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LGI is a company that works with retailers to determine what watches are selling, where, and to whom. It is a valuable service that the watch industry relies on (at least here in the US) to advise them what the market demands and helps them decide what types of watches to produce. LGI is expanding their research to individual collectors and if you participate, they will share the entire survey data with you. Basically, if you are interested in who your fellow high-end watch lovers are, what they are buying, and how much of it, all you need to do is provide the same. It is a fair exchange for those who want to know this information.

Being fans of data, we wanted to share this opportunity with the aBlogtoWatch readers. The survey takes maybe 15 minutes if you casually go through it, especially if you are the type of collector they want to know a lot about. While personal data is not collected and you will become just a statistic, your information will be shared with interested watch brands who are trying to get a better of idea of who we are, what we like, and most importantly, how we spend our money. So in addition to getting details on your colleagues, you’ll also be sending a message to the industry. Last, this particular survey is for people who buy watches in the $15,000 and over range. That means if you don’t tend to buy watches at this level or up, on a somewhat regular basis, you might need to wait a few years for the survey’s scope to reach you.

So how does this work if you are interested in taking the watch collector survey? Basically you click on the link below to give them your e-mail address. They use that to send you a link to the survey. That way you can start and stop the survey without having to take it all at the same time. You will get two sets of results. Once you finish the survey, LGI will immediately send you some data. More importantly, when the entire survey is over in a few weeks they will send you the full stats so that you can receive what you signed up for. I love this stuff.

Click here to participate in the LGI Watch Collector’s Survey

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