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With its most recent catalog, The Gifts of Grail 2021, Manila-based watch retailer Vintage Grail has put together a truly lust-worthy catalog of rare timepieces, most of which are exceedingly difficult to source. Whether you’re a discerning collector on the hunt for your ultimate grail, a layperson searching for a gift for the collector who has everything, or an aspiring enthusiast looking to learn more about some of the most coveted timepieces in the world, Gifts of Grail 2021 is an alluring and interesting read.

It is no understatement to say that every timepiece in Gifts of Grail 2021 is both a guaranteed collectible and a piece of horological history, with standouts such as the Richard Mille “Sapphire Skull” RM 52-04 — one of only three pieces in existence. Crafted by hand, the “Sapphire Skull” is a great representation of Richard Mille’s avant-garde and non-conformist spirit, while at the same time showcasing the watchmaking mastery and impeccable craft that the brand has become known for. 

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Another noteworthy piece featured in Gifts of Grail 2021 is piece unique Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 5970/1R-011. The Ref. 5970 is recognized as the last of the Lemania 2310-based perpetual calendar chronographs and is considered by Patek Philippe collectors as one of the most important modern timepieces ever made by the brand. While most 5970s are featured on a leather strap, this particular iteration is only known to have a solid rose gold integrated bracelet, which is noted on its original certificate.

Proving that no watch is out of reach, Vintage Grail even managed to source a Patek Philippe Nautilus “Green” 5711/1A-014 — a watch that recently fetched a staggering $471,000 (more than 10 times its MSRP) at an Antiquorum auction earlier this year.

In addition to coveted selections from long-standing Swiss manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin, Gifts of Grail 2021 also features slightly more obscure and interesting pieces from smaller independent firms. One such piece is a stunning and rare example of the F.P. Journe Chronomètre À Résonance, which is the first-ever wristwatch to utilize the resonance phenomenon to enhance the accuracy and reliability of its movement. Readers will also find a special white gold Mika Häkkinen Challenge from Artisans de Genève. The Mika Häkkinen Challenge is a customized version of the Rolex Daytona with a skeletonized aesthetic that pays tribute to the highly technical world of Formula 1 race cars.

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Since its founding in 2018, Vintage Grail has put together an impressive track record of sourcing the very best examples of coveted, rare, and hard-to-find luxury watches from the world’s leading brands. What makes Vintage Grail particularly noteworthy is that it has unique access to a comprehensive network of watch collectors, trustworthy dealers, and industry veterans with extensive knowledge in both vintage and modern watches. With Gifts of Grail 2021, Vintage Grail has delivered on its promise of giving watch aficionados the opportunity to acquire highly collectible and remarkable timepieces.

To download the Gifts of Grail 2021 digital catalog in PDF form, click here. For more information about Vintage Grail, visit www.vintagegrail.com.

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