Genesis: German Men’s Watches By A Woman

Genesis: German Men’s Watches By A Woman

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

Genesis is not just a neat-sounding word that someone thought would make for a good watch brand name. It is rather the name of the brand's founder and designer - Christine Genesis. How convenient is that? To have a cool last name like that? Christine is a rare breed being a full-on watch maker and a female. I wouldn't make a big deal of that fact if it was more common. I, for one, applaud the idea of having more female headliners in the watch industry. Christine's brand begins with some attractive watches that combine a little of classic traditionalism, Bauhaus, and modern minimalism. I don't like all the pieces, but I think overall this a nice brand worth paying attention to.

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

About 3-4 years old now, Genesis has roughly eight models in the collection - each coming in a few styles. I've posted images of my favorite pieces. Genesis uses Swiss mechanical movements which look to be a mix of ETA and Soprod calibres. Most are automatics but there are a few manually wound varieties. The cases are mostly in steel and said to be CNC machined in Germany. The brand itself is located in Pforzheim, and the watches are said to be hand assembled there.

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

Most models come in 38.5mm wide cases, going along with their classic personalities. According to Genesis, you can get "Black" versions of most of the watches with the cases being PVD coated black. I like the dials in either black or white with their applied baton hour markers and hands. Though they don't have luminant. The crystals are AR coated sapphire and the straps are hand-made ostrich or leather. This is another proud German watch with "Made in Germany" printed on the dial.

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

The designs are good. Though the names of the watches are a bit bland, but most are quite attractive even though the watches themselves don't have very special qualities. My favorites are the Genesis 3, Genesis 4, and Genesis Rondo. The 3 and 4 are very similar having modified ETA 2892 automatic movements. The 3 has the time, big date, and subsidiary second timezone, while the 4 is the same but has a power reserve indicator versus a second timezone. Most of the watches are limited to just 44 pieces, with all the models seeming to be limited editions of various amounts.

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

Genesis: German Men's Watches By A Woman Feature Articles

Prices aren't too bad. Most models are 2,150 euros, with most of the prices in the range. Overall Genesis watches are good simple designs from Germany, and are further made interesting by the branding being started by the female watch maker Christine Genesis. I believe you can order the watch online via their website, but you'll have to speak German.

  • Richard

    Sorry, first thing that comes to mind is Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

  • Ulysses

    Very classy-looking watches. It makes a nice change from all those watch makers that churn out so-called “masculine” watches that end up looking juvenile and pathetic. The only thing i’d change with the white-faced watch is the sub-dial hands; they look a little ‘chubby’ compared to the sub-dial hands on the other watches.

  • Gavin

    I like these watches, but I just wish one of them had subsidiary seconds _and_ power reserve indicator. When I’m ready to spend this much on a watch, I’ll keep Genesis in mind.

  • Kris C

    I’d like a mash up of two – I love the sub-seconds dial in the first pic, where there is no hand – the whole dial spins and has a line ot indicate the hand, but I would also want the big date complication.

    They are a bit small for my tastes, but the pricing is very good for something that is so limited.

  • Ivan Y

    I like Rondo design, but wish it were automatic. Still, very nice elegant style and just goes to show how many brands are out there that don’t have representation in the US.

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  • 1Azhar

    @Ulysses Spot on! Yeah, they sub dial hands should have been finer. But overall, it’s a beautifully designed watch 🙂