Gift With Purchase at was one of the first online watch retailers back in the mid 1990s, 199 7 to be exact. I recall sometime back then first learning about which had a strong impact on my love for watches. For the first time, you could digitally browse a catalog of watches, many of which most people had never even seen before. Ashford was a pioneer in high quality images, so watches could be viewed with remarkable clarity (for the time of course). Back then, such images took incredibly long to download with the available dial-up modems. I distinctly recall waiting long minutes for images of watches I so wanted to own appear on my screen.

With the past behind us, is still around, and offers more watch brands than ever before. is also an authorized dealer of most watch brands it carries which ensures valid warranties and purchasing security. Price wise, remains competitive with similar outfits and prides itself on straight forward transaction comfortable to consumers. Ashford gives customers free shipping, a thirty day return policy, and the customer service befitting the available product lines.

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Timberland Terrano Watch Free from Ashford.comWith the volume that enjoys, it can offer substantial discounts and sales with relative frequency. They are often really impressive discounts. I encourage visiting their site to learn about the watches they offer along with their current discounts and promotions. Currently, you can get a free Timberland Terrano watch with any purchase of $200 or more at through March 31, 2008. This should not be an issue as it is far too easy to find things to desire at Ashford.

Free shipping, save up to 75% off retail prices on Baume & Mercier, Concord and other designer watch brands at

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