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“Fukang Watch!” This Chinese watch maker contacted me recently to tell me about their company and status as OEM and promotional watch makers. I have a feeling they do most of their business in China. You have here a watch company that is no where near being ready to enter the Western market. While their intentions are good, my reaction to their website and marketing is nothing short of hilarity. Starting with the name, we can tell that although their website (www.szfukang.com) has an English section, no one who actually speaks English spent any time on it. Again… “Fukang” Watch. Mother “Fukang” Watch. Sad and hilarious, but true. So our Fukang friends do everything from blatant design copies, to hideous Chinese military inspired watch creations, to stuff that isn’t all that offensive on the eyes actually. Explore their site a bit and you can find a lot of stuff. If you wanted to order anything, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. They prefer wholesale. I recommend getting 50 or so of the “military” watches so that you can hand them out as a novelty/gag gift to your friends. A nice touch is the Breitling inspired compass on the bracelet, in Chinese. Urban camouflage on the face of a watch not only hides your timepiece in the concrete jungle, but also hinders your ability to find out what time it is!

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Check out the white faced watch in the middle. Everything seem normal, until you realize it is a promotional watch for what looks like “Mr. Poo.” As his happy smiling, though somewhat uncomfortable looking face is stilling at around 3 o’clock nearer to the center of the dial. There is tons of amusing stuff like that on their website. Just check out the (new and old) products links.

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With a motto like “believe us we could do better in the future,” at least Fukang Watch knows that it needs a lot of  improvement. I am sure that they are hard at work on it. As though finding an English translator was hard? I hope they are least put more effort in their watch making. Remember that most of Fukang Watch’s time is spent with wholesale orders. Really, you need to be a big customer for some Fukang Watch attention. Check out their Alibaba page here. No doubt they will wish upon you a Fukang good day!

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