diver watch is the Orient Mako.
    Although it was released several years ago, it still looks better than many latest diver watches,including many Swiss made watches.

    I appreciate it own style and quality, which separate it from other diver watches.

    I don’t dive, but I think diver watches are more reliable.

  • Christofer

    Well my favorite bond is Pierces Brosnan and he has the Omega Seamaster Professional 2531.80 (But a bit more expensive for a student). But the orient sub 2er0 model and mako lock nice and a more affordable price for a student 😛

  • Ben

    I have been admiring the Mako for some time so this may be my chance to add it to my small collection! My favorite watch is the classic Rolex sub, but alas can’t seem to justify the expense when there are so many divers available at a fraction of the price. My Seiko Black Monster gets most of the wrist time these days.

  • Ross Tomson

    I absolutely love the style of this dive watch. Thank you for the giveaway. Pick me!

  • Alex Bellotti

    Awesome looking watch. My favorite watch is the Omega Seamaster Professional – a bit too expensive for me though.

  • Kevin Reed

    I like the simple, uncluttered style. I currently wear a St. Moritz Data II. But I could retire it if I win…

  • Albert

    I am new to watches, but I have fallen in love with Orient and their affordable watches! As a poor student, they are a godsend. I know it’s a boring answer, but I feel like there’s no replacement for the original Rolex Submariner. If it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for me!

  • miriam

    this is not your regular day to day use watch this one is one of a kind fave is an Orient!! It is the 300m saturation diver with black face. oh yeah i would love to win….

  • Jeremy Onyango

    That is a lovely array of watches… the color schemes and coordination are excellent, the interface is simple yet classy. just by looking at the straps you can tell it provides absolute comfort as well as exuding a sense of class and sophistication.

  • George Okuno

    Seiko Monster and Omega Planet Ocean are my favorite diver styles. I never really looked too carefully at the Mako, but I’m starting to love the proportions.

  • Very good website highly recomended very good watches to have

  • Stephen Delaney

    Hi All,

    My favorite dive watch, and I have two, the Seiko ” Monster ” one in orange with a rubber strap, the other black on the bracelet. the only problem I have with the Seiko monster is the autonomy of the main spring, I take the watch off on Friday night after wearing it all week, by around 10pm Saterday evening it stops, and as you know this piece can’t be manualy wound. The 7S26 movement needs a good shake to get it running, just like me!
    But’ they sure are cool looking.

    Regards to all watch lovers!



    Had a orient watch till someone stole it off my wrist…Was jumped by 2 guys…Like to try to get anotherone…Thanks..Tom Gorman

  • Laurens W. Floyd, Jr.

    I have never heard of Orient until seeing your blog! They are striking and at a price point that would not “break the bank”. It is a nice watch you could wear everyday, be sporty, and not worry about so much about losing it!

  • MIke Perriam

    Nice loking well made watch.

  • Iv’e heard of orient wathches, but never seen oone. I’m a fan of automatic watches, I have a vintage 1950 omega sea master and an invicta diver. I love how the Makos look and would love to have one

  • John Kelsey

    I just bought an Orient 2ER00002D, the blue dial 100 meter submariner watch that apparently has been discontinued. It is a classy watch that has consistent, day-after-day accuracy. It always loses 4 sec a day and has for the two weeks I have owned it. That is better than my Rolex Datejust. After it settles in I may have it adjusted.

  • kelley warren

    Nice watch, and thanks for having this contest.

  • Chester Terry

    My current favorite dive watch is the Deep Blue 300M DayNight Ops. Wonderful watch with a decent movement for a good price.

  • Kyle Newton

    Rolex Sub-Mariner

  • chris winterbottom

    My current fav dive watch is the Mako. Easy to read and clear at my depths.

  • John Saccani

    I like all variations of diver style watches, but the Orient is a great variation of the traditional look with a very accurate and well made in house movement.

  • jim

    my favorite orient is FD0C001M w ss braclet and orange face

  • tim

    My favorite is the rolex submariner,because it a classic,but i really like the Orient classic divers watch as it has the same classic appeal!

  • Boris Zuckerman

    ORIENT-mako-automatic-diver-real watch for real man !

  • Ivan1998

    One of the best dive watch on the market.

  • Hi,
    I have several divers my favorite is my Debaufre Triton 2000 meter. Real nice looking and quite durable diver. Rated for 2000m (6562 ft.) has helium release valve and is definately a deep diver. The quality of the watch is right up there with some more expensive swiss made watches. A steal for 850.00. Check out the website if interested at (

  • Rodrigo furtado

    I currently wear a Mako, and to replace a Rolex from daily wear. It is a nice looking watch, and has held up for now pretty well.
    The Rolex was passed down to me by my father, and is as old as I am. Durning that time it has only lost 1 minute and 3 seconds very month. Which is surprising since it has been abused in daily use; fish guts, dropped on a highway at 60 mph and driven over by a semi, and more. Other than replacement of the sapphire crystal and regular maintenance , it continues to have the same accuracy from the day it was purchased in 1968.
    The only complaint I have of Mako, is a monthly gain to time of 5.1 minutes monthly. Otherwise it is a nice looking watch, and it’s taking the daily abuse well.

  • Chau

    My favourite one is Orient Mako and Seiko Black Monster

  • Andrian

    The Mako is up with Seiko Monster. Yes I own both

  • Stefan Dufresne

    First of all I ‘we’ must say thank you to Ariel for hosting such generous giveaway’s on his Blog.This is the result of one man’s dream to be surrounded by timepieces and his efforts to share that passion to the web community.
    The lucky recipient will not only inherit a great timepiece but also the envy of this very same community.
    As for my part since I’m a resident of Canada and not eligible for this wonderful giveaway 🙁 I’d like to wish the very best of luck to all the members of this great site.Thank you Ariel..J-S Dufresne

    Ohh and by the way my fav dive watch is my brand new TissoT-T-touch..
    Best regards to y’all

  • Craig Trahan

    I am a Watch Collector and Love Orients attention to detail and high quality timekeeping standards I Love the Blue Pepsi BeZel’s and the Hammerhead Collections especially FEM7D004D, Great Watches

  • singleguyma

    I am a watch collector…mostly swatch, but I do have a really nice scuba watch from Zeno-Watch Basel which is one of my classier watches.

  • Pilot747767

    These Orient Mako Divers watches show here are beautiful. I particularly like the blue dial one with the stainless band but I also like the orange dial one with the black strap. I presently don’t have a favorite divers watch but have had some Seiko ones that worked very well. I appreciate the opportunity to win one of the Orient Mako watches. Thank You!!

  • First, I feel like I need to say how much I like your “About Us” comments on your blog.  Particularly this:  “We also believe in bringing real watchmaking to the people, less the marketing hype that comes with mass produced luxury which contributes unnecessarily to what goes into a watch”.  I have always been fascinated by watches and clocks.  Your blog has alllowed me to see what before I only imagined and your boutique will now allow me to purchase what I never thought I could:  A beautifully handcrafted Swiss made watch.  It is amazing that you each have “regular day jobs making watches in major Swiss luxury watch firms while working on EHF projects on our personal time”.  Simply Amazing!!  I don’t own many watches and those ae the ones that don’t “cost” much, don’t say “Swiss” and are not the luxury type.  To me a big name means “able to afford” or “Mass Produced”. Not that I wouldn’t like to own some of the nicer “Boutique” watches I’ve seen but I could never justify spending so much money to own one.  The thought of buying a watch that is uniquely made by hand, without all the hype means a lot to me.  I feel like I need to say thank you for being willing to take on this type of watch making philosophy and bringing it to life for me and others to enjoy!  I know from the looks and commments you make in your blog, you could charge considerably more for your watches.  I look forward to seeing your company grow with the type of watches you make and seeing my ability to buy something that is uniquely handmade with me in mind:  a watch made with traditional watchmaking know-how by fine artisan watchmakers.  Who live in Switzerland.   My watch will say “Made in Switzerland” on it!  I really hope to win this watch in the “ABlog to WATCH Give Away”.  Even if I do not, someday I will own one that I wear on my wrist made by “EHF” and it will say “Made in Switzerland”.  Unique, Beautiful and Amazing!

  • utonic76

    Still similar to a Rolex, but a dive watch would give me a good excuse to dive, even if it’s in 46 inches of water. And you don’t dare “dive” in less than 4 feet of water; you “flop”

  • Livefyre

    Still similar to a Rolex, but a dive watch would give me a good excuse to dive, even if it’s in 46 inches of water. And you don’t dare “dive” in less than 4 feet of water; you “flop”

  • jose miguel pimentel

    Seiko Monster

  • joel f

    I love the look of the Breitling Superocean, but it’s way out of my price range..    Doxa has great alternatives that quite affordable, and the Mako is everyman’s dive watch.

  • arodprn

    I like this classic Orient design. Clean looks reminiscent of Rolex’s Submariner but refined in it’s own way redefining a divers watch.

  • vojdiaz

    I’ve been looking at the mako xl or the mako for my first orange dial watch.  I currently use vintage seiko divers watch in my rotation.  If I had to choose, it would be a tossup between the orange dial and the pepsi bezel

  • calwong

    I really like orient divers watch because they are never go out of style, easy to read the time, and very reliable.

  • Eva2611

    My current favorite is an Orient yellow face M-Force. I also have an Orient Ray and would love to add a Mako to my collection

  • 2015rebelgrad

    I’ve been a fan of the Orient Mako for over 5 years since it first caught my eye online and I ordered one for my own. I’ve since accumulated 3 divers watches since and 2 of them being mako. I don’t know, its just its no nonsense style that appealed to me. I do have disability and do not use my left arm as much as the next guy so my Makos often stop moving on me. This just spirs me to move my arm even more! Thus, I’m killing two birds with one stone. I think everyone should have their own Orient Mako. To protect my investment I’ve equipped it with an invisible shield from Klear Kare. Ever since its stayed in mint condition in the protection of the high quality crystal cover.

  • itdoesntmatter122