Wristwatch Annual 2010

One of the only printed publications you want to get that is solely dedicated to watches has just released their 2010 edition. I’ve praised Wristwatch Annual before, and this year the catalog has gotten even better. I have a close emotional connection with Wristwatch Annual. I know that may sound cheesy, but back in college I picked up my first copy of Wristwatch Annual (2002 edition I think it was), that seemed to unlock this great passion for watch that I have. It was all quite random – walking through the magazine section of a bookstore seeing what caught my eye. What made me buy the publication after skimming through it was the collection of information in one place.

Each year Wristwatch Annual compiles a tome of excellent information for watch lovers both fresh and mature. While it is impossible to include every brand and every model, the guide contains most of what is out there with new and important models from each of the brands. Not only that but there are beautiful images of the watches and movements, technical specs that even a novice can understand, and a new type of visual glossary – where I even learned a few things myself. One of the most important aspects of the guide is that it has prices whenever possible (which is most of the time). The collection of information requires a ton of work by those responsible for putting it together, and nothing else out there like it exists.

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You also get profiles about the brands that are thankfully not written by the brands. It is a journalistic review in addition to all the great stuff inside. Plus, it is bound well and the pages have a nice gloss that make it nice to look through. I highly suggest you get one to check out, especially for watch reading when you are not at the computer. Plus, it is a great way for you to share your passion with friends. I tend to carry mine around for a few weeks to show people – no kidding. Oh, and check out the one page in there dedicated to aBlogtoRead.com!

Wristwatch Annual 2010 is available at select bookstores and newsstands everywhere, also online, and direct from the publisher, Abbeville Press. Price is $35 or less.

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