FeedbackBuying on eBay is always an attractive option until you are faced with a questionable seller (or buyer for that matter). The item looks good, but it might be too good to be true, or you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Face it, there is an extent of caveat emptor (buyer beware) on eBay, but you can easily reduce your chances of ever having an unmanageable experience buy using feedback on eBay to your advantage.

For the uninitiated, eBay allows users to score each other with feedback ratings. You either had a good or bad transaction with someone, and more recently you can give people sub-ratings based on more specific factors. In addition to your “positive” or “negative” feedback, you have a little of room to discuss or explain a situation. This is where you will do your more harm, or cause the most damage. Feedback is more or less permanent, and is very difficult to alter or remove. Giving feedback should be done with care, and after you have had a full opportunity to examine a situation and deal with it.

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When buying a watch on eBay, you want to make sure that the watch is in the condition stated, that it will be shipped on time, and most important, that what you bought will be shipped at all. The best way to ensure this, is by talking with the seller and looking at their feedback. Not everyone needs 100% positive feedback, although it helps when doing business. What is more important is the substance of the feedback that people have. You need to dig a bit deeper into a seller’s feedback to ensure you are dealing with the right person. Key areas to look are whether:

  • The seller has sold items similar to what you are buying in the past.
  • The seller has bought or sold anything recently.
  • Feedback comments are specific and not too general.
  • Past items bought or sold are not of minuscule value (unless that is what you are looking to get).
  • The seller has responded to any negative feedback.

Upon looking at these factors, you can determine whether you feel comfortable working with this seller (or buyer). Give people the benefit of the doubt and ask questions when necessary, but remember that some sellers are very busy. If they have lots of good feedback, regularly sell when you are interested in buying, then pardon a sometimes slow response. You always have the currency of feedback on your side.

Which bring me to the next point. Use feedback as a sword along with a shield. If you are the buyer, never leave feedback until after you have received and evaluated your item. If there is any problem, work it out with the seller until you are satisfied. Don’t leave negative feedback until you have exhausted all other options. Any seller knows the value of good feedback, and will often do a lot to make you happy if there is a problem. Tell them what you want to make your happy. Be it an item return, or some other remedy. Never emotionally leave negative feedback in a heat of passion.

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By leveraging the power of feedback ratings you can ensure that you make wise purchasing decisions, and get all your problems dealt with properly. In the meantime, through positive feedback you can promote a sense of trust and credibility among the eBay population. The more feedback you have, the more other people are going to take you seriously and work with you for mutually satisfactory results.

You can now scoff at people who are fearful of dealing with eBay auctions. eBay is a powerful and rich way to get tons of things are great prices, especially watches. And remember that using PayPal to fund your purchases gives your automatic assurances up to $2000 if the seller’s feedback is 50 or more. So use eBay to its full extent, and never be worried about transacting on eBay again.

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