Having said all that, I can’t write this review without speaking to the actual diving functionality of this rotating triangle and the Avidiver in general. I’m a certified commercial diver and when it comes time to select a watch to go diving with, I reach for the one which most easily and reliably ensures I will know my elapsed time. I often use a diving computer as well but consider a watch to be an important backup.

Knowing your dive time and decompression profile is a life and death matter which is not be taken lightly. The chances that I, after jumping off the boat, pier, beach, or whatever, will be able to unscrew the surprisingly small two o’clock crown on the Avidiver wearing wet neoprene gloves and somehow, keeping the now exposed vital watch innards dry, to screw the crown back in before leaving the surface are painfully small. With this in mind, for serious diving, I’d leave the Avidiver at home. If Gavox should want to produce a “real” diver’s watch, they’d need to create some means for measuring elapsed time without endangering the movement by unscrewing the crown in or near the water.

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The only other small issue with an otherwise excellent micro-brand piece is the choice of a silicone strap. While molded in a very cool shape which perfectly fits the case and also has the wing motif seen on the dial and seconds hand, the material itself is typical silicone, which is to say it attracts lint and dust. While very comfortable, the silicone strap is impossible to keep clean and cheapens my impression of the watch. When light hits a silicone strap, it almost glows, kind of like a gummy bear. While not a huge deal, few would argue for the making of watch straps from confectionery materials. If this watch were on a natural rubber strap cast in the same mould as the silicone strap it comes with, the watch would feel more worth its 650 Euro price tag. Though the Avidiver only comes with the one strap, its common 22mm lug spacing makes for easy switching to other higher end strap choices.

My issues with the Gavox Avidiver are, for the majority of watch wearers the majority of the time, very small and unimportant especially when considering the price point. Overall, I really like this watch and it has some interesting features like the lumed triangle around the dial, which is something I enjoy. This is a solid and relatively reasonably priced watch for someone who enjoys the aviation look but maybe also likes to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive with his watch. Although this price range has a lot of interesting options, the Avidiver offers a lot for the money and breaks away from the all too common micro-brand diver language to create a near unique design concept with serious style and a utilitarian feel.

The Avidiver is available with either a black, white, or blue dial with either a brushed stainless steel case or a PVD coated stainless steel case. It comes in a wooden presentation box with a silicone strap in a complimentary color, and it’s priced at $570. gavox.com

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Gavox
>Model: Avidiver
>Price: $570 (tax excluded)
>Size: 43mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who is interested in aviation watches who also wants a watch which is capable of worry-free water use.
>Best characteristic of watch: The rotating triangular bezel indicator is a joy to use and allows for a variety of timing functions. It’s also pretty unique at the moment.
>Worst characteristic of watch: The silicone strap. A watch at a price like this should have real rubber.

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